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Historical Frictions: Maori Claims and Reinvented Histories

by Michael Belgrave

The land claims presented before the Waitangi Tribunal, first established in 1975 as a permanent commision of inquiry to address claims by the Maori people, are discussed in this analysis of the role of legal...

African American Firsts, 4th Edition

by Joan Potter

Updated With The Latest Facts And Photos

"A Black history buff's dream." --Ebony

From ground-breaking achievements to awe-inspiring feats of excellence, this definitive resource reveals over 450 "firsts" by African...

The Seeking

by Will Thomas, Mark J. Madigan & Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Now back in print, the groundbreaking memoir of one of the first black families in Vermont

From Altoids to Zima: The Surprising Stories Behind 125 Famous Brand Names

by Evan Morris

Ever wondered what the Ms in M&Ms stand for?

If Scotch tape was invented in Scotland?

Why a cereal that contains neither grapes nor nuts is called Grape Nuts?

Who thought Gap was a good name for a clothing...

The Outcasts of Melbourne: Essays in Social History

by Graeme Davison, David Dunstan & Chris McConville

Behind the glittering image of 'Marvellous Melbourne' there existed in the popular imagination another, very different, picture of the colonial metropolis. This was the city of 'low life', of crowded slums,...

The Migrant Presence: Australian Responses 1947-1977

by Jean I. Martin

The Migrant Presence examines the way in which Australian institutions have responded to the influx of migrants of non-Anglo-Saxon origin, tracing the decline of assimilationist philosophy and the rising trend...

No Charity There: A short history of social welfare in Australia

by Brian Dickey

No Charity There provides the first general history of social welfare in Australia.

Rethinking the School: Subjectivity, bureaucracy, criticism

by Ian Hunter

Rethinking the School is one of the first major applications of Foucault's genealogical method to the school system, and will be widely debated by educationalists, policy-makers and those interested in the interaction...

Feminine/Masculine and Representation

by Terry Threadgold & Anne Cranny-Francis

Feminine/Masculine and Representation examines important debates about gender and sexuality, representation and cultural politics, and provides an introduction to some of the fundamental issues of gender studies,...

Women, Incarceration, and Human Rights Violations: Feminist Criminology and Corrections

by Alana Van Gundy & Amy Baumann-Grau

A rich examination of the neglect and abuses occurring to women in correctional facilities, Women, Incarceration, and Human Rights Violations draws upon a wealth of case studies from around the world and class...

Artistic Lives: A Study of Creativity in Two European Cities

by Kirsten Forkert

Artistic Lives challenges recent policy discourses that celebrate the ability of cultural producers to create something from nothing, and, more generally, the myth of creativity as an individual phenomenon,...

Violence, Society and Radical Theory: Bataille, Baudrillard and Contemporary Society

by William Pawlett

Shedding light on the relationship between violence and contemporary society, this volume explores the distinctive but little-known theories of violence in the work of Georges Bataille and Jean Baudrillard,...

State-led Privatisation and the Demise of the Democratic State: Welfare Reform and Localism in an Era of Regulatory Capitalism

by Mike Raco

Across the world the prevailing narrative has become one of Good Governance, devolution, liberation, and freedom of expression. In policy fields as diverse as development planning, healthcare, and public transport...

In the Thick of the Fight: The Writing of Emily Wilding Davison, Militant Suffragette

by Carolyn P. Collette

One of the most memorable images of the British women's suffrage movement occurred on June 4, Derby Day, 1913. As the field of horses approached a turning at Epsom, militant suffragette Emily Wilding Davison...

Idlewild: The Rise, Decline, and Rebirth of a Unique African American Resort Town

by Ronald J. Stephens

In 1912, white land developers founded Idlewild, an African American resort community in western Michigan. Over the following decades, the town became one of the country's foremost vacation destinations for...

Robert Hayden: Essays on the Poetry

by Laurence Goldstein & Robert Chrisman

This collection of essays by leading critics and poets charts Robert Hayden's growing reputation as a major writer of some of the twentieth century's most important poems on African-American themes, including...

The Colors of Childhood: Separation-Individuation across Cultural, Racial, and Ethnic Diversity

by Salman Akhtar & Selma Kramer

How does culture affect child-rearing practices? How do factors such as poverty, ethnic difference, racial minority status, and having immigrant parents alter the experience of a growing child? Are there culturally...

The Indian History of an American Institution: Native Americans and Dartmouth

by Colin G. Calloway

A history of the complex relationship between a school and a people

New Mobilities Regimes in Art and Social Sciences

by Susanne Witzgall & Gerlinde Vogl

New Mobilities Regimes analyses how global mobilities are changing the world of today and the role of political and economic power. Bringing together essays by leading scholars and social scientists, including...

Museums in China: Power, Politics and Identities

by Tracey L-D Lu

From the earliest museums established by Western missionaries in order to implement religious and political power, to the role they have played in the formation of the modern Chinese state, the origin and development...