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NASCAR Then and Now

by Ben White & Nigel Kinrade

In this unique gallery book, historical shots of people, cars, events, tracks, shops, and other NASCAR landmarks are paired with comparable modern shots to present a fascinating review of America’s top motorsport....

The Railways of Glasgow: Post-Beeching

by Gordon D Webster

The city of Glasgow, formerly one of the largest industrial centres in the world, was once responsible for building about one-quarter of the world's railway locomotives. This was complemented by a massive urban...

Kilkenny Folk Tales

by Anne Farrell

Closer to the earth and ancient beliefs than many, the people who inhabit County Kildare have stories to tell of hidden places, heroic deeds and strange encounters. Some are based in traceable historical fact,...

Representations of Eve in Antiquity and the English Middle Ages

by John Flood

As the first woman and a prototype for her daughters, the significance of the figure of Eve is a well-established commonplace of literary and gender studies. However, despite frequent nods at Eve's importance...

The Counselor's Guide for Facilitating the Interpretation of Dreams

by Evelyn Duesbury

For both students and practicing counselors, this book fills the gaps that exist between many current academic programs and practitioner's needs for focused training on how to better assist clients with dream...

Moral Wages: The Emotional Dilemmas of Victim Advocacy and Counseling

by Kenneth H. Kolb

Moral Wages offers the reader a vivid depiction of what it is like to work inside an agency that assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Based on over a year of fieldwork by a man in a setting...

Radicalisation and the Media

by Andrew Hoskins & Awan Akil

This book examines the circulation and effects of radical discourse by analysing the role of mass media coverage in promoting or hindering radicalisation and acts of political violence.

Variegated Neoliberalism

by Huw Macartney

Variegated Neoliberalism provides comparative analyses of global and European banking communities, and economic research centres, in the UK, France, and Germany. It?explains the current neoliberal order in...

Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Xue Muqiao

by Xue Muqiao

This book is the first of a series which makes available to an English-speaking audience the work of the individual Chinese economists who were the architects of reform. The series provides an inside view of...

Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense, AdWords, and the Google APIs

by Harold Davis

When it comes to advertising on the web, you just can't argue with the numbers. A $7 billion market today is expected to grow to $18.9 billion by 2010. Jupiter Research also estimates that search advertising...

Banking Policy in Japan

by William M Tsutsui

How Japan's banking system maintained continuity of development and avoided the occupiers' attempts at 'democratisation' and 'Americanisation' is the subject of this book. It explores why the American were committed...

European Union Lawcards 2011-2012

by Routledge

Routledge Lawcards are your complete, pocket-sized guides to key examinable areas of the undergraduate law curriculum and the CPE/GDL. Their concise text, user-friendly layout and compact format make them an...

Food and Identity in the Caribbean

by Hanna Garth

This collection of original essays explores food and identity in the Caribbean, as contemporary political and economic changes impact upon culinary identities. Through rich ethnographies, the volume reveals...

Fashioning Models: Image, Text, and Industry

by Joanne Entwistle

This volume presents a cutting-edge examination of modelling through race, class and gender, as well as its structure as an aesthetic marketplace within the global fashion economy. Accessible and highly engaging,...

Museums: A Visual Anthropology

by Mary Bouquet

Museums summarises the central debates for the study of museums around the world. Examining ways to address the social relations of museums, embedded in their sites, collections, and exhibitions, as an integral...

Facilitating Meaningful Contact in Adoption and Fostering: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Planning, Assessing and Good Practice

by Louis Sydney & Elizabeth Price

How can contact in adoption and fostering be tailored to the individual child? This book provides assessment frameworks that reflect what attachment, neuroscience and trauma tell us about children's needs. The...

Improving Access to Further and Higher Education for Young People in Public Care: European Policy and Practice

by Claire Cameron & Sonia Jackson

Across Europe young people in care are around five times less likely to attend tertiary education than those who have not been in care. Drawing extensively on a substantial three-year long research project led...

Managing and Marketing Tourist Destinations

by Metin Kozak & Seyhmus Baloglu

Without adequate research and management, the potential impacts and benefits of tourism and travel services will not be maximised. This volume evaluates the theoretical approaches and applications to competitive...

Social Movements: The Key Concepts

by Ian Welsh & Graeme Chesters

Social Movements: The Key Concepts provides an insightful, contemporary introduction to some of the frequently encountered terms and groups that are central to the study of collective action and social and political...

Anger Management

by Adrian Faupel & Elizabeth Herrick

This fully updated new edition provides information, insight and strategies for understanding and managing anger more effectively.  With specific ideas for working with children provided, as well as helpful...