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Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, And The Infinite Weirdness Of Programmable Atoms

by Wil Mccarthy

The book's science is solid and McCarthy's fervor genuinely infectious. The future never felt so close.- Wired

Semiconductor Process Reliability in Practice

by Zhenghao Gan & Waisum Wong

Proven processes for ensuring semiconductor device reliability

Co-written by experts in the field, Semiconductor Process Reliability in Practice contains detailed descriptions and analyses of reliability and...

GPS and Galileo: Dual RF Front-end receiver and Design, Fabrication, & Test

by Jaizki Mendizabal Samper, Juan Melendez Lagunilla & Roc Berenguer Perez

Design State-of-the-Art GPS/Galileo Dual RF Receivers

This authoritative guide walks you through the process of designing, fabricating, and testing a highly integrated, low-noise, low-power, and low-cost RF...


by A. P. Moser & Steve Folkman

Unearth the Secrets of Designing and Building High-Quality Buried Piping Systems

This brand-new edition of Buried Pipe Design helps you analyze the performance of a wide range of pipes, so you can determine...

the constructor project manager

by Accattoli Michele

The Construction Project Manual is the result of many years experience in the field by the author, Michael Accattoli. Born with the aim of illustrating the work of the surveyor and construction management of...

Land Treatment Systems for Municipal and Industrial Wastes

by Ronald W. Crites, Sherwood C. Reed & Robert Bastian

A-Z guide to soil/plant/microbe-based wastewater treatment

Engineers and planners eager to benefit from the cost efficiencies and convenience of land treatment of waste will find practical guidelines in this...

American Electricians' Handbook

by Terrell Croft, Wilford I. Summers & Frederic Hartwell

An updated edition of an industry classic

The favored handbook of nearly everyone in the field, American Electricians' Handbook has been revised and updated to include the latest codes, standards, techniques,...

The construction project manager

by Accattoli Michele

The Construction Project Manual is the result of many years experience in the field by the author, Michael Accattoli. Born with the aim of illustrating the work of the surveyor and construction management of...

Fences for Pasture & Garden

by Gail Damerow

Filled with sound, up-to-date advice and instruction, this complete guide makes fence building a task anyone can tackle with confidence.

Organizational Cultures and the Management of Nuclear Technology: Political and Military Sociology

by Karthika Sasikumar

Since 1945, eight countries have officially acknowledged the possession of nuclear weapons. Roughly 440 commercial nuclear reactors operate in thirty countries providing 14 percent of the world’s electricity....

Control of Pig Reproduction VIII

by Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez

As a continuation of the earlier volumes in this series, the proceedings of the Eighth International Conference provide authoritative and up-to-date information on pig reproduction research. This volume, which...

Petroleum Production Systems, 2/e

by Michael J. Economides, Daniel A. Hill & Christine Ehlig-Economides

The Definitive Guide to Petroleum Production Systems–Now Fully Updated With the Industry’s Most Valuable New Techniques


Petroleum Production Systems, Second Edition, is the comprehensive source for...

Properties of Concrete, 5/e

by A. M. Neville

Since its first publication in 1963, Properties of Concrete has been internationally acclaimed as the definitive work of reference on the subject for both the professional and the student engineer. The book...

Handbook of Electric Power Calculations

by H. Wayne Beaty

A bestselling calculations handbook that offers electric power engineers and technicians essential, step-by-step procedures for solving a wide array of electric power problems. This edition introduces a complete...

Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances

by Eric Kleinert

Diagnose and repair home appliances and air conditioners using the latest techniques

"The book has it all...written by a pro with 40 years of hands-on repair and teaching experience...this book is like brain...

Practical Foundation Engineering Handbook, 2nd Edition

by Brown

Standard and advanced methods for every type of foundation engineering

Incorporating the expertise of a distinguished team of soil and foundation engineers, this expanded and updated Handbook clarifies and...

Mobile Communications Engineering: Theory and Applications: Theory and Applications

by Lee

From one of the field's foremost educators, here is the classic guide to mobile communication-fully revised for the 1990s and beyond. It is unique because it shows readers how to understand the differences in...

Spatial Optimization in Ecological Applications

by John Hof & Michael Bevers

Whether discussing habitat placement for the northern spotted owl or black-tailed prairie dog or strategies for controlling exotic pests, this book explains how capturing ecological relationships across a landscape...


by Y. Richard Kim

An Expert Guide to Developing More-Durable and Cost-Effective Asphalt Pavements

Written by distinguished experts from countries around the world, Modeling of Asphalt Concrete presents in-depth coverage of the...

Hardware Implementation of Finite-Field Arithmetic

by Jean-Pierre Deschamps

Implement Finite-Field Arithmetic in Specific Hardware (FPGA and ASIC)

Master cutting-edge electronic circuit synthesis and design with help from this detailed guide. Hardware Implementation of Finite-Field...