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Landscapes of Neolithic Ireland

by Gabriel Cooney

Landscapes of Neolithic is the first volume to be devoted solely to the Irish Neolithic, using an innovative landscape and anthropological perspective to provide significant new insights on the period.

Lily Briscoe's Chinese Eyes: Bloomsbury, Modernism, and China

by Patricia Laurence

A map of the mutual influence of Bloomsbury, the Crescent Moon Society, and modernism in English and Chinese culture

Islamic Mysticism and Abu Talib Al-Makki: The Role of the Heart

by Saeko Yazaki

Both in everyday language and religious metaphor, the heart often embodies the true self and is considered to be the seat of emotion in many cultures. Many Muslim thinkers have attempted to clarify the nature...

Us Foreign Policy and the Rogue State Doctrinw

by Alex Miles

Concerns over Iran's nuclear programme, North Korea's nuclear brinkmanship and, in the past, Iraq's apparent pursuit of WMD have captured the world's attention, and dominated the agenda of the American foreign...

Black Sportsmen

by E. Cashmore

First published in 1982, Black Sportsmen examines the effect that race has had on sportspeople. The book is based on interviews with a wide range of sportspeople from Olympic athletes to schoolchildren and novices....

Gender Development

by Judith E. Owen Blakemore, Sheri A. Berenbaum & Lynn S. Liben

This new text offers a unique developmental focus on gender. Gender development is examined from infancy through adolescence, integrating biological, socialization, and cognitive perspectives. The book's current...

Parliaments and Pressure Groups in Western Europe

by Philip Norton

This second volume in this series that seeks to advance our understanding of Western European parliaments, explores the relationship between parliaments and pressure groups.

The Forest Frontier: Settlement and Change in Brazilian Roraima

by Peter A. Furley

Destructive patterns of Amazonian evolution are now infecting relatively untouched Northern Brazil - driven by the gold rush and demographic and economic forces from the South.

The Forest Frontier assesses whether...

Ideology and Practice in Modern Japan

by Roger Goodman & Kirsten Refsing

The issue of how Japanese society operates, and in particular why it has `succeeded', has generated a wide variety of explanatory models, including the Confucian ethic, classlessness, group consciousness, and...

Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement

by Brian Doherty

The 'Western' green movement has grown rapidly in the last three decades: green ministers are in government in several European countries, Greenpeace has millions of paying supporters, and green direct action...

Retail Impact Assessment: A Guide to Best Practice

by John England

This book reviews the methodology and emphasises a recommended best practice approach to the application of retail impact assessment. It is a valuable guide for planners and surveyors, new and experienced professionals,...

Information Society and the Workplace: Spaces, Boundaries and Agency

by Prof Jeff Hearn & Tuula Heiskanen

Much has been written on the grand prospects for "Information Society"; much less on what this might mean in everyday terms. So what do we find when we look at what is happening in a society, Finland, that is...

Hominid Individual in Context: Archaeological Investigations of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Landscapes, Locales and Artefacts

by Clive Gamble & Martin Porr

This book explores new approaches to the remarkably detailed information that archaeologists now have for the study of our early ancestors. Rather than explaining the archaeology of stones and bones as the product...

Family Time: The Social Organization of Care

by Michael Bittman & Nancy Folbre

The time we have to care for one another, especially for our children and our elderly, is more precious to us than anything else in the world. Yet we have more experience accounting for money than we do for...

Governing Europe: Discourse, Governmentality and European Integration

by Jens Henrik Haahr & William Walters

Governing Europe is the first book to systematically link Michel Foucault's hypotheses on power and 'governmentality' with the study of European integration. Through a series of empirical encounters that spans...

Comanches: The History of a People

by T.R. Fehrenbach

Authoritative and immediate, this is the classic account of the most powerful of the American Indian tribes. T.R. Fehrenbach traces the Comanches’ rise to power, from their prehistoric origins to their domination...

Globalisation, Transition and Development in China: The Case of the Coal Industry

by Rui Huaichuan

Based on extensive original research, Globalisation, Transition and Development in China explains China's development strategy and its underlying forces, and the success of this strategy. It examines China's...

Globalization, Uncertainty and Youth in Society: The Losers in a Globalizing World

by Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Erik Klijzing & Melinda Mills

Examining how youths in fourteen industrialized societies make the transition to adulthood in an era of globalization and rising uncertainty, this collection of essays investigates the impact that institutions...

Globalizing Justice for Mass Atrocities: A Revolution in Accountability

by Chandra Lekha Sriram

This major new study examines the developing practice of universal jurisdiction, as well as the broader phenomenon of "globalizing" justice, and its ramifications.

With a detailed overview of the contemporary...

Anglo-Iranian Relations Since 1800

by Vanessa Martin

With contributions from renowned experts in the field, this book provides an excellent background to the history of Anglo-Iranian relations. Focusing on the political and economic relationship of Britain and...