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The Online Journalism Handbook: Skills to survive and thrive in the digital age

by Paul Bradshaw & Liisa Rohumaa

How do we practice journalism in a digital world, in which the old 'rules' no longer apply? This text offers comprehensive, instructive coverage of the techniques and secrets of being a successful online journalist,...

Intellectuals and Cultural Policy

by Jeremy Ahearne & Oliver Bennett

Intellectuals and policy analysts might appear to inhabit two different worlds. Intellectuals aspire to articulate issues of universal concern; policy analysts attend to the detail of specific measures and programmes....

Time and the Literary

by Karen Newman, Jay Clayton & Marianne Hirsch

Time and the literary: the immediacy of information technology has supposedly annihilated both. Email, cell phones, satellite broadcasting seem to have ended the long-standing tradition of encoding our experience...

Composing Social Identity in Written Language

by Donald L. Rubin

First Published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The People's Right to Know: Media, Democracy, and the Information Highway

by Frederick Williams & John V. Pavlik

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Internet Newspapers: The Making of a Mainstream Medium

by Xigen Li

Internet Newspapers: The Making of a Mainstream Medium examines newspapers on the Internet, and addresses the emergence of online newspapers and the delivery of news through this outlet. Utilizing empirical...

Network Art: Practices and Positions

by Tom Corby

Network Art brings an international group of leading theorists and artists together to investigate how the internet, in the form of websites, mailing lists, installations and performance, has been used by artists...

Prime Time Animation: Television Animation and American Culture

by Carol Stabile

In September 1960 a television show emerged from the mists of prehistoric time to take its place as the mother of all animated sitcoms. The Flintstones spawned dozens of imitations, just as, two decades later,...

The Photography Handbook

by Terence Wright

This second edition provides an introduction to the principles of photographic practice and theory. It explores the history of lens-based image-making and examines the medium's characteristics, scope and limitations....

The Gendered Cyborg: A Reader

by Fiona Hovenden, Linda Janes & Gill Kirkup

The Gendered Cyborg explores the relationship between representation, technoscience and gender, through the metaphor of the cyborg. The contributors argue that the figure of the cyborg offers ways of thinking...

History of British Film (Volume 4): The History of the British Film 1918 - 1929

by Rachael Low

This set is one of the cornerstones of film scholarship, and one of the most important works on twentieth century British culture. Published between 1948 and 1985, the volumes document all aspects of film making...

History of Art: A Students' Handbook

by Marcia Pointon

History of Art covers training and vocational aspects of Art History, providing a wealth of information on the different kinds of courses available on the relationship between, for example, museum and gallery...

In the Culture Society: Art, Fashion and Popular Music

by Angela McRobbie

How do different artistic and cultural practices develop in the contemporary consumer culture? Providing a new direction in cultural studies as well as a vigorous defence of the field, Angela McRobbie's new...

Media Production Agreements: A User's Guide for Film and Programme Makers

by Philip Alberstat

Media Production Agreements is an invaluable reference tool for film, television and video producers and has been written specifically for all those involved in the media industry. Providing legal information...

The European Film Production Guide: Finance - Tax - Legislation France - Germany - Italy - Spain - UK

by Arthur Andersen

The European Film Production Guide sets out in one comprehensive volume the major economic, financial and business considerations which independent producers need to bear in mind when making films in or with...

The Casablanca Man: The Cinema of Michael Curtiz

by Dr James C Robertson & James Robertson

Michael Curtiz (1888-1962) was without doubt one of the most important directors in film history, yet he has never been granted his deserved recognition and no full-scale work on him has previously been published....

Watching Dallas: Soap Opera and the Melodramatic Imagination

by Ien Ang

Dallas, one of the great internationally-screened soap operas, offers us first and foremost entertainment. But what is it about Dallas that makes that entertainment so successful, and how exactly is its entertainment...

Gender, Ethnicity, and Sexuality in Contemporary American Film

Theory for Art History: Adapted from Theory for Religious Studies, by William E. Deal and Timothy K. Beal

by Jae Emerling

Theory for Art History provides clear and concise introductions to thirty key figures of contemporary theory: four essential predecessors - Freud, Marx, Nietzsche, and Saussure - and twenty-six major moderns...

Transnational Television History: A Comparative Approach

by Andreas Fickers & Catherine Johnson

Although television has developed into a major agent of the transnational and global flow of information and entertainment, television historiography and scholarship largely remains a national endeavour, partly...