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The Anthropology of Learning in Childhood

by David F. Lancy

This first major anthropological reference book on childhood learning considers the cultural aspects of learning in childhood from the points of view of psychologists, sociologists, educators, and anthropologists....

Histories of American Physical Anthropology in the Twentieth Century


Histories of American Physical Anthropology in the Twentieth Century chronicles the history of physical anthropology_or, as it is now known, biological anthropology_from its professional origins in the late...

Building Trust: Doing Research to Understand Ethnic Communities

by Fumiko Hosokawa

This book studies five ethnic communities_South Asian Americans, African Americans, Japanese Americans, Mexican Americans, and Samoan Americans_to understand how their members feel about being studied by researchers....

Cooperation in Economy and Society

by Robert C. Marshall

This book explores the burgeoning interest in human cooperation among anthropologists, political scientists, economists, evolutionary psychologists, and biologists. Though typically neglected, cooperation is...

Polynesians in America: Pre-Columbian Contacts with the New World

by Terry L. Jones

This volume presents a synthesis of over a century of academic research on the question of prehistoric trans-oceanic contacts between Polynesia and the New World. Leading experts in archaeology, botany, linguistics,...

The War Machine and Global Health

by Merrill Singer

This book of essays by medical anthropologists and other health social scientists examines the full measure of the disastrous global health effects of war in the contemporary world. It provides a political economic...

The Hausa of Nigeria

by Frank A. Salamone

This book is the culmination of thirty-nine years of anthropological thought and research and many field trips to Nigeria. This work looks at the notion of identity formation and its relationship to history,...

Immortal Passage

by Asher Seidel

Immortal Passage: Philosophical Speculations on Posthuman Evolution defends the posthuman hypothesis: that descendants of present humans, leading lives of indefinitely extended duration, and having significantly...

The Banana Tree at the Gate: A History of Marginal Peoples and Global Markets in Borneo

by Michael R. Dove

"The Hikayat Banjar", a seventeenth-century native court chronicle from Southeast Borneo, characterizes the irresistibility of natural resource wealth to outsiders as 'the banana tree at the gate'. Michael Dove...

A Delaware Album, 1900-1930

by George Miller

A Delaware Album, 1900-1930 contains over 300 postcard views of the First State from the early decades of the twentieth century, providing a revealing commentary on each photograph. In a time before radio and...

Movable Pillars: Organizing Dance, 1956-1978

by Katja Kolcio

How six professional dance organizations transformed the landscape of modern dance scholarship

Musicking: The Meanings of Performing and Listening

by Christopher Small

Acclaimed scholar rethinks the nature and meaning of music.

Music, Society, Education

by Christopher Small & Robert Walser

A groundbreaking work expanding our view of music beyond the Western classical tradition.

The City of Musical Memory: Salsa, Record Grooves and Popular Culture in Cali, Colombia

Choreographing Difference: The Body and Identity in Contemporary Dance

by Ann Cooper Albright

Feminist theory illuminates the radical cultural work of contemporary dance.

Entrepreneurship Marketing

by Sonny Nwankwo & Tunji Gbadamosi

This new textbook introduces the importance of marketing to entrepreneurial firms. Walking the student through the fundamentals of marketing within the SME context, Marketing and Entrepreneurship provides a...

British Civilization

by John Oakland

The seventh edition of this highly-praised textbook has been substantially updated and revised to provide students of British Studies with the perfect introduction to Britain - its country and people, politics...

Education Policy, Space and the City

by Kalervo N Gulson

This book examines the relationships between educational policy, space and place. With urbanisation as one of the central concerns for the future, relationships between the city, educational policy, and social...

The Power of Urban Ethnic Places

by Jan Lin

The Power of Ethnic Places discusses the growing visibility of ethnic heritage places in U.S. society. The book examines a spectrum of case studies of Chinese, Latino and African American communities in the...

Myths and Dreams

by Edward Clodd

British polymath Edward Clodd was a banker who also established himself as a prominent thinker in the fields of anthropology and folklore. In Myths and Dreams, Clodd takes a look at the mythological beliefs...