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Ethnic Community Builders: Mexican-Americans in Search of Justice and Power

by Francisco Jimenez, Alma M. García & Richard A. Garcia

This book consists of fourteen interviews with Mexican-American community activists of various stripes in San JosZ.

The Theory Toolbox: Critical Concepts for the New Humanities

by Jeffrey T. Nealon & Susan Searls Giroux

This text involves students in understanding and using the 'tools' of critical social and literary theory from the first day of class. It is an ideal first introduction before students encounter more difficult...

What Is in a Rim?: Critical Perspectives on the Pacific Region Idea

by Arif Dirlik, Glenn Alcalay & Xiangming Chen

This pathbreaking, multidisciplinary work challenges our unthinking acceptance of such terms as 'Asia Pacific' and 'Pacific Rim.' Revealing the hidden power relationships and hegemonic struggles that are disguised...

Displacing Natives: The Rhetorical Production of Hawai'i

by Wood

This insightful study examines the strategies used by outsiders to usurp Hawaiian lands and undermine indigenous Hawaiian culture. Drawing upon historical and contemporary examples, Wood investigates the journals...

East Asia and Globalization

by Samuel S. Kim

This clear and timely book presents the first sustained and structured analysis of globalization in the East Asian context, exploring the strategies used by East Asian countries to cope with the forces of globalization....

Women through Women's Eyes: Latin American Women in 19th Century Travel Accounts

by June E. Hahner

The nineteenth century was a period of peak popularity for travel to Latin America, where a new political independence was accompanied by loosened travel restrictions. Such expeditions resulted in numerous travel...

Drinking and Sobriety Among the Lakota Sioux

Drugs, Alcohol, and Social Problems

by James D. Orcutt & David R. Rudy

The 14 clearly written articles included in this collection exemplify the best of sociological scholarship on drug and alcohol problems. The readings strike a balance between constructionist, epidemiological,...

Critics, Ratings, and Society: The Sociology of Reviews

by Grant Blank

Critics, Ratings, and Society is the first comprehensive study of the review as social institution. Its theories and data encompass reviews of all types of products-including the arts (e.g. theater, books, and...

The Subject of Gender: Daughters and Mothers in Urban China

by Harriet Evans

Author Harriet Evans discusses mother-daughter relationships in urban China, reflecting on how women make sense of the shifts in practices and representations of gender that frame their lives, and how their...

The Theory Primer: A Sociological Guide

by Mark A. Schneider

This book is a classical theory text aimed at teaching theorizing as a skill. After analyzing the process of theorizing into a set of simple steps, it shows how the theories of Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Mead...

Emotional Bridges to Puerto Rico: Migration, Return Migration, and the Struggles of Incorporation

by Elizabeth M. Aranda

Emotional Bridges to Puerto Rico is about Puerto Ricans' struggles of incorporation into U.S. society, and the conditions under which members of the Puerto Rican middle-class move back and forth between the...

Visual Anthropology: Essential Method and Theory

by Fadwa El Guindi

El Guindi provides a comprehensive guide to visual anthropology and the use of film in ethnographic research. She shows how visual media is now an accepted part of anthropological methodology, a vital tool that...

Between Slavery and Freedom: Philosophy and American Slavery

by Jr., Howard McGary & Bill E. Lawson

Using the writings of slaves and former slaves, as well as commentaries on slavery, Between Slavery and Freedom explores the American slave experience to gain a better understanding of six moral and political...

Why TV Is Not Our Fault: Television Programming, Viewers, and Who's Really in Control

by Eileen R. Meehan

This book dispels the myth that the television industry is just giving viewers the programming they want to see and, thus, we as viewers are "responsible" for the existence of shows like Fear Factor and yet...

Five Generations of a Mexican American Family in Los Angeles: The Fuentes Story

by Christina Chavez

Five Generations of a Mexican American Family in Los Angeles is an insider account of a multigenerational working-class Mexican American family in Los Angeles to explain Chicanos' persistent social status despite...

Voluntary Simplicity: Responding to Consumer Culture

by Amitai Etzioni, Daniel Doherty & David Brooks

In the past fifty years, the standard of living in most industrialized nations has risen dramatically, but the number of people describing themselves as content has remained steady or fallen. The result has...

Feminist Methodologies for Critical Researchers: Bridging Differences

by Sprague

This text teaches students how standard methods can be adapted toward critical ends by thinking about the links between epistemology and methodology. Joey Sprague's treatment of qualitative and quantitative...

Energy and Conflict in Central Asia and the Caucasus

by Robert Ebel & Rajan Menon

Examining the interplay between Caspian security and energy development, this comprehensive book offers important new findings about the relationship between competition for energy resources; political and economic...

Caught in the Crossfire: Revolution, Repression, and the Rational Peasant

by David T. Mason

Caught in the Crossfire presents a multi-faceted explanation of why people participate in something as dangerous and uncertain as a revolutionary movement.