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Life: The Movie: How Entertainment Conquered Reality

by Neal Gabler

"A thoughtful, in places chilling, account of the way entertainment values have hollowed out American life." --The New York Times Book Review

From one of America's most original cultural critics and the author...

Come to the Edge

My Parents Were Awesome: Before Fanny Packs and Minivans, They Were People Too

by Eliot Glazer

NEWSFLASH: Your mom and dad weren’t always parents.  They used to be people—and they were awesome


They bathed you. They fed you. They raised you to become the person you are today. Your parents are an...

Indian New England Before the Mayflower

by Howard S. Russell

A definitive work written for general audiences which describes how New England Indians lived when European settlers first met them

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides?: Abortion, Neonatal Care, Assisted Dying, and Capital Punishment

by Sheldon Ekland-Olson

This second edition of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Decides? has been updated to consider the rising stakes for issues of life and death. Abortion, assisted dying, and capital punishment are among the most contentious...

Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar

by Lisa Urkevich

Music and Traditions of the Arabian Peninsula provides a pioneering overview of folk and traditional urban music, along with dance and rituals, of Saudi Arabia and the Upper Gulf States of Kuwait, Bahrain, and...

Ethnography for the Internet: Embedded, Embodied and Everyday

by Christine Hine

The internet has become embedded into our daily lives, no longer an esoteric phenomenon, but instead an unremarkable way of carrying out our interactions with one another. Online and offline are interwoven in...

Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad

by Jacqueline L. Tobin & Raymond G. Dobard

"There are five square knots on the quilt every two inches apart. They escaped on the fifth knot on the tenth pattern and went to Ontario, Canada. The monkey wrench turns the wagon wheel toward Canada on a bear's...

Ethical Wisdom: The Search for a Moral Life

by Mark Matousek

Since the days of the first primitive tribes, we have tried to determine why one man is good and another evil. Mark Matousek arrives at the answer in Ethical Wisdom.

Contrary to what we've been taught in our...

Television's Strangest Moments: Extraordinary But True Tales from the History of TV

by  Quentin Falk &   Ben Falk

Ever since John Logie Baird first publicly demonstrated this now all-pervasive medium in his small Soho laboratory, the history of television has been littered with remarkable but true tales of the unexpected....

Authenticity is a Con: (Provocations)

by Peter York

The idea of authenticity – deliciously vague and as ubiquitous as Starbucks – has hit the spot in almost every sector of 21st-century life. But can we trust the authentic image of Nigel ‘man-of-the-people’...

Universal versus Disney: The Unofficial Guide to American Theme Parks' Greatest Rivalry

by Sam Gennawey

Universal Studios never really wanted to get into the theme park business. They wanted to be the anti-Disney. But when forced to do so, they did it in a big way. Despite the fits and starts of multiple owners,...

Psychedelics Encyclopedia

by Peter Stafford

Traces the history of the use of hallucinogenic drugs and discusses the psychological and physical effects of LSD, marijuana, mescaline, and other drugs.

Mothers, Mothering and Motherhood Across Cultural Differences: A Reader

by Andrea O'Reilly

Mothers, Mothering and Motherhood across Cultural Differences, the first-ever Reader on the subject matter, examines the meaning and practice of mothering/ motherhood from a multitude of maternal perspectives....

Mothering in the Age of Neoliberalism

by Melinda Vandenbeld Giles

Neoliberal policies and austerity measures have unequivocally altered the landscape of women's lives globally. The most detrimental effect has been on mothers as they are faced with increasing responsibility...

Birth of the Uncool

by Madeline Walker

Birth of the Cool, a compilation album by jazz great Miles Davis, was released in 1957, the year before I was born. That album defined "cool jazz": elegant, distant, hip, and stylish. Davis and his eight co-...

Mothering and Psychoanalysis: Clinical, Sociological and Feminist Perspectives

by Petra Bueskens

"The collection of 23 essays provides an exciting snapshot of contemporary theorising on the maternal within psychoanalytic and social theory. The introduction serves as an excellent overview of this interdisciplinary...

Mothering in East Asian Communities: Politics and Practices

by Patti Duncan & Gina Wong

In Mothering in East Asian Communities, Duncan and Wong seamlessly rupture a homogenous identity category-that of the "tiger mom." The editors invoke the works of diverse contributors who critically challenge...

On Huron's Shore

by Marilyn Gear Pilling

Marilyn Gear Pilling brilliantly displayed her competence in describing women in My Nose is a Gherkin Pickle Gone Wrong (1996). Showing them "in all their nakedness ... the voice is neither sentimental nor fussy,...

Stay-At-Home Mothers: Dialogues and Debates

by Elizabeth Reid Boyd & Gayle Letherby

This book includes a remarkably diverse range of voices and perspectives on the under-researched topic of mothers electing to stay at home to care for their children or returning home after being in the paid...