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Gymnastics: Mastering the Art of Flexibility: How to Improve Technique

by Karen Roberts

Many kids dream of being professional gymnasts, even from an early age. But they simply do not know what it really takes to get to that level. The elite gymnasts that they see participating in competitions may...

52 positive thoughts To Become An Elite Athlete

by Alain Ruiz & Agnès Ruiz

Citius, Altius, Fortius , in other words, "Faster, Higher, Stronger" Positive thoughts are essential to succeed in high-level sport. This guide is there to help you on a daily basis to surpass you, to give...

The Flexible Body

by Roger Frampton

Just 10 minutes of training per day can help you work towards unlocking your body’s full potential. Beginning with a basic squat (which we as children do naturally but then as adults struggle to perform),...

Coaching Youth Gymnastics: An Essential Guide for Coaches, Parents and Teachers

by Lloyd Readhead

Coaching Youth Gymnastics is an invaluable resource for both new coaches and also for more experienced teachers. Those who train coaches will also find much of value in the book. The various disciplines of gymnastics...

It's Not About Perfect

by Shannon Miller & Danny Peary

"When the odds were against me, I was always at my best."

When she retired at age 19, Shannon Miller did so as one of the most recognizable gymnasts in the country. The winner of seven Olympic medals and the...

Courage to Soar (with Bonus Content)

by Michelle Burford, Simone Biles & Mary Lou Retton

This eBook contains the full text of Courage to Soar, plus an exclusive bonus story that is not found in the hardcover!

Simone Biles’ entrance into the world of gymnastics may have started on a daycare field...

The Wall, the Weights and Pre-Pilates Exercises

by Javier Pérez Pont & Esperanza Aparicio Romero

These exercises are a series of fundamental core system to complete a session of Contrology. Wall exercises strengthen the spine, improve body alignment and relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

The Universal Reformer

by Javier Pérez Pont & Esperanza Aparicio Romero

How to reach a stronger and more flexible body? In this collection, Esperanza Romero and Javier Pérez Aparicio Pont, directors of the only center that imparte the original teachings of J. Pilates in Spain,...

Learning the Splits

by Petra Lahnstein

"Can you recommend a book for my daughter so that I know she's doing the exercises properly when she practices at home?" During my years as trainer, I've often encountered parents and young dancers looking for...