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Group Care Practice with Children and Young People Revisited

by Leon C. Fulcher & Frank Ainsworth

Find out how group care for children has changed in the last 20 years

Group Care Practice with Children and Young People Revisited focuses on the core issues that shape the quality of care that’s provided in...

Women, Work, and Poverty: Women Centered Research for Policy Change

by Heidi I. Hartmann

Find out how welfare reform has affected women living at the poverty level

Women, Work, and Poverty presents the latest information on women living at or below the poverty level and the changes that need to be...

Cutting-Edge Social Policy Research

by Richard Hoefer

Apply knowledge from the latest research to urgent social problems and programs

Cutting-Edge Social Policy Research is a careful selection of the finest papers from the 2004 Social Policy Conference held in Charleston,...

Threat Assessment: A Risk Management Approach

by James T Turner & Michael Gelles

Detailed “how to's” of threat assessment—from the initial contact to the sharing of results!

Risk management can be an organizational nightmare, but it is an essential part of your operations. Recent events...

Social Theory Re-Wired: New Connections to Classical and Contemporary Perspectives

by Wesley Longhofer & Daniel Winchester

This social theory text combines the structure of a print reader with the flexibility of an interactive website. The reader includes original texts from classical and contemporary theorists as well as short...

Museum Gallery Interpretation and Material Culture

by Juliette Fritsch

Museum Gallery Interpretation and Material Culture publishes the proceedings of the first annual Sackler Centre for Arts Education conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. The conference...

Habermas and Rawls: Disputing the Political

by James Gordon Finlayson & Fabian Freyenhagen

Habermas and Rawls are two heavyweights of social and political philosophy, and they are undoubtedly the two most written about (and widely read) authors in this field. However, there has not been much informed...

Implementing International Humanitarian Law: From the Ad Hoc Tribunals to a Permanent International Criminal Court

by Yusuf Aksar

Implementing International Humanitarian Law examines the international humanitarian law rules and their application by the ad hoc tribunals with regard to the substantive laws of the International Criminal Tribunal...

Terrorism Reader

by David J. Whittaker

The Terrorism Reader is an intriguing introduction to a notorious and disturbing international phenomenon. The book draws together material from a variety of experts and clearly explains their opinions on terrorism,...

Filming the Nation: Jung, Film, Neo-Realism and Italian National Identity

by Donatella Spinelli Coleman

Italian neo-realism has inspired film audiences and fascinated critics and film scholars for decades. This book offers an original analysis of the movement and its defining films from the perspective of the...

The Sovereign Citizen: Denaturalization and the Origins of the American Republic

by Patrick Weil

Present-day Americans may feel secure in their citizenship, but there was a time when citizens could be denationalized. Patrick Weil examines the twentieth-century legal procedures, causes, and enforcement of...

Boys Boyz Bois: The Ethics of Black Masculinity in Film and Popular Media

by Keith Harris

Boys, Boyz, Bois concerns questions of ethics, gender and race in popular American images, national discourse and cultural production by and about black men. The book proposes an ethics of masculinity, as ethnics...

Zizek's Politics

by Jodi Dean

A critical introduction to the political thought of one of the most important, original and enigmatic philosophers writing today. Zizek's Politics provides an original interpretation and defence of the Slovenian...

Food and Gender

by Carole M. Counihan & Steven L. Kaplan

This volume examines, among other things, the significance of food-centered activities to gender relations and the construction of gendered identities across cultures. It considers how each gender's relationship...

Visual Sociology

by Douglas Harper

Visual sociology has been part of the sociological vocabulary since the 1970s, but until now there has not been a comprehensive text that introduces this area. Written by one of the founding fathers in the field,...

The Making of Terrorism in Pakistan: Historical and Social Roots of Extremism

by Eamon Murphy

This book explains the origins and nature of terrorism in Pakistan and examines the social, political and economic factors that have contributed to the rise of political violence there.

Since 9/11, the state...

Reforming the Un Security Council Membership: The Illusion of Representativeness

by Sabine Hassler

This book comprehensively examines the different proposals put forward for reforming the UN Security Council by analysing their objectives and exploring whether the implementation of these proposals would actually...

Negotiating Political Power in Turkey: Breaking Up the Party

by Elise Massicard & Nicole Watts

This edited collection looks at how political parties in Turkey actually work, inside and out. Departing from traditional macro-level analyses, the book offers a new sociological approach to the study of political...

China S New Role in the World Economy

by Yiping Huang & Miaojie Yu

The remarkable rise of China over the past three decades has been unprecedented in both its scale and speed. Analysts around the world have attempted to understand the causes of this unique event and to predict...

Threats of Force: International Law and Strategy

by Francis Grimal

Despite recent attempts by scholars to examine the absolute prohibition of threats of force under Article 2(4) of the UN Charter, threats remain a largely un-chartered area in international law when compared...