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Demythologizing Educational Reforms: Responses to the Political and Corporate Takeover of Education

by Arthur T. Costigan & Leslee Grey

There are dozens of myths surrounding educational reform today, maintaining the school's role in economic competitiveness, the deficiency of teachers, the benefits of increased testing, and the worthiness of...

Education Reform and the Concept of Good Teaching

by Derek Gottlieb

In an effort to address the problems confronting the American education system, the Obama administration has issued structural and systematic reforms such as Race to the Top. These initiatives introduce new...

Advances in Computerized Scoring of Complex Item Formats: A Special Issue of Applied Measurement in Education

by Brian E. Clauser

This special issue was motivated by the move from research to operations for computerized delivery and scoring of complex constructed response items. The four papers presented provide an overview of the state...

Test Fraud: Statistical Detection and Methodology

by Neal Kingston & Amy Clark

There has been an increase in awareness (and perhaps occurrence) of individual and organized cheating on tests. Recent reports of widespread problems with state student accountability tests and teacher certification...

Rethinking Value-Added Models in Education: Critical Perspectives on Tests and Assessment-Based Accountability

by Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

Since passage of the of No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, academic researchers, econometricians, and statisticians have been exploring various analytical methods of documenting students' academic progress over...

Data Teams Success Stories

by Kristin Anderson

An anthology of case studies of eight different schools and school systems that have implemented successful Data Teams. A Data Team is a group of teachers who collects and charts data from assessments of students,...

Wham Media’s Mini-Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT®

by H.e. Colby

Wham Media’s Mini-Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT® is written by a seasoned English exam preparer and instructor familiar with the key competencies essential for success in obtaining the highest score possible...

Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT®

by H.e. Colby

Accomplish your dream to study at your favorite university, win a scholarship or get that promotion at the office with an optimal score on the TOEFL iBT® exam! Wham Media’s Guide to Success: TOEFL iBT® is...

Wham Media's 6 Secrets to IELTS Academic Writing Success

by H.e. Colby

Get an essential IELTS preparation guide to deliver results in a short period. Your time is valuable so the guide is written to give you quick and easy tips to attain your optimal score on the written exam....

Provision Mapping and the SEND Code of Practice: Making it work in primary, secondary and special schools

by Anne Massey

In the busy world that schools inhabit, this book provides clear guidance on how to implement a simple and user-friendly system that will ensure all pupil progress is forensically examined and any inadequacies...

Civil Procedure (Blokehead Easy Study Guide)

by The Blokehead

Civil Procedure is a branch or a body of law that sets the rules and the standards for the court to follow in cases of having to adjudicate civil lawsuits. In essence, it is simply a set of rules that tells...

Accounting Equations & Answers ( Blokehead Easy Study Guide)

by The Blokehead

Accounting is a complex field that requires patience, dedication, critical thinking, and meticulous analysis to master by heart. To understand the fundamental accounting equation, you must first familiarize...

Accounting Basics, Concepts & Principles (Blokehead Easy Study Guide)

by The Blokehead

Accounting is the recording, keeping, processing, presenting, and reporting of financial information. It is typically related to the finances or the financial aspect of a business or company. It allows business...

Applying the Rasch Model

by Trevor G. Bond & Christine M. Fox

Written in an accessible style, this book facilitates a deep understanding of the Rasch model. Authors Bond and Fox review the crucial properties of the Rasch model and demonstrate its use with a wide range...

Classroom Assessment: Enhancing the Quality of Teacher Decision Making

by Lorin W. Anderson

This book is based on the belief that decision making is perhaps the most critical of all teaching skills and that good assessments lie at the core of good decision making. To become better teachers then, teachers...

Scrooge Meets Dick and Jane

by Roger C. Schank

To hear politicians talk, one would think the entire purpose of school is to assess children rather than educate them. Excitement about learning doesn't seem to be on anyone's agenda. The villains are those...