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Good Governance in the Middle East Oil Monarchies

by Martin Hetherington & Tom Pierre Najem

The concept of 'good governance' is of increasing importance, and is used by international organizations to ensure reasonable conformity to high standards in states which participate in the global trading regime...

Iran's Persian Gulf Policy: From Khomeini to Khatami

by Dr Christin Marschall

This book examines the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the states of the Persian Gulf from 1979 to 1998. It covers perceptions Iranians and Arabs have of each other, Islamic revolutionary...

Heroin Addiction and 'The British System': Volume I Origins and Evolution

by Michael Gossop & John Strang

The British system of dealing with drug addiction is notable for its flexibility and its capacity to adapt to changing circumstances. Because of this it has attracted considerable international interest, although...

International Intervention in the Balkans Since 1995

by Peter Siani-Davies

This volume offers an analysis of the activities of the international community in the Balkans since the 1995 Dayton Agreement. There has been substantial investment in the region but so far the gains have been...

Hong Kong in Transition: One Country, Two Systems

by Robert Ash, Peter Ferdinand & Brian Hook

Hong Kong in Transition offers a perspective on the exceptional constitutional and administrative experiment that has been taking place in Hong Kong, based on a substantial period under Chinese rule. There have...

Chinese Physician: Wang Ji and the Stone Mountain Medical Case Histories

by Joanna Grant

A Chinese Physician is the portrait of a 16th century medical writer and clinical practitioner. Drawing on socio-economic/biographic, textual, and gender analysis along side a variety of sources, from hagiographical...

Europeanisation & the Transformation of States: Comparing Nordic Central Governments

by Bengt Jacobsson, Per Lægreid & Ove K. Pedersen

This book investigates what happens to an organized political unit when it becomes part of a larger entity and, in particular, how increased European integration and the tentative moves towards a transnational...

Federalism and the Dictatorship of Power in Russia

by Mikhail Stoliarov

Stoliarov presents an analysis of the historical traditions and distinctive features of modern Russian federalism. He reviews the state of affairs in today's Russia as it strives to become a federal democracy...

Shamans/Neo-Shamans: Ecstasies, Alternative Archaeologies and Contemporary Pagans

by Robert J. Wallis

In popular culture, such diverse characters as occultist Aleister Crowley, Doors musician Jim Morrison, and performance artist Joseph Beuys have been called shamans. In anthropology, on the other hand, shamanism...

Soviet Music and Society Under Lenin and Stalin: The Baton and Sickle

by Neil Edmunds

This book investigates the place of music in Soviet society during the eras of Lenin and Stalin. It examines the different strategies adopted by composers and musicians in their attempts to carve out careers...

Land Tenure, Conservation and Development in Southeast Asia

by Peter Eaton

This book examines the relationship between land tenure, conservation and rural development in the context of the Southeast Asian archipelago. In particular, it is concerned with people living in and around...

Global Instability and Strategic Crisis

by Neville Brown

This review of the new situation proposes a broader remit for strategic studies than ever before. A prime concern is that Space not be weaponised in pursuance of missile defence.

The interventions in Afghanistan...

Alternative Narratives in Modern Japanese History

by M. William Steele

How did ordinary people experience Japan's modern transformation? What role did people in local areas play in the making of modern Japan? How do studies of local politics help explain national events?

The dominant...

Inside the Japanese Company

by Fiona Graham

Graham explores the attitudes of Japanese employees towards their work, their company and on related issues. Based on extensive original research inside a Japanese insurance company (C-Life), which subsequently...

Geopolitics: Re-Visioning World Politics

by John Agnew

Geopolitics identifies and scrutinizes the central features of geopolitics from the sixteenth century to the present. The book focuses on five key concepts of the modern geopolitical imagination:

* Visualising...

Production Networks in Asia and Europe: Skill Formation and Technology Transfer in the Automobile Industry

by Rogier Busser & Yuri Sadoi

This book explores Japanese investment in Europe and Southeast Asia, in relation to the automobile industry. In Part I the authors examine industrial organization and policy issues in Thailand, Malaysia, The...

Fighting for Human Rights

by Paul Gready

In a world that is increasingly disillusioned with formal politics, people are no longer prepared to wait for governments and international institutions to act on human rights concerns. This book identifies...

Islam and Political Legitimacy

by Shahram Akbarzadeh & Abdullah Saeed

Akbarzadeh and Saeed explore one of the most challenging issues facing the Muslim world: the Islamisation of political power. They present a comparative analysis of Muslim societies in West, South, Central and...

Natural Symbols: Explorations in Cosmology

by Professor Mary Douglas & Mary Douglas

One of the most important works of modern anthropology. Written against the backdrop of the student uprisings of the late 1960s, the book took seriously the revolutionary fervour of the times, but instead of...

Identity and Health

by David Kelleher & Gerard Leavey

Experiences of health and illness are fundamental to how we understand ourselves, and the postmodern obsession with body image has made health even more significant in identity formation. The study of subjective...