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Estimating Building Costs for the Residential and Light Commercial Construction Professional

Compact Antennas for Wireless Communications and Terminals: Theory and Design

by Jean-Marc Laheurte

Compact Antennas for Wireless Communications and Terminals deals with compact microwave antennas and, more specifically, with the planar version of these antennas. Planar antennas are the most appropriate type...

System Safety for the 21st Century: The Updated and Revised Edition of System Safety 2000

by Richard A. Stephans

Summarizes the current state of "front-end" risk-control techniques

Many approaches to risk control are possible. However, only through careful reading, evaluation, and study can one make the best choice of a...

Radio Engineering: From Software Radio to Cognitive Radio

by Jacques Palicot

Software radio ideally provides the opportunity to communicate with any radio communication standard by modifying only the software, without any modification to hardware components. However, taking into account...

Non-Standard Antennas

by Fran?ois Le Chevalier, Dominique Lesselier & Robert Staraj

This book aims at describing the wide variety of new technologies and concepts of non-standard antenna systems – reconfigurable, integrated, terahertz, deformable, ultra-wideband, using metamaterials, or MEMS, ...

Structural Performance: Probability-Based Assessment

by Christian Cremona

This book covers the development of efficient methods for the assessment and the management of civil structures is today a major challenge from economical, social and environmental aspects. Tools for handling...

Discrete Stochastic Processes and Optimal Filtering

by Jean-Claude Bertein & Roger Ceschi

Optimal filtering applied to stationary and non-stationary signals provides the most efficient means of dealing with problems arising from the extraction of noise signals. Moreover, it is a fundamental feature...

Duplex Stainless Steels

by Iris Alvarez-Armas & Suzanne Degallaix-Moreuil

Duplex Stainless Steels (DSSs) are chromium-nickel-molybdenum-iron alloys that are usually in proportions optimized for equalizing the volume fractions of austenite and ferrite. Due to their ferritic-austenitic...

Digital Cognitive Technologies: Epistemology and Knowledge Society

by Claire Brossard & Barnard Reber

Digital Cognitive Technologies is an interdisciplinary book which assesses the socio-technical stakes of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), which are at the core of the ?Knowledge Society.? This...

Aerosol Technology: Properties, Behavior, and Measurement of Airborne Particles

by William C. Hinds

The #1 guide to aerosol science and technology -now better than ever

Since 1982, Aerosol Technology has been the text of choice among students and professionals who need to acquire a thorough working knowledge...

Mine Ventilation and Air Conditioning

by Howard L. Hartman, Jan M. Mutmansky & Raja V. Ramani

This revised edition presents an engineering design approach to ventilation and air conditioning as part of the comprehensive environmental control of the mine atmosphere. It provides an in-depth look, for practitioners...

Signal and Image Processing for Biometrics

by Amine Nait-Ali & Regis Fournier

The aim of this book is to deal with biometrics in terms of signal and image processing methods and algorithms. This will help engineers and students working in digital signal and image processing deal with...

Decision Making and Action

by Jean-Charles Pomerol

Making a decision, of any importance, is never simple. On the one hand, specialists in decision theory do not come within the reach of most policy makers and, secondly, there are very few books on pragmatic...

Integrated Design by Optimization of Electrical Energy Systems

by Xavier Roboam

This book proposes systemic design methodologies applied to electrical energy systems, in particular integrated optimal design with modeling and optimization methods and tools.

It is made up of six chapters dedicated...

Energy Autonomous Micro and Nano Systems

by Marc Belleville & Cyril Condemine

Providing a detailed overview of the fundamentals and latest developments in the field of energy autonomous microsystems, this book delivers an in-depth study of the applications in the fields of health and...

Erosion of Geomaterials

by Stephane Bonelli

This book aims to deliver significant scientific progress on the problem of the erosion of geomaterials, focusing on the mechanical/physical aspect. The chapters oscillate between a phenomenological outlook...

Advances in Computed Tomography for Geomaterials: Geox 2010

by Khalid A. Alshibli & Allen H. Reed

This title discusses a broad range of issues related to the use of computed tomography in geomaterials and geomechanics. The contributions cover a wide range of topics, including deformation and strain localization...

Soil Mechanics

by Roberto Nova

Knowledge of the behavior of soil mechanics is essential for forecasting the internal displacements and actions of any construction. This book, although theoretical at first glance, also offers a more practical...

Managing for World Class Safety

by James Melville Stewart

Despite the extensive literature on safety, few tools have been available to help managers quantitatively assess the level of safety management and the quality of the safety practices in organizations. In his...

Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual

by Frank D. Conforti

Knowledge, skill, and art are the three words to remember when working with foods. They are also the focus of the second edition of Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual, which guides students...