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The History of Freemasonry: Its Legendary Origins

by Albert Gallatin Mackey

Written by an expert on "the craft," this classic traces Freemasonry's origins from biblical times to its practice among America's founding fathers. It also explores philosophical, symbolic, and ritual traditions....

The Concise History of Freemasonry

by Robert Freke Gould & Frederick J. W. Crowe

This authoritative survey by a Masonic historian traces the development of "the Craft" from ancient to modern times, chronicling its spread throughout Europe, the Far East, Africa, and the Americas.

Secrets of The Lost Symbol: The Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries Behind The Da Vinci Code Sequel

by Daniel Burstein & Arne de Keijzer

“If anyone can divine the contents of The Lost Symbol, it’s Dan Burstein.”

 —New York magazine

With Secrets of the Lost Symbol, co-authors Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer delve into the real history,...

The Masonic Myth

by Jay Kinney

The Truth Revealed

Freemasons have been connected to the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, the French Revolution, the Knights Templar, and the pyramids of Egypt. They have been rumored to be everything from...

Loyal Unto Death: Trust and Terror in Revolutionary Macedonia

by Keith Brown

The underground Macedonian Revolutionary Organization recruited and mobilized over 20,000 supporters to take up arms against the Ottoman Empire between 1893 and 1903. Challenging conventional wisdom about the...

Secret Societies of the Middle Ages

by Thomas Keightley

This is Thomas Keightley's history of three secret societies of the Middle Ages: the Assassins, the Templars and the Fehmgerichte. A well-researched and detailed work on secret societies, Keightley gives a rather...

Beware of the Elite New World Order

by William King

Beware of the Elite New World Order is a combination of three of my previous published books, The Great Deception, Chemtrails Exposed, and New World Order. However, it has been re-edited and contains new content....

Masonic Law

by Rodolfo Mantilla Jácome, Mario Guevara Mendoza & Carlos Mario Frias Rubio

Masonic law is understood as the set of written and unwritten principles and rules of ethical and legal nature that govern universal masonry. These rules and principles preserve its values, protect its essence,...

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

by Manly P. Hall

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry is a study by Manly P. Hall which provides an esoteric insight to Freemasonry. In symbolic way it deals with the basic ideas of the craft as reflected into the three degrees. Freemasonry...

Mental Radio

by Upton Sinclair

"Mental Radio" documents Sinclair's test of psychic abilities of Mary Craig Sinclair, his second wife, while she was in a state of profound depression with a heightened interest in the occult. She attempted...

Vril, the Power of the Coming Race

by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Edward Bulwer-Lytton's pioneering science fiction novel "Vril" was taken very seriously by 19th Century Atlantis fans. Vril is a mysterious energy which is used by Lytton's subterranian race (refugees from...

Jesus, the Last Great Initiate

by Edouard Schuré

"Jesus, the Last Great Initiate" is an esoteric look at the life of Jesus, here considered the ultimate of a long line of 'Initiates.' Edouard Schure was a French author who influenced Rudolph Steiner, the German...

Cover-Ups & Secrets

by Nick Redfern

Fake news, alternative facts, outright lies, fears of nuclear war, widespread surveillance of the population, mass shootings, the rise of a totalitarian state and more have led millions of us to distrust the...

The Masonic Initiation

by W. L. Wilmshurst

The Masonic Initiation is the powerful sequel to W. L. Wilmshurst's other enduring classic, The Meaning of Masonry. Here, we find the author's most advanced expression as he explores the profound depths of Masonic...

New World Order

by William King

As humanity has lost their way and is more focused on the accumulation of their wealth and non essential material things, the New World Order is using distractions to strip away their rights and freedoms without...

Reasons Why a Christian Should Not be a Freemason

by Algernon J. Pollock

A Christian should not be a Freemason, for the Scripture command to him is, "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion...

Area 51

by Nick Redfern

It’s no secret that, roughly 100 miles north northwest of Las Vegas, in the middle of a remote dessert, sits an extension of the Edwards Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51, but its clandestine purpose...

The Story Behind the Holocaust

by Natalie Silverman

What do we know about the Vatican Military Orders, the Johanniters, Freemasons, or other secret societies like the Bilderberg Group or the Trilateral Commission? What is the connection between these and other...

Freemasonry Threaded Though Mormonism

by Jay M. Hawkinson

Freemasonry in AMERICA was torpedoed by one man in 1826. Then Freemasonry in AMERICA all but died! Mormonism was born as a new religion in 1830 seemingly from the ashes of Freemasonry. As it turned out, Freemasonry...

Hush Hush

by Linda Fairchild

Hush, Hush. Paranormal meets The Da Vinci Code in this thought-provoking, no-nonsense story that you won?t be able to put down. Its theme is universal, and it will bring about both shivers and tears. This is...