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Spatial Agency Schneider & Till

by Nishat Awan, Tatjana Schneider & Jeremy Till

This book offers the first comprehensive overview of alternative approaches to architectural practice.

At a time when many commentators are noting that alternative and richer approaches to architectural practice...

Emergent Technologies and Design He: Towards a Biological Paradigm for Architecture

by Michael Hensel, Achim Menges & Michael Weinstock

Emergence - the process by which new and coherent structures, patterns and properties 'emerge' from within complex systems

Traditional architecture starts from the premise that architectural structures are singular...

From Models to Drawings Frascari: Imagination and Representation in Architecture

by Marco Frascari, Jonathan Hale & Bradley Starkey

This edited collection addresses the vital role of the imagination in the critical interpretation of architectural representations. By challenging the contemporary tendency for computer-aided drawings to become...

Beyond Archigram Steiner: The Structure of Circulation

by Hadas A. Steiner

Beyond Archigram is the first study of the prehistory of digital representation to focus on the magazine Archigram, the magazine published in London irregularly between 1961 and 1970 and the name of the group...

The Government of Space (Routledge Revivals): Town Planning in Modern Society

by Alison Ravetz

Britain's planning system began as 'town and country planning' to repair the ravages of unplanned industrialism and promote ideal environments for the future. Steering a course between left and right, public...

History, Performance and Conservation

by Barry Bridgwood & Lindsay Lennie

Ideal for students of architectural technology, this volume of the Technologies of Architecture series covers the technologies available and the processes necessary for the conservation of existing buildings...

Development Control

by Keith Thomas

Development Control" is a comprehensive introductory text for students of planning and related subjects. Drawing widely on the literature - the approach and treatment are very much geared to the needs of students...

Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems: A Guide for Installers, Architects and Engineers

by Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Sonnenene Dgs

Solar thermal systems available today offer efficiency and reliability. They can be applied in different conditions to meet space- and water-heating requirements in the residential, commercial and industrial...

Gated Communities: International Perspectives

by Rowland Atkinson & Sarah Blandy

This informative volume gathers contemporary accounts of the growth, influences on, and impacts of so-called gated communities, developments with walls, gates, guards and other forms of surveillance.

While gated...

Aircraft Electricity and Electronics, Sixth Edition

by Thomas Eismin

Complete coverage of modern electrical and electronics systems for aircraft

Fully updated for the latest technological advances, this comprehensive text describes design concepts, FAA certification requirements,...

Concrete Structures for Wind Turbines

by Jürgen Grünberg, Joachim Göhlmann & Konrad Bergmeister

The wind energy industry in Germany has an excellent global standing when it comes to the development and construction of wind turbines. Germany currently represents the world's largest market for wind energy....

Nanobeam X-Ray Scattering: Probing Matter at the Nanoscale

by Julian Stangl, Cristian Mocuta & Virginie Chamard

A comprehensive overview of the possibilities and potential of X-ray scattering using nanofocused beams for probing matter at the nanoscale, including guidance on the design of nanobeam experiments. The monograph...

Biofuels Production

by Vikash Babu, Ashish Thapliyal & Girijesh Kumar Patel

The search for alternative sources of energy to offset diminishing resources of easy and cost-effective fossil fuels has become a global initiative, and fuel generated from biomass is a leading competitor in...

Nanocatalysis: Synthesis and Applications

by Tewodros Asefa, Vivek Polshettiwar & Graham Hutchings

Exhibiting both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic properties, nanocatalysts allow for rapid and selective chemical transformations, with the benefits of excellent product yield and ease of catalyst separation...

Resistant Starch: Sources, Applications and Health Benefits

by Yong-Cheng Shi & Clodualdo C. Maningat

The discovery of resistant starch is considered one of the major developments in our understanding of the importance of carbohydrates for health in the past twenty years. Resistant starch, which is resistant...

Project Scheduling and Management for Construction

by David R. Pierce

First published in 1988 by RS Means, the new edition of Project Scheduling and Management for Construction has been substantially revised for students enrolled in construction management and civil engineering...

Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects: Real-World Arduino, Sensor, and Bluetooth Low Energy Apps in techBASIC

by Mike Westerfield

Why simply play music or go online when you can use your iPhone or iPad for some really fun projects, such as building a metal detector, hacking a radio control truck, or tracking a model rocket in flight? Learn...

Reeds Vol 15: Electronics, Navigational AIDS and Radio Theory for Electrotechnical Officers

by Steve Richards

Divided into three sections, the book covers the complete syllabus for Electrotechnology Officers as specified by the Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges (AMERC), with a series of worked examples...

Reeds Vol 8 General Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

by Paul Anthony Russell, Leslie Jackson & Thomas D. Morton

Developed to complement Reeds Vol. 12 (Motor Engineering for Marine Engineers), this textbook is key for all marine engineering officer cadets.

This new edition has been extensively updated to include the latest...

Back to the Future: New Urbanism and the Rise of Neotraditionalism in Urban Planning

by Karl Besel & Viviana Andreescu

This book explores new urbanism and urban revitalization within the context of public policy developments. Back to the Future examines the historical roots and the beginnings of new urbanism and illustrates...