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Sociology in Action: A Critique of Selected Conceptions of the Social Role of the Sociologist: A Critique of Selected Conceptions of the Social Role o

by Christopher G. A. Bryant

This book, first published in 1976, discusses four classical paradigms for sociology - the positivism of Saint-Simon and Comte, Durkheim, Marx and Weber - and four contemporary developments or revisions of them...

Leisure and the Changing City 1870 - 1914

by Helen Meller

By the late nineteenth century, the city had become the dominant social environment of Britain, with the majority of the population living in large cities, often with over 100, 000 inhabitants. The central concern...

Sociological Impressionism: A Reassessment of Georg Simmel\'s Social Theory: A Reassessment of Georg Simmel's Social Theory

by David Frisby

When Sociological Impressionism was first published in 1981, it was the first comprehensive study on Simmel's social theory to appear in English since 1925. A pioneering work, it did much to bring about the...

Taking Food Public: Redefining Foodways in a Changing World

by Carole Counihan & Psyche Williams Forson

The field of food studies has been growing rapidly over the last thirty years and has exploded since the turn of the millennium. Scholars from an array of disciplines have trained fresh theoretical and methodological...

Racial Stereotyping and Child Development

by D.T. Slaughter-Defoe

In contemporary societies children's racial identity is co-constructed in response to racial stereotyping with extended family, peers and teachers, and potent media sources. The studies in this volume take cognizance...

Violence against Women and Mental Health

by A. Riecher-Rössler & C. García-Moreno

Violence against women is a global problem that includes domestic violence, sexual abuse of girls and women, trafficking of women, violence in humanitarian crisis settings, violence against female patients including...

The Impact of Immigration on Children's Development

by C. Garcia Coll

All over the world families migrate, and with them so do their children. Probing the question of what 'being an immigrant' means, this publication brings together theory and empirical findings to highlight the...

Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measu

by Terri D. Fisher, Clive M. Davis & William L. Yarber

This classic and invaluable reference Handbook, written for sex researchers and their students, has now been completely revised in a new edition complete with its own companion website. It remains the only...

Soviet Foreign Policy and Southeast Asia

by Leszek Buszynski

This book focuses on the activity of the Soviet Union in Southeast Asia and the effects of Soviet policy on the region from 1969 to the time of first publication in 1986. In particular, Leszek Buszynski examines...

Fragments of Modernity: Theories of Modernity in the Work of Simmel, Kracauer and Benjamin: Theories of Modernity in the Work of Simmel, Kracauer and

by David Frisby

Fragments of Modernity, first published in 1985, provides a critical introduction to the work of three of the most original German thinkers of the early twentieth century. In their different ways, all three...

The Jargon of Authenticity

by Theodor Adorno

Theodor Adorno was no stranger to controversy. In The Jargon of Authenticity he gives full expression to his hostility to the language employed by certain existentialist thinkers such as Martin Heidegger. With...

Ladies Laughing: Wit as Control in Contemporary American Women Writers

by Barbara Levy

This engaging and accessible book examines the world of seven contemporary, popular American women writers and their individual use of wit as a subtle and effective strategy to engage, or "control", the reader....

White Settlers: Impact/Cultural

by Jedrej

First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Suggestopedic Methods/Applicat

by Schiffler

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Cottons and Casuals: The Gendered Organisation of Labour in Time and Space

by Miriam Glucksmann

Cottons and Casuals explores the connections between women's work in different spheres since the 1930s: paid employment, at home, and in the community. Women's own testimony and an array of other source materials...

Making Japan Work

by J.E. Thomas

First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Was Mao Really a Monster?: The Academic Response to Chang and Halliday's "Mao: The Unknown Story"

by Gregor Benton & Lin Chun

Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday was published in 2005 to a great fanfare. The book portrays Mao as a monster - equal to or worse than Hitler and Stalin - and a fool who won power by native...

Now in November

by Josephine W. Johnson & Nancy Hoffman

   Brilliant, evocative, poetic, savage, this Pulitzer Prize-winning first novel (1934) depicts a white, middle-class urban family that is turned into dirt-poor farmers by the Depression and the great drought...


by Naomi fontaine & David Homel

A fictionalized, meditative chronicle of life among the Innu, a Native tribe in rural northeastern Quebec.

Brides from Bridewell: Female Felons Sent to Colonial America

by Walter Hart Blumenthal

Brides from Bridewell is the story of the female felons from England and France who were sent to Colonial America to serve their prison sentences.

It sets forth the harsh, often inhuman, penal conditions then...