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The Rise of Stadiums in the Modern: Cathedrals of Sport

by Mark Dyreson & Robert Trumpbour

Many Americans know more about the stadiums that loom over their cityscapes or college campuses than they do about any other aspect of the nation's geography. Stadiums serve as iconic monuments of urban and...

Gov, Citiz New Eu Football Champ: The European Spectacle

by Wolfram Manzenreiter & Georg Spitaler

Over the past decade, European football has seen tremendous changes impacting upon its international framework as well as local traditions and national institutions. Processes of Europeanization in the fields...

Sport Past and Present in South Africa: (Trans)forming the Nation

by Scarlett Cornelissen & Albert Grundlingh

This book provides an interpretation of sport in contemporary South Africa through an historical account of the evolution and social ramifications of sport in the twentieth century. It comprises chapters which...

Sport in Australian National Identity: Kicking Goals

by Tony Ward

For many Australians, there are two great passions: sport and 'taking the piss'. This book is about national identity - and especially about Australia's image as a sporting country. Whether reverent or not,...

Sport as History - Collins Society: Essays in Honour of Wray Vamplew

by Tony Collins

Published to mark the career of one of sports history's pioneers, this book traces the evolution of sport across three continents. It brings together some of sports history's leading scholars to investigate...

The Beijing Olympic, Promoting China: Soft and Hard Power in Global Politics

by Kevin Caffrey

The Beijing 2008 Olympic ceremonies were spectacular performances and technological accomplishments by the People's Republic of China. However, the audience in Beijing was only the most overt element of a global...

Women, Sport, Society: Further Reflections, Reaffirming Mary Wollstonecraft

by Roberta J Park & Patricia Vertinsky

During the last four decades women's and gender history have become vibrant fields including studies of attitudes regarding the limited physical and other abilities of females as well as studies of the accomplishments...

World of Physical Culture in Sport: Visual Methods for Qualitative Research

by Cassandra Phoenix & Brett Smith

Within qualitative research in the social sciences, the last decade has witnessed a growing interest in the use of visual methods. Visual Methods in Physical Culture is the first book in the field of sport and...

Towards a Social Sci of Drugs in Sp

by Jason Mazanov

The debate around the role of drugs in sport is vibrant. There is a wealth of evidence from the hard end of science, telling us how drugs work, how drug testing works, and how many athletes have fallen foul...

Twenty20 and the Future of Cricket

by Chris Rumford

Cricket is a sport which is currently undergoing a rapid and dramatic transformation. Traditionally thought of as an English summer game, limited in appeal to Britain and its Commonwealth, cricket has, in the...

Mapping an Empire of American Sport: Expansion, Assimilation, Adaptation and Resistance

by Mark Dyreson, J.A. Mangan & Roberta J. Park

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the United States has used sport as a vehicle for spreading its influence and extending its power, especially in the Western Hemisphere and around the Pacific Rim, but also...

Matters of Sport: Essays in Honour of Eric Dunning

by Dominic Malcolm & Ivan Waddington

Matters of Sport is a tribute to Eric Dunning, the leading sports sociologist in the English-speaking world. This book addresses Dunning's contributions to the sociological and historical study of sport, covering...

Amateurism in British Sport: It Matters Not Who Won or Lost?

by Dilwyn Porter & Stephen Wagg

The ideal of the amateur competitor, playing the game for love and, unlike the professional, totally untainted by commerce, has become embedded in many accounts of the development of modern sport. It has proved...

America's Game(s): A Critical Anthropology of Sport

by Benjamin Eastman, Michael Ralph & Sean Brown

This insightful volume considers how to locate America in the sporting world: in the traditions and rituals of a national pastime or in the baseball academies run by American professional teams in the Dominican...

This Great Symbol: Pierre de Coubertin and the Origins of the Modern Olympic Games

by John J. Macaloon

This Great Symbol is the definitive study of the origins of the modern Olympic Games and of their founder, Pierre de Coubertin, whose ideological stamp the Olympics still bear. Behind this fascinating blend...

Sport, Leisure and Ergonomics

by Greg Atkinson & Thomas Reilly

The field of sports ergonomics is now recognised as an interdisciplinary area in its own right. This book forms the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sport, Leisure and Ergonomics, providing...

Children and Exercise XIX: Promoting health and well-being

by N. Armstrong

The XIXth International Symposium of the European Group of Pediatric Work Physiology was held in Moretonhampstead, UK in September 1997 drawing together academic and medical experts from 26 countries under the...

Mountain Weather: Understanding Britain's mountain weather

by David Pedgley

A guidebook to help walkers and climbers understand weather in the UK mountains. Helps you to develop the skills to interpret forecasts, understand weather maps, and read the weather so you can make important...

Bigger Than the Game: Bo, Boz, the Punky QB, and How the '80s Created the Celebrity Athlete

by Michael Weinreb

A mesmerizing look at sports in the 1980s - when athletes became superstars, mavericks replaced heroes, and sports moved to the forefront of American culture.

In the 1980s America sent to the White House an...

Sport, Militarism and the Great War: Martial Manliness and Armageddon

by Thierry Terret & J. A. Mangan

The Great War has been largely ignored by historians of sport. However sport was an integral part of cultural conditioning into both physiological and psychological military efficiency in the decades leading...