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Borderwork in Multicultural Australia

by Bob Hodge & John O'Carroll

Australia's faith in multiculturalism has been shaken by ferocious attacks in the public arena over the past decade. Borderwork in Multicultural Australia, reviews the hot spots, reasserts the value of multiculturalism...

Successful Qualitative Health Research: A practical introduction

by Emily C Hansen

A practical guide for health students and health professionals embarking on research using qualitative methods.

How to Kill a Country: Australia's Devastating Trade Deal with the United States

by Linda Weiss, Elizabeth Thurbon & John Mathews

The first authoritative account of the fashioning of the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the USA reveals how the Australian government has deliberately and surreptitiously sacrificed Australia's interests...

Beyond Right and Left: New politics and the culture wars

by David McKnight

Maps the death of politics based on the traditional opposition between Left and Right, and offers a provocative argument for the emergence of a new values-based politics in Australia.

Family: Changing families, changing times

by Marilyn Poole

Our understanding of the family has been in flux over the past 30 years. This new text explores the patterns of contemporary Australian family life, and the impact of social, political and economic change.

Words and Silences: Aboriginal women, politics and land

by Peggy Brock

A fascinating investigation into how Aboriginal women communicate their knowledge to gain a public voice and recognition of their rights to land.

Remaking the Body: Rehabilitation and change

by Wendy Seymour

Explores how severely disabled people learn how to deal with their bodies

Saltwater People: The waves of memory

by Nonie Sharp

A fascinating insight into the culture of the saltwater peoples of northern Australian coasts, their profound knowledge of and attachment to their sea country, how this endured despite dislocation and repression,...

Conflict, Politics and Crime: Aboriginal Communities and the Police

by Chris Cunneen

A thought-provoking analysis of how Indigenous people are policed and what effect this has on their communities.

Creating Unequal Futures?: Rethinking poverty, inequality and disadvantage

by Ruth Fincher & Peter Saunders

A new way of thinking about the nature of, and solutions to, contemporary poverty, disadvantage and inequality in Australia

Irish Fairy and Folk Tales

by , W. Yeats

This early collection of Irish fairytales is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains stories of Changelings, fairies, ghosts and other mystical beings of Irish literature. This is a...

Motor Cycling - A History of the Early Motorcycle

by , John Wyatt

Originally published in 1925, this book is a fascinating history of the early motorcycle. This book is a detailed guide, packed with photos and diagrams, and of much interest to any motorcycle enthusiast. Many...

The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold and Tax Cuts

by Wayne Allyn Root

Libertarian-conservative solutions to the political, social, economic and tax issues facing the United States from a 2012 Third Party Presidential contender, as well as one of America's leading Tea Party political...

Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government

by Gavin Newsom & Lisa Dickey

Citizenville offers both an impassioned plea for more tech-enabled government and a tour d'horizon of the ways some governments have begun using technology to good effect… a fast-paced and engaging read”...

The Revolution Betrayed

by , Leon Trotsky

This early work by Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains his analysis of Socialism, the Soviet State and Economics of Russia during the early...

Ruling the Elite

by Tim Horn

RULING the ELITE uniquely asserts that political Parties have taken control of the government of the United States from the ordinary People and use it to benefit themselves and their supporters. The book reveals...

Refugee Performance

by Michael Balfour

The title of this book, Refugee Performance, suggests there is a constituency of practices that might be unified under a definite term or god forbid to propose a new field of study. This is far from the intentions...

Selling War

by , Josef Seethaler, Matthias Karmasin & Gabriele Melischek

This book is the first collection of essays to explore the changing relationships between war, media, and the public from a multidisciplinary perspective and over an extended historical period. It is also the...

Partitioning for Peace: An Exit Strategy for Iraq

by Ivan Eland

Combining a history of Iraq and its dominant sects with an acute awareness of the political machinations fomenting worldwide, this keen military analysis offers a practical exit strategy for U.S. armed forces...

The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee: Observations on Not Fitting in

by Paisley Rekdal

When you come from a mixed race background as Paisley Rekdal does — her mother is Chinese American and her father is Norwegian– thorny issues of identity politics, and interracial desire are never far from...