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Pooling Talent: Swimming's Greatest Teams

by Matthew De George

Pooling Talent highlights relay teams, squads, and programs spanning nearly a century of competitive swimming. From the 1976 U.S. Women’s 400 Freestyle relay to the 2001 Australian squad, and even including...

They Ruled the Pool: The 100 Greatest Swimmers in History

by John Lohn

They Ruled the Pool looks at the careers of the greatest swimmers in history, from Mark Spitz and Tracy Caulkins to Janet Evans and Michael Phelps. Each swimmer is ranked based on achievements such as Olympic...

In at the Deep End

by David Davies

As he was carried off on a stretcher at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Welsh swimmer David Davies was celebrating his success. His exhausting performance in the first ever 10 km open water race earned him a silver...

Diving Indonesia Periplus Adventure Guid

by Kal Muller & David Pickell

The seventeen thousand islands of the Indonesian archipelago sweep across the single richest marine environment in the world. These warm, clear, uncrowded waters contain fully fifteen percent of the world's...

The 100 Greatest Swimmers in History

by John Lohn

In The 100 Greatest Swimmers in History, John Lohn profiles some of the biggest names the sport has ever seen, from Mark Spitz and Tracy Caulkins to Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps. Each swimmer is ranked based...

Water Safety

by Ben Rayner

According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under fourteen years of age, and it also ranks among the top causes of death for young men in their...

Swimming for Masters, Triathletes, Open Water, Fitness Swimmers, Coaches, Including Workout Development, Workout Modification and Workout Sets

by Chuck Slaught Aa Bsb Med Edd Abd

A MUST READ LOADED RESOURCE FOR MASTER SWIMMERS, TRIATHLETES, FITNESS SWIMMERS AND COACHES Swimming for the Mature Audience is a great resource for the above 18-year-old swimmer. This is a comprehensive guide...

Jonjames Jettz Dreams of Being an Olympic Swimmer

by Carolina Acosta Diaz-Zule

To all the kids who dream of going to the Olympics, GO FOR THE GOLD!

Swimming for Fitness

by David A. Grootenhuis

Swimming is one of the most beneficial and refreshing ways to exercise. However, many swimmers miss the greatest benefits of the sport. These swimmers train by swimming continuously for an allotted time or for...

The Pool Safety Resource

by Geoff Dawson

This book will help parents understand the unique risks of their own pool environment and how to build a robust system of protection.

When the Roisum family moved to Florida in 2005 they decided to install a...

At Swim

by Brendan Mac Evilly & Michael O'reilly

Sea swimming is the great leveller; we’re all the same in a pair of togs. No one minds who you are or what you’ve done; the question is ‘are you getting in?’ Popular for centuries, sea swimming has had...

The Farnes and Holy Island

by Ron Young

Following the successful previous book, this new and expanded edition is the most informative and comprehensive book available, particularly for the diving fraternity, and will be essential for divers wishing...

Dive Palau

by Rod Macdonald

Recounted with his usual level of meticulous historical research, Rod weaves an easily readable account of the build-up to and implementation of Operation Desecrate 1 – the raid undertaken to destroy Japanese...

52 positive thoughts To Become An Elite Athlete

by Alain Ruiz & Agnès Ruiz

Citius, Altius, Fortius , in other words, "Faster, Higher, Stronger" Positive thoughts are essential to succeed in high-level sport. This guide is there to help you on a daily basis to surpass you, to give...

Complete Nutrition Guide for Triathletes

by Jamie Cooper

Triathletes spend a lot of time and money making sure they have the right gear, optimizing their training plans, and selecting their races. And part of that preparation for big race days is taking care of diet...

Swim Smooth: The Complete Coaching System for Swimmers and Triathletes

by Paul Newsome & Adam Young

Transform your technique and become a better swimmer with this remarkable new approach to freestyle swimming

Written for both fitness and competitive swimmers, Swim Smooth contains the latest breakthroughs in...

The Most Memorable Moments in Olympic Swimming

by John Lohn

Every four years the summer Olympic Games capture the world’s attention. Over 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries gather to prove they are the best in their sports. From the first competition held...

Science of Sport: Swimming

by Alexander Marinof & John Coumbe-Lilley

The Science of Sport - Swimming is a complete guide for swimming training through the application of physiological, biomechanical, psychological, strength and conditioning, nutritional and injury management...

Lifeguard Ken Tells All

by Ken Cassie

For twenty-six summers author Ken Cassie worked as a lifeguard on Atlantic Coast beaches, taking part in one thousand rescues. In recent years, danger in the surf has increased. Larger numbers of people now...

Diving Deeper into SCUBA... Science

by Costantino Balestra & Peter Germonpré

You will find in this book some valuable and reliable lessons about safe diving

The editors of and authors of this book are a cadre of scientists and physicians with broad experience and knowledge of diving physiology...