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Carbon Nanotubes: Quantum Cylinders of Graphene: Quantum Cylinders of Graphene

by Susumo Saito & Alex Zettl

This volume is devoted to mostly to nanotubes, unique synthetic nanoscale quantum systems whose physical properties are often singular (i.e. record-setting). Nanotubes can be formed from a myriad of atomic or...

Linear Circuit Design Handbook

by Engineeri Analog Devices Inc. & Hank Zumbahlen

This book enables design engineers to be more effective in designing discrete and integrated circuits by helping them understand the role of analog devices in their circuit design. Analog elements are at the...

Selection of Polymeric Materials: How to Select Design Properties from Different Standards

by E. Alfredo Campo

Today engineers, designers, buyers and all those who have to work with plastics face a dilemma. There has been a proliferation of test methods by which plastic properties are measured. The property data measured...

Handbook of Magnetic Materials

by K.H.J. Buschow

Volume 17 of the Handbook on the Properties of Magnetic Materials, as the preceding volumes, has a dual purpose. As a textbook it is intended to be of assistance to those who wish to be introduced to a given...

Beer in Health and Disease Prevention

by Victor R. Preedy

Presenting both the concerns and problems of beer consumption as well as the emerging evidence of benefit, Handbook of Beer Health and Disease Prevention offers a balanced view of today's findings and the potential...

Global Climate Change and Response of Carbon Cycle in the Equatorial Pacific and Indian Oceans and Adjacent Landmasses

by Hodaka Kawahata & Yoshio A. Awaya

To understand the global warming mechanism, global mapping of primary production was carried out under the GCMAPS program. The program was concerned with marine and terrestrial environmental changes, which affect...

Electronic Excitations in Organic Based Nanostructures

by G. Franco Bassani & V. M. Agranovich

The first book devoted to a systematic consideration of electronic excitations and electronic energy transfer in organic

crystalline multilayers and organics based nanostructures(quantum wells, quantum wires,...

Heavy Minerals in Use

by Maria A. Mange & David T. Wright

The book is structured thematically, encompassing principles, processes and products, practice and applications. Discussion of processes that control heavy mineral assemblages throughout the rock cycle are presented...

Nanomagnetism: Ultrathin Films, Multilayers and Nanostructures

by D.L. L. Mills & J.A.C. Bland

Nanoscience is of central importance in the physical and biological sciences and is now pervasive in technology. However nanomagnetism has a special role to play as magnetic properties depend uniquely on both...

PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Diagnosis

by Jiujun Zhang, Jifeng Wu & Huamin Zhang

PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Diagnosis covers the recent advances in PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell systems, focusing on instruments and techniques for testing and diagnosis, and the application of diagnostic...

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics

by Peter W. Hawkes

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics features cutting-edge articles on the physics of electron devices (especially semiconductor devices), particle optics at high and low energies, microlithography, image...

Metaheuristic Applications in Structures and Infrastructures

by Amir Hossein Gandomi, Xin-She Yang & Siamak Talatahari

Due to an ever-decreasing supply in raw materials and stringent constraints on conventional energy sources, demand for lightweight, efficient and low-cost structures has become crucially important in modern...

The Evolution of Useful Things: How Everyday Artifacts-From Forks and Pins to Paper Clips and Zippers-Came to be  as They are.

by Henry Petroski

   How did the table fork acquire a fourth tine?  What advantage does the Phillips-head screw have over its single-grooved predecessor? Why does the paper clip look the way it does? What makes Scotch tape...

Energy Efficiency: Lessons Learned from Success Stories

by Alexander Sharabaroff

Energy efficiency is an important factor in an economy, since it helps meet energy needs, decrease costs, and lower environmental impacts. A review of the evolution of energy intensity in European and Former...

The Language of Things: Understanding the World of Desirable Objects

by Deyan Sudjic

A brilliant exposé of the interaction between art, design, and commerce.

In ?The Language of Things, ?the director of London's Design Museum charts our relationship with all things designed. With...

Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design

by Constantine A. Balanis

The discipline of antenna theory has experienced vast technological changes. In response, Constantine Balanis has updated his classic text, Antenna Theory, offering the most recent look at all the necessary...

Green Networking

by Francine Krief

This book focuses on green networking, which is an important topic for the scientific community composed of engineers, academics, researchers and industrialists working in the networking field. Reducing the...

Analysis of Reliability and Quality Control: Fracture Mechanics 1

by Ammar Grous

This first book of a 3-volume set on Fracture Mechanics is mainly centered on the vast range of the laws of statistical distributions encountered in various scientific and technical fields. These laws are indispensable...

Applied Reliability: Fracture Mechanics 2

by Ammar Grous

This second book of a 3-volume set on Fracture Mechanics completes the first volume through the analysis of adjustment tests suited to correctly validating the justified use of the laws conforming to the behavior...

Nanotechnologies: Concepts, Production and Applications

by Pierre-Camille Lacaze

Nanotechnologies: Concepts, Processing and Applications describes and explains how nanotechnologies have entered our everyday lives through scientific and industrial applications with the emphasis placed on...