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Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures

by Andrew Civitello & Sidney Levy

An exhaustive, business-boosting reference, Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures, Fourth Edition, is loaded with procedures and step-by-step details for successfully managing construction...

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma for Surface Modification

by Rory A. Wolf

This Book’s focus and intent is to impart an understanding of the practical application of atmospheric plasma for the advancement of a wide range of current and emerging technologies. The primary key feature...

Mechanics of Fluid Flow

by Kaplan S. Basniev, Nikolay M. Dmitriev & George V. Chilingar

The mechanics of fluid flow is a fundamental engineering discipline explaining both natural phenomena and human-induced processes, and a thorough understanding of it is central to the operations of the oil and...

Petroleum Accumulation Zones on Continental Margins

by Y. N. Grigorenko, George V. Chilingar & V.S. Sobolev

Much of the world’s petroleum is located on continental margins, and any further development of these offshore deposits would be impossible without new technologies and new methods contained in this volume. ...

Bioremediation of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

by James G. Speight & Karuna K. Arjoon

With petroleum-related spills, explosions, and health issues in the headlines almost every day, the issue of remediation of petroleum and petroleum products is taking on increasing importance, for the survival...

Life Cycle Assessment Handbook: A Guide for Environmentally Sustainable Products

by Mary Ann Curran

The first book of its kind, the LCA Handbook will become an invaluable resource for environmentally progressive manufacturers and suppliers, product and process designers, executives and managers, and government...

Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks

by Benny Bing

Provides a clear, coherent review of all major wireless broadband standards with an emphasis on managing the explosive growth in mobile video

802.11ac/ad, 802.16m, 802.22, and LTE-Advanced are the emerging broadband...

Understanding Distillation Using Column Profile Maps

by Daniel Beneke, Mark Peters & David Glasser

Researchers share their pioneering graphical method for designing almost any distillation structure

Developed by the authors in collaboration with other researchers at the Centre of Material and Process Synthesis,...

Electrical, Electronics, and Digital Hardware Essentials for Scientists and Engineers

by Ed Lipiansky

A practical guide for solving real-world circuit board problems

Electrical, Electronics, and Digital Hardware Essentials for Scientists and Engineers arms engineers with the tools they need to test, evaluate,...

Guidelines for Evaluating Process Plant Buildings for External Explosions, Fires, and Toxic Releases

by Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS

Siting of permanent and temporary buildings in process areas requires careful consideration of potential effects of explosions and fires arising from accidental release of flammable materials. This book, which...

Guidelines for Engineering Design for Process Safety

by Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS

This updated version of one of the most popular and widely used CCPS books provides plant design engineers, facility operators, and safety professionals with key information on selected topics of interest. The...

Body Area Communications: Channel Modeling, Communication Systems, and EMC

by Jianqing Wang & Qiong Wang

Providing an introduction to the fundamentals of body area communications, this book covers the key topics of channel modeling, modulation and demodulation, and performance evaluation

A systematic introduction...

Physics of Carbon Nanotube Devices

by Matthias Worgull

Possibly the most impactful material in the nanotechnology arena, carbon nanotubes have spurred a tremendous amount of scientific research and development. Their superior mechanical and chemical robustness makes...

Tigers of the World: The Science, Politics and Conservation of Panthera tigris

by Ronald Tilson & Philip J. Nyhus

The second edition of Tigers of the World explores tiger biology, ecology, conservation, management, and the science and technology that make this possible. In 1988, when the first edition was published, tiger...

Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines

by Doug Woodyard

Since its first appearance in 1950, Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines has served seagoing engineers, students of the Certificates of Competency examinations and the marine engineering industry throughout the world....

Plastic Analysis and Design of Steel Structures

by M. Bill Wong

The plastic analysis method has been used extensively by engineers for designing steel structures. Simpler structures can be analyzed using the basic virtual work formulation, but more complex frames are evaluated...

Electrocorrosion and Protection of Metals: General approach with particular consideration to electrochemical plants

by Joseph Riskin

Electrocorrosion, the corrosion of metallic constructions by external currents, is the most significant factor in conductive aggressive environments. Corrosion of underground and underwater metal constructions...

Battery Operated Devices and Systems: From Portable Electronics to Industrial Products

by Gianfranco Pistoia

For researchers interested in devices and systems drawing power from batteries, this book will be a valuable information source. It reports on many applications in detail and presents the essentials of batteries....

Introduction to Japanese Architecture

by Michiko Young, David Young & Tan Hong Yew

Introduction to Japanese Architecture provides an overview of Japanese architecture in its historical and cultural context. It begins with a discussion of prehistoric dwellings and concludes with a description...

Asian Style Hotels: Bali, Java, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

by Kim Inglis, Jacob Termansen & Pia Marie Molbech

With more than 500 ravishing full-color photographs, Asian Style Hotels brings you to the best hotels in Southeast Asia. The super-deluxe establishments included here are all at the cutting-edge of hotel design...