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Music Festivals and Regional Development in Australia

by Chris Gibson & John Connell

This book has an original focus and is structured in two parts: the first discusses broad issues affecting music festivals globally, especially in the context of rural revitalisation. The second part looks in...

Narratives of Travel and Tourism

by Jacqueline Tivers & Tijana Rakic

This book takes two broad themes as its starting point - travellers and their narratives, and place narratives in travel and tourism - the book has a deliberately wide scope, with different chapters addressing...

New Urbanism: Life, Work, and Space in the New Downtown

by Ilse Helbrecht & Peter Dirksmeier

Bringing together a range of leading scholars from a wide range of disciplines, this edited collection examines innovative urban redevelopment projects around Europe and North America which are at the forefront...

Tourism Enterprises and the Sustainability Agenda across Europe

by David Leslie

With the emphasis on small enterprises, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of what is happening across Europe in terms of sustainable development objectives and sustainability in the context of tourism...

Urban Social Capital: Civil Society and City Life

by Joseph D. Lewandowski & Gregory W. Streich

This volume presents a kaleidoscopic view of the norms and forms of contemporary city life, focusing especially on the processes of social capital (de)formation in the urban milieu. It brings together studies...

Cities, Nature and Development: The Politics and Production of Urban Vulnerabilities

by Sarah Dooling & Gregory Simon

Bringing together an interdisciplinary team of scholars, this edited volume illustrates how and why cities are comprised by a mosaic of vulnerable human and ecological communities. Case studies range across...

Heritage from Below

by Iain J.M. Robertson

This unique book contributes to the developing discourse by focusing on 'heritage from below' in a field where the literature on the relationship between heritage and identity has, rightly, been focused on national...

Transition towards Sustainable Mobility: The Role of Instruments, Individuals and Institutions

by Harry Geerlings & Yoram Shiftan

Reflecting the dynamic relationships between socio-technical behaviour and change, this book presents leading research on the transition process needed to achieve more sustainable transport systems. Focusing...

Sustainable City and Creativity: Promoting Creative Urban Initiatives

by Luigi Fusco Girard & Tüzin Baycan

This volume offers a coherent set of articles on sustainable and creative cities and addresses modern theories and concepts relating to research on sustainability and creativity. It analyses principles and practices...

Mobilities: New Perspectives on Transport and Society

by Margaret Grieco & JOHN Urry

This book brings together the leading authors currently working at the intersection of social sciences and transport science and offers rich consideration of the issues, practices and structures of multiple...

Radical Human Ecology: Intercultural and Indigenous Approaches

by Lewis Williams & Rose Roberts

Human ecology - the study and practice of relationships between the natural and the social environment - has gained prominence as scholars seek more effectively to engage with pressing global concerns. In the...

Economic Spaces of Pastoral Production and Commodity Systems: Markets and Livelihoods

by Jörg Gertel & Richard Le Heron

Pastoralism as a land use system is under recognized in terms of its contribution to food provision and livelihoods as well as to human security.This book is the first attempt to explore the dynamics of economic...

Borders in Post-Socialist Europe: Territory, Scale, Society

by Tassilo Herrschel

Using empirical case studies from post-socialist European countries, this book combines the main strands of the 'borders' debates in terms of their meanings at these different scales, and concerning their varying...

Geography Speaks: Performative Aspects of Geography: Performative Aspects of Geography

by Rob Sullivan

Geography Speaks is an investigation of how geography is informed by speech act theory and performativity, focusing on five key aspects of the geographical discipline. Starting with a critical analysis of how...

Geographies of Ageing: Social Processes and the Spatial Unevenness of Population Ageing

by Amanda Davies & Amity James

This book examines the patterns and causes of uneven population ageing. It identifies those countries and localities most likely to experience population ageing and the reasons for this. Attention is also given...

Towards World Heritage: International Origins of the Preservation Movement 1870-1930

by Melanie Hall

Historic preservation, whether of landscapes or buildings, was an important development of the nineteenth century in many countries. There is however surprisingly little understanding about how it took place....

An Introduction to Landscape

by Peter J. Howard

Beautifully illustrated and including numerous subject 'capsules', this text follows the development of the several threads of the concept of landscape as they have evolved across disciplines and across countries....

Fortifications, Post-colonialism and Power: Ruins and Imperial Legacies

by João| Sarmento

By critically examining Portuguese fortiifications across the former Lusophone empire, this book constructs a cultural and political geography that informs our understandings of the performance of the 'colonial...

Culture and Planning

by Simone Abram

Illustrated by a wide range of case studies from planning contexts, this book examines culture as a socio-historically situated concept, introducing a line of scholarship, both established and recent, to show...

Lessons for the Big Society: Planning, Regeneration and the Politics of Community Participation: Planning, Regeneration and the Politics of Community

by Denis Dillon & Bryan Fanning

This book uses the London Borough of Haringey case study as a lens through which to explore the evolution of theoretical and policy debates about the relationship between local institutions and the communities...