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Early Buddhism: A New Approach: The I of the Beholder

by Sue Hamilton-Blyth

New interpretations of the central teachings of early Buddhism, mainly the relationship between identity and perception in early Buddhism.

The Formative Period of Twelver Shi'ism: Hadith as Discourse Between Qum and Baghdad

by Andrew J. Newman

Shows how the frictions and disparities between the different pockets of believers scattered throughout the Eastern Islamic world in the late ninth and tenth centuries, the relations between each of these and...

American Buddhism: Methods and Findings in Recent Scholarship

by Christopher Queen & Duncan Ryuken Williams

The first scholarly study of the emergence of American Buddhist Studies as a significant research field, approaching issues such as identity in Asian-American Buddhism, the new Buddhism, and the scholar's place...

Cultural Crisis and Social Memory: Modernity and Identity in Thailand and Laos

by Charles F. Keyes & Shigeharu Tanabe

This book explores social memory in the context of cultural crises of modernity in Thailand and Laos. It explicates the ways in which social memory constructed by the people enters modernity, and how this in...

Shinto in History: Ways of the Kami

by John Breen & Mark Teeuwen

The only book to date offering a critical overview of Shinto from early times to the modern era, and evaluating Shinto's place in Japanese religious culture. Key topics include Shinto and Daoism in early Japan,...

Muslim Diversity: Local Islam in Global Contexts

by Leif Manger

The term 'local Islam' has been coined to describe local responses to the effects of globalisation in the Islamic world. All contributions to this volume present cases of 'local Islam' as well as discussing...

Sheherazade Through the Looking Glass: The Metamorphosis of the 'Thousand and One Nights'

by Eva Sallis

The Thousand and One Nights was reborn into an alien environment in 1704, its signs being received in a radically different way from their original meanings. Works of literature change as people and cultures...

Historical Anthology of Kazan Tatar Verse

by Ravil Bukharaev & David Matthews

This anthology expounds the rich history of Kazan Tatar poetry, which has its beginnings in the early 12th century. Poets bear witness to the cultural, political as well as spiritual history of their nations,...

Sahaja Yoga

by Judith Coney

The first full-length examination of Sahaja Yoga, a new religious movement led by Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, which claims up to one hundred thousand members from around the world.This is the first full-length...

Women in Islam: An Anthology from the Qu'ran and Hadith

by Nicholas Awde

Collection of major references to women in the Quran and Hadiths, the two central Pillars of Islam on which Islamic legislation and social practice are based. Topics covered include Hygiene, Divorce, Marriage,...

The Meditative Way: Readings in the Theory and Practice of Buddhist Meditation

by Roderick Bucknell & Chris Kang

Buddhist meditation, while attracting less popular attention than some other meditative disciplines, has given rise to a rich literature in recent years. These 28 readings are designed to give meditators, researchers...

Islam in a Changing World

by Anders Jerichow & J. B. Simonsen

Papers from a conference held in Copenhagen in 1996 on the compatibility between Islam and universal norms and values, and the perspectives for dialogue and mutual understanding.

Historical Grammar of Japanese

by G. B. Sansom

First published in 1928, this path-breaking work is still of importance and interest to Japanese scholars and linguists.

Sex in Consumer Culture: The Erotic Content of Media and Marketing

by Tom Reichert & Jacqueline Lambiase

Sex in Consumer Culture: The Erotic Content of Media and Marketing considers the use of sex to promote brands, magazines, video games, TV programming, music, and movies. Offering both quantitative and qualitative...

Too Much Too Young: Popular Music Age and Gender

by Sheila Whiteley

Too Much Too Young investigates how age and gender have shaped the careers and images of pop music stars, examining the role of youth and youthfulness in pop music through a series of case studies.

Inclusion in the City: Selection, Schooling and Community

by Patricia Potts

Inclusion in the City explores inclusion and exclusion in the context of policy and practice in one English city - Birmingham. Here, a commitment to redressing the inequalities experienced by many learners has...

Culture After Humanism: History, Culture, Subjectivity

by Iain Chambers

Culture After Humanism asks what happens to the authority of traditional western modes of thought in the wake of postmodernist theories of language and identity. Drawing on examples from music, architecture,...

Women Workers and Gender Identities, 1835-1913: The Cotton and Metal Industries in England

by Carol E. Morgan

Women Workers and Gender Identities, 1835 - 1913 examines the experiences of women workers in the cotton and small metals industries and the discourses surrounding their labour. It demonstrates how ideas of...

Fashion Cultures: Theories, Explorations and Analysis

by Stella Bruzzi & Pamela Church Gibson

Fashion Cultures draws together in one volume the disparate areas of discussion to examine fashion's relationship to film, photography, commerce and gender politics.

Ethnic and Racial Studies Today

by Martin Bulmer & John Solomos

This important collection addresses recent developments in the teaching, studying and presentation of race across many disciplines, including sociology, politics, social geography, cultural studies and philosophy....