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Program Management for Improved Business Results

by Dragan Z.

The need for information on program management is more critical now than ever before. PMIs development of a new standard on program management is driving even greater interest. At the same time, there are few...

Drake's Electrical Dictionary

by , Paul Lowe

This early work on electrical vocabulary is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains an extensive list of definitions for the terms and phrases used in electrical engineering and the...

The Book of the Goat - Containing Full Particulars of the Various Breeds of Goats and Their Profitable Management

by , H. Pegler

The Book of the Goat in its original edition was the first work devoted to the subject printed in the English language. First published in London in the 1880s, it is now a very scarce and desirable book in any...

Swine Production - With Information on the Breeding, Care and Management of Pigs

by , W. Skelley

This early work on pig farming is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains information on breeding, care, swine selection and much more. This is a fascinating work and is thoroughly...

Concrete-Block Manufacture - Processes and Machines

by , H. Rice

This early work on concrete-block manufacture is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains a wealth of information on the science, processes and machines involved in concrete manufacturing....

A Better Way to Build: A History of the Pankow Companies

by Michael R. Adamson

While architects have been the subject of many scholarly studies, we know very little about the companies that built the structures they designed. This book is a study in business history as well as civil engineering...

The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit

by Andrew Herscher

Intense attention has been paid to Detroit as a site of urban crisis. This crisis, however, has not only yielded the massive devaluation of real estate that has so often been noted; it has also yielded an explosive...

Power Over Ethernet Interoperability Guide

by Sanjaya Maniktala

A Complete Guide to Transmitting Electrical Power and Data over Ethernet Cables

Power over Ethernet Interoperability explains how to safely transmit DC power over an existing data network cabling structure so...

Construction Economics: A New Approach

by Danny Myers

Construction Economics provides students with the principles and concepts underlying the relationship between economic theory and the construction industry. The New Approach adopts an argument that economics...

Chemical Engineering for Renewables Conversion

by Dmitry Yu Murzin

Biomass has received considerable attention as a sustainable feedstock that can replace diminishing fossil fuels for the production of energy and chemicals. At the present moment in the oil refining, petrochemical...

Encyclopedia of the Alkaline Earth Compounds

by Richard C. Ropp

Encyclopedia of the Alkaline Earth Compounds is a compilation describing the physical and chemical properties of all of the alkaline earth compounds that have been elucidated to date in the scientific literature....

Learning Native Wisdom: What Traditional Cultures Teach Us about Subsistence, Sustainability, and Spirituality

by Gary Holthaus

Many native North American cultures have origins that predate Confucius, who lived five hundred years before the birth of Christ. For generations the people of these traditions have thrived under conditions...

Monitoring Water Quality: Pollution Assessment, Analysis, and Remediation

by Satinder Ahuja

Monitoring Water Quality is a practical assessment of one of the most pressing growth and sustainability issues in the developed and developing worlds: water quality. Over the last 10 years, improved laboratory...

Advances in Inorganic Chemistry: Homogeneous Catalysis

by Rudi van Eldik & Colin Hubbard

The Advances in Inorganic Chemistry series present timely and informative summaries of the current progress in a variety of subject areas within inorganic chemistry, ranging from bio-inorganic to solid state...

Op Amps for Everyone

by Bruce Carter

Op Amps for Everyone is an indispensable guide and reference for designing circuits that are reliable, have low power consumption, and are as small and low-cost as possible. Operational amplifiers are essential...

What the Frack?: Everything You Need to Know about Coal Seam Gas

by Paddy Manning

Australia has a new $50 billion industry; it carries unprecedented environmental risks, but could be the path to energy salvation: cleaner than coal, safer than nuclear, a complement to renewables. While big...

Disston Lumberman Handbook - Containing a Treatise of the Construction of Saws and How to Keep Them in Order

by Disston Henry

This early work on saws is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. It contains details on the construction of a variety of saws and also the methods of their maintenance such as sharpening. This...

Raising Game Birds

by , Horace Mitchell

This early work by Horace Mitchell is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. Its 327 pages contain a wealth of information on raising game birds in captivity and include chapters on ducks, quail,...

Applied Groundwater Modeling: Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport

by Mary P. Anderson & William W. Woessner

Creating numerical groundwater models of field problems requires careful attention to describing the problem domain, selecting boundary conditions, assigning model parameters, and calibrating the model. This...

Manufacturing Yogurt and Fermented Milks

by Ramesh C. Chandan & Arun Kilara

Melding the hands-on experience of producing yogurt and fermented milks over four decades with the latest in scientific research in the dairy industry, editor Chandan and his associate editors have assembled...