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Archaeological Thinking: How to Make Sense of the Past

by Charles E. Orser Jr.

In Archaeological Thinking, Charles E. Orser, Jr., provides a commonsense guide to applying critical thinking skills to archaeological questions and evidence.

Human Ecodynamics in the North Atlantic: A Collaborative Model of Humans and Nature through Space and Time

by Ruth A. Maher, Ramona Harrison, Aaron Kendall & Andrew J. Dugmore et al.

In Human Ecodynamics in the North Atlantic: A Collaborative Model of Humans and Nature through Space and Time, Maher and Harrison have compiled a series of separate research projects conducted across the North...

Practicing Archaeology: An Introduction to Cultural Resources Archaeology

by Thomas W. Neumann & Robert M. Sanford

This book is an excellent reference tool for consulting firms, contractors, graduate students, and others who need to know the nuts and bolts of professional archaeology.

Death by Theory: A Tale of Mystery and Archaeological Theory

by Adrian Praetzellis

This thoroughly updated version of an archaeological classic, featuring the fictional archaeologist Hannah Green and her shovelbum nephew, allows students to learn the basics of archaeological theory while puzzling...

Living Histories: Native Americans and Southwestern Archaeology

by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh

Southwestern archaeology represents the intersection of countless peoples, interests, ideas, and events. Much as archaeologists working in the Southwest have shaped the lives and histories of Native Americans,...

The Legacy: South Florida Museum

by Thomas Peter Bennett

This book is an account of the origins, founding, and development in twentieth-century Florida of a people's museum that reflects Florida's changes through Spanish exploration, statehood, tourism, endangered...

The Iconography of Greek Cult in the Archaic and Classical Periods

by Brita Alroth, Robin Hägg, Ulrich Hübinger & Ioannis Loucas et al.

pFor the understanding and interpretation of the religions of times past, the imagery of those cultures has always been an important source of information, besides the written sources (if at all available) and...

Montana Before History: 11,000 Years of Hunter-Gatherers in the Rockies and on the Plains

by Douglas H. MacDonald

Dig into Montana's past with this guide to the state's best archaeological sites. A cache north of Livingston, the oldest known evidence of humans in Montana, was left by mammoth hunters more than 11,000 years...

Caddo Connections: Cultural Interactions within and beyond the Caddo World

by Jeffrey S. Girard, Timothy K. Perttula & Mary Beth Trubitt

This up-to-date archaeological synthesis highlights current perspectives on Caddo origins and cultural elaborations in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Throughout, the authors explore the role of interactions...

An Archaeology of Resistance: Materiality and Time in an African Borderland

by Alfredo González-Ruibal

An Archaeology of Resistance: Materiality and Time in an African Borderland studies the tactics of resistance deployed by a variety of indigenous communities in the borderland between Sudan and Ethiopia.The...

The Archaeology of Art in the American Southwest

by Marit K. Munson

This book proposes an archaeology of art. Munson argues that studies of ancient artwork should be based on standard archaeological approaches to material culture, framed by theoretical insights of disciplines...

Lives in Ruins

by Marilyn Johnson

The author of The Dead Beat and This Book is Overdue! turns her piercing eye and charming wit to the real-life avatars of Indiana Jones—the archaeologists who sort through the muck and mire of swamps, ancient...

Techniques and Economies in the Ancient Mediterranean

by Jean-Pierre Brun

Every age invents a new way of writing history, or at least seeks to shed light on the present by examining the past differently. For the past thirty years the amount of data produced by archaeology, especially...

The Face of the Ancient Orient: Near Eastern Civilization in Pre-Classical Times

by Sabatino Moscati

Fascinating study examines Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hittites, Canaanites, Israelites, Persians, others. "...a valuable introduction, perhaps the best available in English." — American Historical...

Archaeology Beneath the Sea

by George F. Bass

This book tells the incredible story of a half century of unlocking the mysteries of ancient shipwrecks. It is the story of of George F. Bass and his team, who are recognized as the pioneers of marine archaeology....

Excavations at Sissi

by Jan Driessen

During 2007 and 2008, the Belgian School at Athens undertook its first ever excavation on Crete, at the Minoan site of Sissi on the north coast of the island. Located at a few kilometres from the palatial site...

Religion, Institutions and Society in Ancient Rome

by John Scheid

By opposing sectarian discourses with the universal weapons of history, philology and anthropology, in short, the entire arsenal of science and reason, the history of religions of the past enables us to deflate...

Surface Collection: Archaeological Travels in Southeast Asia

by Denis Byrne

This travelogue tackles the pressing issues of cultural-heritage management in Southern Asia by examining archaeological sites in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, among other countries.

History in the Making: The Archaeology of the Eastern Subarctic

by Donald H. Holly Jr.

History in the Making: The Archaeology of the Eastern Subarctic offers both a critical history and historiography of the Eastern Subarctic from the point of view of the archaeologists and anthropologists who...

The Zimbabwe Culture: Origins and Decline of Southern Zambezian States

by Innocent Pikirayi

Offering a unique and original perspective on the rise and fall of indigenous states of southern Zambezia, The Zimbabwe Culture analyzes the long contentious history of the remains of the remarkable cyclopean...