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The Native American Mascot Controversy

by C. Richard King

Sports mascots have been a tradition for decades. Along with the usual lions and tigers, many schools are represented by Native American images. Once considered a benign practice, numerous studies have proved...

Brazil's Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, The Olympics, and the Struggle for Democracy

by Dave Zirin

The leading US commentator on the politics of sports explores the coming World Cup and beyond.

Young Athletes, Couch Potatoes, and Helicopter Parents: The Productivity of Play

by Jessica Skolnikoff & Robert Engvall

This book addresses a variety of topics regarding the nature of “play” in our society. It takes a close look at the concept of “helicopter parenting” and the impact that hyper-involved parents have upon...

The King of Sports

by Gregg Easterbrook

Gregg Easterbrook, author of the wildly popular column Tuesday Morning Quarterback takes on football's place in American society.

Gridiron football is the king of sports - it's the biggest game in the...

How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

by Franklin Foer

“An eccentric, fascinating exposé of a world most of us know nothing about.”

The New York Times Book Review

"An insightful, entertaining, brainiac sports road trip."

The Wall Street Journal


The Making of Les Bleus: Sport in France, 1958-2010

by Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff

The Making of Les Bleus traces the Fifth Republic’s quest to create elite athletes, a compelling tale that serves as a prism through which to investigate the larger history of France, the evolution of society,...

Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down

by Dave Zirin

Sportscaster Howard Cosell dubbed it “rule number one of the jockocracy”: sports and politics just don’t mix. But in Game Over, celebrated alt-sportswriter Dave Zirin proves once and for all that politics...

The Secret Lives of Sports Fans

by Eric Simons

What is happening in our brains and bodies when we feel strong emotion while watching a game? How do sports fans resemble political junkies, and why do we form such a strong attachment to a sports team? Journalist...

The Club

by Simon Akam

English Football has over 92 fully professional clubs. Players in the Premier League teams now earn an average salary of £2.3 million per annum. Meanwhile, on the bottom rung, entire squads make less in a year...

Sport. Faith. Life.

by Brian R. Bolt

Sport is something we do, an experience that is hard to describe because it captures our whole selves. Sport draws us in and brings us back, day after day, season after season. We love to play—and yes, to...

Darwin's Athletes

by John Hoberman

A “provocative, disturbing, important” look at how society’s obsession with athletic achievement undermines African Americans (The New York Times).

Very few pastimes in America cross racial, regional,...

Toronto and the Maple Leafs

by Lance Hornby & Ron Ellis

100 years of love, celebration, heartbreak, and even parades

On December 19, 2017, the Toronto Maple Leafs officially turn 100. In the spirit of the centenary celebrations, Toronto and the Maple Leafs explores...

Best Canadian Sports Writing

by Stacey May Fowles & Pasha Malla

38 pieces that will be remembered for seasons to come

For 25 years, sports journalists south of the border have been collected in best-of anthologies. With Best Canadian Sports Writing, editors Stacey May Fowles...

Son of a Bigot

by Jack Fitterson

What you are about to read, and hopefully enjoy, are the views and opinions of an ordinary working-class guy, who is also a sports lover. A lot of my commentary and beliefs are based on how racially equality...

Sport Policy in Canada

by Lucie Thibault & Jean Harvey

Sport Policy in Canada provides the first and most comprehensive analysis of the new Canadian Sport Policy adopted in 2012. In light of this new policy, the authors, top scholars in the field, provide detailed...

First, I’D Like to Thank God

by simon desmarais-zalob

Do you ever wonder why athletes always seem to thank God, first and foremost, in post-game interviews? Or why they point to the heavens following a home run or a touchdown?

This book takes a look at the relationship...

52 positive thoughts To Become An Elite Athlete

by Alain Ruiz & Agnès Ruiz

Citius, Altius, Fortius , in other words, "Faster, Higher, Stronger" Positive thoughts are essential to succeed in high-level sport. This guide is there to help you on a daily basis to surpass you, to give...

Whatever It Takes

by Bonita Mersiades, Andrew Jennings & Leslie Priestley

In the more than seven years since the decision to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments, many fine legal minds, investigators, journalists and others have attempted to find out just how Russia, and...

No Ordinary Game

by Kirk Westphal

A young boy nearly paralyzed in a car accident runs for the first time in his life during a baseball game. A refugee family from despoiled East Africa plays soccer in my suburban backyard on Thanksgiving Day....

Pigskin Rapture

by Mac Engel, Troy Aikman & Ron Jenkins

Pigskin Rapture team captures the sights, sounds, and smells of a state smitten with football, from K-D’s Barbecue in Midland, to the rarefied air of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’s private box in AT & T Stadium....