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Building Small Barns, Sheds & Shelters

by Monte Burch

Here is everything you need to know to build your own outbuildings, including toolsheds, woodsheds, barns, underground root cellars, smokehouses, animal shelters, and fences. Monte Burch provides easy-to-follow...

Ionizing Radiation and Polymers: Principles, Technology, and Applications

by Jiri George Drobny

Radiation processing is widely employed in plastics engineering to enhance the physical properties of polymers, such as chemical resistance, surface properties, mechanical and thermal properties, particle size...

Tribology of Abrasive Machining Processes

by Ioan D. Marinescu, W. Brian Rowe & Boris Dimitrov

This book draws upon the science of tribology to understand, predict and improve abrasive machining processes. Pulling together information on how abrasives work, the authors, who are renowned experts in abrasive...

Animal Husbandry Regained: The Place of Farm Animals in Sustainable Agriculture

by John Webster

The farming of animals for meat and milk confronts a stark dilemma. While world demand from a growing and more affluent human population is increasing rapidly, there are strong counter-arguments that we should...

The No-Growth Imperative: Creating Sustainable Communities Under Ecological Limits to Growth

by Gabor Zovanyi

The No Growth Imperative provides rationales and strategies for ending inherently unsustainable economic and urban practices within local jurisdictions. It describes the social, political, economic, and physical...

Video Surveillance and Social Control in a Comparative Perspective

by Fredrika Björklund & Ola Svenonius

This edited collection reports the results of a comparative study of video surveillance/CCTV in Germany, Poland, and Sweden. It investigates how video surveillance as technologically mediated social control...

Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training

by Jason Corey

The book develops the crucial critical and expert listening skills needed to be able to listen like an award-winning engineer.

100 Ideas that Changed the World

by Jheni Osman

Every once in a while, an idea comes along that makes the entire world sit up and take notice. From the earliest understandings of our place in the solar system, via Darwinism, DNA, neutrons and quarks, right...

The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

by Tim Wu

In this age of an open Internet, it is easy to forget that every American information industry, beginning with the telephone, has eventually been taken captive by some ruthless monopoly or cartel. With all our...

Oil Sand Production Processes

by James G Speight

The combination of global warming and peak oil has made finding alternative sources of energy more important than ever. Written in an easy-to-read format, Oil Sands Production Processes provide the reader with...

Micromechanics of Composite Materials: A Generalized Multiscale Analysis Approach

by Jacob Aboudi, Steven M. Arnold & Brett A. Bednarcyk

With composites under increasing use in industry to replace traditional materials in components and structures, the modeling of composite performance, damage and failure has never been more important.


Graphene: Fundamentals and emergent applications

by Jamie H. Warner, Franziska Schaffel & Mark Rummeli

Providing fundamental knowledge necessary to understand graphene's atomic structure, band-structure, unique properties and an overview of groundbreaking current and emergent applications, this new handbook is...

Silicon-Based Millimetre-wave Technology

by Jamal Deen

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics merges two long-running serials--Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics and Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy.

This series features extended articles...

Gas and Oil Reliability Engineering: Modeling and Analysis

by Eduardo Calixto

The advent of reliability engineering tools coupled with the cost of oil and gas operations has changed the paradigm of maintenance technology. A simple strategy of efficient replacement of failed equipment/component...

Locomotive to Aeromotive: Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution

by Simine Short

French-born and self-trained civil engineer Octave Chanute designed America's two largest stockyards, created structures such as the Kansas City Bridge over the previously "unbridgeable" Missouri River, and...

Sonic Persuasion: Reading Sound in the Recorded Age

by Greg Goodale

Sonic Persuasion: Reading Sound in the Recorded Age critically analyzes a range of sounds on vocal and musical recordings, on the radio, in film, and in cartoons to show how sounds are used to persuade in subtle...

Radio Utopia: Postwar Audio Documentary in the Public Interest

by Matthew C. Ehrlich

As World War II drew to a close and radio news was popularized through overseas broadcasting, journalists and dramatists began to build upon the unprecedented success of war reporting on the radio by creating...

A History of a Cgmp Medical Event Investigation

by Mark A. Brown

Case study details the right way and the wrong way to successfully develop and market a new drug

Beginning with the untimely death of a young mother, A History of a cGMP Medical Event Investigation unfolds a...

Implosion: Lessons from National Security, High Reliability Spacecraft, Electronics, and the Forces Which Changed Them

by L. Temple

Implosion is a focused study of the history and uses of high-reliability, solid-state electronics, military standards, and space systems that support our national security and defense. This book is unique in...

Optimal Automated Process Fault Analysis

by R. J. Fickelscherer

Automated fault analysis is not widely used within chemical processing industries due to problems of cost and performance as well as the difficulty of modeling process behavior at needed levels of detail. ...