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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tales of Golf and Sport

by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen & Amy Newmark

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tales of Golf and Sport contains Chicken Soup for the Soul’s 101 best stories and poems about golfers, golfing, and other sports. This book has fresh appeal to golfers and makes...

Motorsports and American Culture: From Demolition Derbies to NASCAR

by Mark D. Howell & John D. Miller

This collection of essays examines the relevancy of motorsports to American culture and history, from the late nineteenth century to the present. Addressing a wide spectrum of motorsports—such as stock car...

Are We There Yet?

by Robert Caprio

True, or mostly true, stories of the road from: John Cena, Mark Henry, Teddy Long, Shannon Moore, Matt Hardy, The Hurricane, Dr. Tom Prichard, Molly Holly, Dave Hebner, Rico, Brooklyn Brawler, Kane, Jim "J.R."...

WWE Legends

by Brian Solomon

WWE Legends gives fans an inside look at more than fifty of the greatest wrestlers ever to slip between the ropes and enter the “squared circle.”

They were World Heavyweight Champions: Bob Backlund, Superstar...

The Sweet Season

by Austin Murphy

After fifteen years as a Sports Illustrated writer, pleading for interviews with large men in possession of larger egos, Austin Murphy decides to bail out. The time has come, he concludes, to fly beneath the...

The Sweet Science

by A. J. Liebling & Robert Anasi

A.J. Liebling's classic New Yorker pieces on the "sweet science of bruising" bring vividly to life the boxing world as it once was. It depicts the great events of boxing's American heyday: Sugar Ray Robinson's...

Never Cry Halibut

by Bjorn Dihle

From the sharp, comic voice of Haunted Inside Passage,Never Cry Halibut is a collection of humorous and thoughtful short essays about hunting and fishing in Alaska.

Accompanied by photographs, each story reflects...

Bear Tales and Deer Trails

by Mike McConnell

Bear Tales and Deer Trails is a collection of hunting stories that take you into the heart of the Tongass National Forest. Come along with Mike and his hunting partners as they stalk bears and deer for food...

Fighting for Acceptance

by David E. Ching M.A. & David T. Mayeda

In recent years, mixed martial arts, also known as "ultimate fighting", has become the fastest-growing sport in American society, but it is also considered the most controversial. Based on interviews conducted...

Haunted Trail Tales

by Amy Hoitsma

Everyone loves a good ghost story, and Haunted Trail Tales will make the hairs on your neck stand on edge. A collection of beloved contemporary and classic ghostly tales, this anthology is sure to spoke even...

Tall Tales from the Tall Pines

by Christian P. Potholm

As a Maine Guide for 20 years and a hunter and fisherman since childhood, Christian Potholm knows the woods and waters of Maine from the coast to the North Woods. He brings it all to life with these humorous...

More Than Just a Game: Sports in American Life Since 1945

by Kathryn Jay

More Than Just a Game tracks the explosion of the sports industry in the United States since 1945 and how it has shaped class, racial, gender, and national identities. By examining both professional and intercollegiate...

The Magician's Glass

by Ed Douglas & Katie Ives

‘How much risk is worth taking for so beautiful a prize?’

The Magician’s Glass by award-winning writer Ed Douglas is a collection of eight recent essays on some of the biggest stories and best-known personalities...

Fathers Playing Catch with Sons

by Donald Hall

In the pantheon of great sports literature, not a few poets have tried their hand at paying tribute to their love affair with the game -- Walt Whitman, Marianne Moore, and William Carlos Williams among them....

The Ball: Discovering the Object of the Game

by John Fox

Anthropologist John Fox sets off on a worldwide adventure to thefarthest reaches of the globe and the deepest recesses of our ancientpast to answer a question inspired by his sports-loving son:

"Why do we play...

It's Not About the Bra

by Brandi Chastain

Youth sports aren't just about fun and games anymore. What should be a pleasurable experience is often marred by poor sportsmanship, trash talking, win-at-all-cost attitudes, and, in the worst cases, violence....

Search and Rescue

by Christopher Van Tilburg

Search and Rescue: A Wilderness Doctor’s Life-and-Death Tales of Risk and Reward is a thrilling collection of first-hand accounts of search and rescue operations from Oregon’s legendary Mount Hood and other...

Identity and Myth in Sports Documentaries

by Zachary Ingle & David M. Sutera

Nonfiction films about sports have been around for decades, yet few scholarly articles have been published on these works. In Identity and Myth in Sports Documentaries, editors Zachary Ingle and David M. Sutera...

Gender and Genre in Sports Documentaries

by Zachary Ingle & David M. Sutera

Nonfiction films about sports have been around for decades, but the previously neglected subgenre of the documentary has become increasingly popular in the last several years. Despite such recent successes as...

Stories from the Dirt

by John Long

Riding tubes in Venezuela. BASE jumping in Europe. Climbing big walls in Yosemite. Riding bulls in Texas. These first-person stories from John Long, while vastly different in content, share an identifiable emotional...