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Educating Professionals: Practice Learning in Health and Social Care

by Doel & M. Shardlow

Educating Professionals offers a comprehensively written account of the recent organizational and conceptual changes in UK practice education. Using case examples, the authors focus on student learning in practice...

Safer Sex in the City: The Experience and Management of Street Prostitution

by Canter & Ioannou

With research gathered from academics and practitioners hailing from various countries and fields, this edited collection will be invaluable for those who want to better understand the experience of street sex...

Gender and Well-Being in Europe: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

by Harris & Gálvez

This volume draws on both historical and contemporary European case-studies to offer a sophisticated account of the relationship between gender and well-being. The authors focus on key discussions of the changing...

Jewish/Christian/Queer: Crossroads and Identities

by Roden

At a time when major branches of Judaism and most Christian denominations are addressing the relationship between religion and homosexuality, Jewish/Christian/Queer offers a unique examination of the similarities...

Rural Identities: Ethnicity and Community in the Contemporary English Countryside

by Neal

Rural Identities investigates and engages with the ways in which ideas of the English countryside and rural nature, are enrolled into and fashion the narratives of Englishness. The rich empirical material and...

Migrant Women Transforming Citizenship: Life-Stories from Britain and Germany

by Erel

Migrant Women Transforming Citizenship develops essential insights concerning the notion of transnational citizenship by means of the life stories of highly educated migrant women from Turkey in Germany and...

Polish Migration to the UK in the 'New' European Union: After 2004

by Burrell

Since the 2004 enlargement of the European Union over half a million Polish migrants have registered to work in the United Kingdom, constituting one of the largest migration movements in contemporary Europe....

Collective Creativity: Art and Society in the South Pacific

by Giuffre

Collective Creativity offers an analysis of the explosion of artistic creativity currently taking place on the South Pacific island of Rarotonga. With a close examination of tourism, galleries and, of course,...

Intellectuals and Their Publics: Perspectives from the Social Sciences

by Fleck & Hess

The ever changing role of an intellectual in this new age of political uncertainty is innovatively focused on within this exciting collection of essays. Its provocative studies and multifaceted responses promote...

Flexible Organizations and the New Working Life: A European Perspective

by J. Skorstad & Ramsdal

What are we actually talking about when we talk of flexibility in organizational settings? Do flexible forms of organization lead to varied, challenging and autonomous work or do they have a negative impact...

Multi-Sited Ethnography: Theory, Praxis and Locality in Contemporary Research

by Falzon

Multi-Sited Ethnography has established itself as a fully-fledged research method among anthropologists and sociologists in recent years. It responds to the challenge of combining multi-sited work with the need...

Media Discourse and the Yugoslav Conflicts: Representations of Self and Other

by Kolstø

In spite of the growing literature on discourse analysis, the relationship of discourse to violent/non-violent outcomes of conflict is an under-researched area. This book combines theories on ethnic conflict,...

Paradoxes of Cultural Recognition: Perspectives from Northern Europe

by Alghasi & Hylland Eriksen

Explicitly comparative in its approach, Paradoxes of Cultural Recognition discusses central issues regarding multiculturalism in today's Europe, based on studies of Norway and the Netherlands. Distinguishing...

Women's Work and Lives in Rural Greece: Appearances and Realities

by Lazaridis

This new volume explores the limits and possibilities of economic change in transforming the lives of women in rural Greece at a time of great economic and political change. Through her rich and fascinating...

Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions

by Letherby & Reynolds

The focus of this book is the emotional relationship that individuals and groups have with travel. Emphasis is placed upon the experience of travel itself and attention is given to a variety of travel experiences....

Preference Organisation and Peer Disputes: How Young Children Resolve Conflict

by Church

What is the most effective way of pursuing one's own goals in the pre-school playroom? This fascinating book offers a conversation analysis of children's arguments, revealing disputing as a highly ordered, rule-governed...

Black Beauty: Aesthetics, Stylization, Politics

by Anne Tate

Combining rich ethnographic research amongst Black British women of Caribbean heritage, with a discussion of the broader 'Black Atlantic' context, Shirley Tate offers a unique exploration of beauty, race and...

Health and Health Care in the New Russia

by Manning & Tikhonova

This volume explores the nature of health and health-care experiences in Russia by comparing societies and communities with different socio-cultural conditions. The findings are set within the context of experience...

Complying with Colonialism: Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Nordic Region

by Keskinen & Tuori

Complying with Colonialism presents a complex analysis of the habitual weak regard attributed to the colonial ties of Nordic Countries. It introduces the concept of 'colonial complicity', whilst offering new...

The Politics of Unemployment in Europe: Policy Responses and Collective Action

by Giugni

This book offers a state-of-the-art discussion of the political issues surrounding unemployment in Europe. Marco Giugni has produced a number of genuinely cross-national chapters and specific national cases...