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Freedom of Information: Local Government and Accountability

by Richard A. Chapman & Michael Hunt

Now a vital part of the British system of government, the 2005 Freedom of Information Act also plays an important role in developing local democracy. This detailed review explores the need for freedom of information...

Regional Leadership in the Global System: Ideas, Interests and Strategies of Regional Powers

by Daniel Flemes

This collection emphasizes the role of regional powers in intra-regional, interregional and global contexts, analyzing the rise of regional powers from a comparative perspective. In so doing, the book explains...

Bombs and Ballots: Governance by Islamist Terrorist and Guerrilla Groups

by Krista E. Wiegand

Using Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and the Mahdi Army in Iraq as primary case studies, Krista Wiegand skilfully reveals why these groups have become involved in governance, how mainstream governments...

Power Plays: Enriched Uranium and Homeland Security

by Christopher Hubbard

This book contributes to a new understanding of one of the most serious security implications inherent in the current rapid growth in nuclear power generation. It assesses attempts made to deal with the latent...

Power, Judgment and Political Evil: In Conversation with Hannah Arendt

by Andrew Schaap & Danielle Celermajer

An insightful and intelligent treatment of the work of Hannah Arendt, which draws internationally leading experts into dialogue with Arendt's political theory. The book will appeal to a wide number of fields...

Multinational Military Intervention: NATO Policy, Strategy and Burden Sharing

by Stephen J. Cimbala & Peter K. Forster

War, as Clausewitz reminds, is the most uncertain of human political and social activities. This study looks at the experience of the United States and other member states of NATO in four situations of multinational...

Africa's New Peace and Security Architecture: Promoting Norms, Institutionalizing Solutions

by Ulf Engel & J. Gomes Porto

This volume offers an informed and critical analysis of the operationalization and institutionalization of the peace and security architecture by the African Union and Africa's Regional Economic Communities...

China's New Diplomacy: Rationale, Strategies and Significance

by Zhiqun Zhu

Addressing important policy questions, this book investigates China's new multi-directional diplomacy since the early 1990s. It evaluates how the country's activities affect international political economy and...

Contours of Citizenship: Women, Diversity and Practices of Citizenship

by Margaret Abraham & Esther Ngan-ling Chow

This book examines the complexity of citizenship in historical and contemporary contexts. It draws on empirical research from a range of countries, contexts and approaches in addressing women and citizenship...

Global Energy Governance in a Multipolar World

by Dries Lesage & Thijs Van de Graaf

Investigating the relationship between the emergence of a multipolar world order and the enormous challenges of global energy governance that the world is facing in the 21st century, this volume reflects on...

Politicization of Sexual Violence: From Abolitionism to Peacekeeping

by Carol Harrington

The politics of rape was a marginal field until the 1990s when rape suddenly emerged as an international security problem. Carol Harrington traces the historical change in the politicization of rape as an international...

Stable Outside, Fragile Inside?: Post-Soviet Statehood in Central Asia

by Emilian Kavalski

This timely volume analyses the quality of statehood in Central Asia by assessing the complex dynamics of Central Asian state-making and focusing on the simultaneous patterns of socialization and internalization...

Kantian Thinking about Military Ethics

by J. Carl Ficarrotta

Military ethics is not a field known to take inspiration from Kantian-inspired thinkers. Demonstrating how an ethicist who takes Kantian commitments seriously addresses controversial questions in the profession...

International Criminal Justice and the Politics of Compliance

by Christopher K. Lamont

This is a comprehensive study of compliance with legal obligations derived from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia's (ICTY) Statute. Through the use of three models of compliance based...

Small States in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities

by Robert Steinmetz & Anders Wivel

The effects of recent institutional change within the European Union on small states have often been overlooked. Taking a number of small states as case studies, this innovative and sophisticated book offers...

Justice and Morality: Human Suffering, Natural Law and International Politics

by Amanda Russell Beattie

Bridging the contending theories of natural law and international relations, this book proposes a 'relational ontology' as the basis for rethinking our approach to international politics. The book contains a...

Securing Africa: Post-9/11 Discourses on Terrorism

by Malinda S. Smith

This meticulously researched, forcibly argued and accessibly written collection explores the many and complex ways in which Africa has been implicated in the discourses and politics of September 11, 2001. Written...

Empowering Our Military Conscience: Transforming Just War Theory and Military Moral Education

by Roger Wertheimer

Responding to increasing global anxiety over the ethics education of military personnel, this volume illustrates the depth, rigour and critical acuity of Professional Military Ethics Education (PMEE). While...

Participatory Research Methodologies: Development and Post-Disaster/Conflict Reconstruction

by Alpaslan Özerdem & Richard Bowd

This informative text assesses the use of participatory methods as a research tool in the contexts of development and reconstruction after conflict and disasters by identifying cross-cutting themes and establishing...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Warfare

by George Kassimeris & John Buckley

This research collection provides a comprehensive study of important strategic, cultural, ethical and philosophical aspects of modern warfare. It offers a refreshing analysis of key issues in modern warfare,...