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The Ethical Foundations of Social Work

by Stephen Cowden & Annie Pullen-Sansfacon

The Ethical Foundations of Social Work provides you with an engaging, theoretical and practice-based grounding in social work ethics. The authors first examine when, how and why principles and debates historically...

When Marriages Fail: Systemic Family Therapy Interventions and Issues

by Craig Everett & Robert E Lee

Leading experts reveal systemic and integrative approaches to family therapy

When Marriages Fail: Systemic Family Therapy Interventions and Issues presents several leading experts in the field discussing the...

Handbook of Mental Health and Aging

by James E. Birren, Gene D. Cohen & R. Bruce Sloane

This book is a thorough revision of one of the most comprehensive reference volumes for persons working in the area of aging and mental health. The thrust of the work is interdisciplinary, and discusses research...

Trauma-Informed Care: How neuroscience influences practice

by Amanda Evans & Patricia Coccoma

This accessible book provides an overview of trauma-informed care and related neuroscience research across populations. The book explains how trauma can alter brain structure, identifies the challenges and commonalities...

Children's Literature and New York City

by Padraic Whyte & Keith O'Sullivan

This collection explores the significance of New York City in children's literature, stressing literary, political, and societal influences on writing for young people from the twentieth century to the present...

Gay Men at Midlife: Age Before Beauty

by Phd, John Dececco & Alan L Ellis

“Those of us in our forties and fifties came of age in the 1960s and 1970s--a time when the available commentary on gay life was anything but supportive. Until 1973, homosexuality was a diagnosable mental...

Sexual Identity on the Job: Issues and Services

by Alan L Ellis & Ellen D Riggle

Sexual Identity on the Job provides academics and practitioners with a solid resource for addressing sexual identity concerns and issues in the workplace. It offers corporate trainers, managers, and policymakers...

The School and Society & The Child and the Curriculum

by John Dewey

The two short, influential books represent the earliest authoritative statement of the famed educator's revolutionary emphasis on education as an experimental, child-centered process. 4 halftones and 4 charts....

Yesterday's People: Life in Contemporary Appalachia

by Jack E. Weller

The distinctive way of life of the Southern Appalachian people has often been criticized, romanticized or derided, but rarely has it been understood. Yesterday's People, the fruit of many years' labor in the...

Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa: Insights from Brain and Behavioural Sciences

by George Ellis, Dan J. Stein & Kevin G. Thomas

The result of groundbreaking research conducted by members of the Brain-Behaviour Initiative at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, this is the first book to address the nature of substance use and abuse...

Latino/Hispanic Liaisons and Visions for Human Behavior in the Social Environment

by Felix G Rivera

Add to your knowledge of Latino/Hispanic diversity, attitudes, behaviors, and experiences to provide more effective services!Latino-Hispanic Liaisons and Visions for Human Behavior in the Social Environment...

Contract Pastoral Care and Education: The Trend of the Future?

by Larry Van De Creek

Create the Pastoral Care Center that your flock needs!Contract Pastoral Care and Education: The Trend of the Future? provides clergy of all faiths and pastoral care students with insight into the shifting role...

Recovering from Sexual Abuse, Addictions, and Compulsive Behaviors: “Numb” Survivors

by Carlton Munson & Sandra L. Knauer

Explore the connection between sexual victimization, addiction, and compulsive behaviors!This book demonstrates clearly what lengths survivors of sexual abuse will go to in attempting to avoid dealing with the...

Social Work Health and Mental Health: Practice, Research and Programs

by Steven P. Segal

Rise to today's challenges with these innovative and helpful value-based solutions!Containing important, research-based insights into social work practice in these fields, Social Work Health and Mental Health...

The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions: A Teaching Casebook

by Carlton Munson, Jessica K Heriot & Eileen J Polinger

Use these fascinating first-person accounts to bring real-world problems into the classroom!The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions: A Teaching Casebook is a collection of personal narratives,...

Treating Marital Stress: Support-Based Approaches

by Robert P Rugel

Help your marital therapy clients become more supportive of their partners!

As a therapist, you see many unhappy couples who long for the loving support that used to be the touchstone of their relationship....

Health Care for an Aging Society: Cost-Conscious Community Care and Self-Care Approaches

by David Haber

First published in 1989. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Mental Health and Spirituality in Later Life

by Elizabeth MacKinlay

Explore pastoral strategies for dealing with mental health problems!

Mental health is increasingly being recognized as an important issue in later life. This valuable book will help you examine this dimension...

Empowerment and Participatory Evaluation of Community Interventions: Multiple Benefits

by Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar & Gary Harper

Program evaluations are more relevant when conducted by the people directly involved in the programs and members of the communities they serve. Learn how empowerment and participatory evaluation can help community...

Human Services Integration

by Michael J Austin

Addressing the multiple meanings of service integration, Human Services Integration analyzes how motivations and expectations for social service integration differ significantly among different players in the...