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Practical Karate Volume 3: Defense Against Multiple Assailants

by Donn F. F. Draeger & Masatoshi Nakayama

Practical Karate: Defense against Multiple Assailants is the third volume in the classic six-volume series by Masatoshi Nakayama and Donn Draeger Written for those with an understanding of Karate fundamentals,...

Complete Tai-Chi: The Definitive Guide to Physical and Emotional Self-Improvement

by Alfred Huang

Today people around the world are discovering the benefits of Tai-chi, an ancient Chinese system of exercise based on calm, graceful movements that condition the body from the inside out. With benefits like...

Practical Karate volume 1: Fundamentals of Self-Defense

by Donn F. F. Draeger & Masatoshi Nakayama

"Simple, clear, easy to learn…Dispenses with hours of needed to practice for the professional…Outstanding primer on self–defense."

—Marine Corps Gazette

Practical Karate: Fundamentals of Self–Defense...

Tuttle Dictionary of the Martial Arts of Korea, China & Japan

by Daniel Kogan, Sun-jin Kim & Nikolaos Kontogiannis

The modern martial artist requires more than a mere vocabulary listing. The modern practitioner wants an in–depth exploration not only of the equivalency of meaning but also the cultural and historical background...

Shaolin Lohan Kung-Fu

by P'ng Chye Chye Khim & Donn F. F. Draeger

The Chinese fighting technique described in this book is believed to have developed from a form devised at the Shaolin Temple by the Indian monk Bodhidharma. Called Shih-pa lohan shou (Eighteen Arhat Hands),...

Police Kung Fu: The Personal Combat Handbook of the Taiwan National Police

by Man Kam Kam Lo

Police Kung Fu is a comprehensive approach for the realistic use of traditional kung fu by law enforcement and corrections officers and ordinary citizens to maximize personal safety while minimizing the necessary...

Kungfu Basics

by Paul Eng

In Kungfu Basics, readers will learn:

    * The origination of Kungfu—the philosophy, history, and different styles of the martial art

    * How to choose a school—taking readers through their first class including...

Aikido Basics

by Phong Thong Thong Dang & Lynn Seiser

In Aikido Basics, the beginning student will find invaluable advice and information for the study of this popular form of martial arts. Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, Dang Phong, shares his secrets to building...

Judo Training Methods: A Sourebook

by Takahiko Ishikawa & Donn F. F. Draeger

A product of over over twenty years of exhaustive research, Judo Training Methods is a comprehensive examination of the martial sport of judo. Although the examples are geared toward judo, the training and conditioning...

The Secrets of Judo: A Text for Instructors and Students

by Jiichi Watanabe & Lindy Avakian

The Secrets of Judo: A Textbook for Instructors and Students is a revealing classic that focuses primarily on the scientific principles at work in judo, offering clear-cut explanations of the numerous techniques...

The Pyjama Game: A Journey Into Judo

by Mark Law

It is a sport of balletic beauty and extraordinary violence. Where else are you allowed to strangle an opponent unconscious? But while its aim is to inflict symbolic death, judo is a form of combat which also...

Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts: Koryu Uchinadi

by Patrick McCarthy & Yuriko McCarthy

In Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts: 2 Koryu Uchinadi the Western reader has ready access, for the first time, to an extensive collection of the most important documents written by and about Okinawa's most famous...

Secrets of Shaolin Temple Boxing

by Robert W. W. Smith

Shaolin Temple boxing is the father of all boxing forms in China and is a close ancestor of Japanese karate. Despite the widespread study of Shaolin boxing, however, the true origins and history of this exciting...

The Hand is My Sword: A  Karate Handbook

by Robert A. A. Trias

KARATE MEANS "empty-hand," but the man who masters this book will never be emptyhanded. In fact, he will be a master of the ultimate in self-defense, for here are the fundamentals, the basic katas and techniques...

The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art

by Stephen K. K. Hayes

In feudal Japan, ninja warriors were credited with supernatural powers of invisibility and ways of learning any secret. They also were feared for their skill in espionage and assassination. Behind these legends...

Karate's History and Traditions

by Bruce A. A. Haines

A classic text treasured by martial artists for over twenty years, Karate's History & Traditions was long recognized as the most authoritative source on martial arts history and technique. Now Bruce Haines,...

Chinese Internal Boxing: Techniques of Hsing-I & Pa=Kua

by Allen Pittman

Perfect for people of all ages and nearly any level of health, Chinese internal boxing does not depend on muscular strength. Instead, its power is drawn from the cultivation and practical application of internal...

Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense

by Scott Shaw

Hapkido, "The Way of Coordination and Internal Power," is one of the three major Korean martial arts. Founded in 1963 by Master Choi Young-Sul, it is a complete system of self-defense, encompassing, striking,...

Karate Breaking Techniques: With Practical Applications for Self-Defense

by Jack Hibbard

Karate Breaking Techniques is the first book devoted solely to the art and techniques of breaking. The author, a highly experienced martial arts instructor and former Green Beret, explains clearly and systematically...

Essential Shorinjiryu Karatedo

by Masayuki Kukan Kukan Hisataka

In Essential Shminjiryu Karatedo, Masayuki Kukan Hisataka, ninth Dan Black Belt Karate master, introduces the highly innovative and effective Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo system. Though an integral system of...