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Best Easy Day Hikes Oklahoma City

by Gigi Ragland

Best Easy Day Hikes Oklahoma City includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for 19 easy-to-follow trails where hikers of all skill levels can watch wildlife, trek alongside lakes and rivers, and enjoy...

Best Easy Day Hikes Northeast New Jersey

by Paul E. DeCoste & Ronald J. Dupont

Best Easy Day Hikes Northeast New Jersey includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for eighteen easy-to-follow hikes in the scenic northeast corner of the Garden State, from the Highlands to the Hudson...

Best Easy Day Hikes Long Island

by Susan Finch

Best Easy Day Hikes Long Island includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for twenty easy-to-

follow hikes on trails that offer a stunning mix of terrain. Hike to the seal hangout at Montauk Point before...

Best Easy Day Hikes Lincoln and Omaha

by Michael Ream

Best Easy Day Hikes Lincoln and Omaha includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for twenty easy-to-follow hikes in and around Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Discover an abundance of natural beauty on pleasant...

Best Easy Day Hikes: Missouri Ozarks

by JD Tanner & Emily Ressler-Tanner

Best Easy Day Hikes Missouri Ozarks includes descriptions and detailed maps for twenty easy-to-follow trails, from scenic ridgetops to quiet valleys and cool hollows. Discover the petroglyphs strewn throughout...

Best Easy Day Hikes Nashville

by Keith Stelter

Best Easy Day Hikes Nashville includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for twenty easy-to-follow hikes in Nashville and environs. Discover everything from hidden downtown solitude

to lake and river views...

Best Easy Day Hikes Moab

by Stewart M. Green

Over 20 hikes in the Moab, Utah, area.

Young Athletes, Couch Potatoes, and Helicopter Parents: The Productivity of Play

by Jessica Skolnikoff & Robert Engvall

This book addresses a variety of topics regarding the nature of “play” in our society. It takes a close look at the concept of “helicopter parenting” and the impact that hyper-involved parents have upon...

Science and Football IV

by Aron Murphy, Thomas Reilly & Warwick Spinks

This edited collection brings together the latest research into the range of sports known as football.

With contributions by a large number of the leading international researchers in the field, the book aims...

Called to Coach: Reflections on Life, Faith, and Football

by Mark Schlabach, Bobby Bowden & Tony Dungy

Coach Bobby Bowden is an icon of college football who ran his legendary, top-ranking program with a trademark southern charm. With his recent retirement, Bowden is ready to give fans and readers the behind-the-scenes...

Capitlaism and Leisure Theory

by Chris Rojek

First published in 1985, this title explores theories of leisure in a capitalist society. Basing his argument on a refutation of the conventional association of leisure with freedom and free time, Chris Rojek...

The Cleveland Indians

by Franklin Lewis

First published by G. P. Putnam's Sons in 1949, Franklin "Whitey" Lewis's The Cleveland Indians begins with the organization's early years as the Cleveland Forest Citys, covers the 1920 World Series victory...

The Scorecard Always Lies: A Year Behind the Scenes on the PGA Tour

by Chris Lewis

As Tiger Woods broke down in tears on the 18th green at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, legions of spectators strained their eyes to read the emotion on his face. Like the millions watching on television, they knew...

Snowboarding: Skills - Training - Techniques

by Dan Wakeham & Sophie Everard

Crowood Sports Guides provide sound, practical advice that will make you into a better sportsperson, whether you are learning the basic skills, discovering more advanced techniques or reviewing the fundamentals...

Bar-Jutsu: The American Art of Bar Fighting

by James Porco & John Monaco

A pounding headache, mouth dry as the desert, memory loss…and wait, a black eye and a fat lip? You have officially woken up from another night on the town. While there is no known cure for that dastardly headache...

Competitive Archer

by Simon Needham

The Competitive Archer provides practical advice to archers showing them a path to success in their competition performance, taking them from keen weekend competitors to top athletes in the world arena.The book...

Netball Practices and Training

by Anita Navin

Netball Practices and Training offers a comprehensive guide to planning netball training sessions with an emphasis on decision-making. Ensuring a player is equipped with the technical and tactical skills should...

Fan-tastic Sporting Stories: 300 True Tales of Fans Who Stole the Limelight

by Graham Sharpe

For some fans, a ringside seat just isn’t close enough to the action. Stretching from the benign to the malign, from the entertaining to the insane, and from the sublime to the ridiculous, this compelling...

Open Water Swimming: A Complete Guide for Swimmers and Triathletes

by Emma Davis

Open Water Swimming: A Complete Guide for Swimmers and Triathletes is aimed at all levels of open water swimmer, from beginners right through to competing professionals. It covers all aspects of the sport: its...

Legends of Alabama Football

by Jason Mayfield, Richard Scott & Jay Barker

With 15 national championships and a tradition of national achievement that dates back to the 1920s, the University of Alabama has secured its spot as one of the most successful athletic institutions in the...