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Advanced Piping Design

by Peter Smith & Rutger Botermans

Advanced Piping Design is an intermediate-level handbook covering guidelines and procedures on process plants

and interconnecting piping systems. As a follow up with Smith's best-selling work published in 2007...

Responsible Care: A New Strategy for Pollution Prevention and Waste Reduction Through Environment Management

by Nicholas Cheremisinoff, Paul Rosenfield & Anton Davletshin

Environmental regulations provide protection to the public, workers and the environment. To protect themselves

from long-term liabilities, however, companies have to do more than just comply with the basic responsibilities....

Natural Gas: A Basic Handbook

by James G. Speight

Natural gas represents nearly one-quarter of the world's energy resources. More than half of American homes rely on it as their main heating fuel. It serves as the raw material necessary in everyday paints,...

The Petroleum Engineering Handbook: Sustainable Operations

by M.R. Islam & M.I. Khan

This is the first book in the petroleum sector that sheds light on the real obstacles to sustainable development

and provides solutions to each problem encountered. Each solution is complete with an economic...

Machinery Failure Analysis Handbook: Sustain Your Operations and Maximize Uptime

by Luiz Octavio Amaral Affonso

Understanding why and how failures occur is critical to failure prevention, because even the slightest breakdown

can lead to catastrophic loss of life and asset as well as widespread pollution. This book helps...

Casing and Liners for Drilling and Completion

by Ted G. Byrom

The Gulf Drilling Series is a joint project between Gulf Publishing Company and the International Association of Drilling Contractors. The first text in this Series presents casing design and mechanics in a...

Enhanced Recovery Methods for Heavy Oil and Tar Sands

by James G. Speight

Recent oil price fluctuations continue to stress the need for more efficient recovery of heavy oil and tar sand bitumen resources. With conventional production steadily declining, advances in enhanced recovery...

The Fundamentals of Piping Design

by Peter Smith

Written for the piping engineer and designer in the field, this two-part series helps to fill a void in piping literature, since the Rip Weaver books of the '90s were taken out of print at the advent of the...

Equations of State and PVT Analysis

by Tarek Ahmed

This title covers a wide range of topics related to the Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) behavior of complex

hydrocarbon systems and documents the ability of Equations of State (EOS) in modeling their behavior....

Oil: An Overview of the Petroleum Industry

by Robert D. Grace

Now in its sixth edition, this guide to the oil industry, written in non-technical language, is a must-read for

anyone involved in or curious about the oil industry. Engineers, executives, managers and laypersons...

Underbalanced Drilling: Limits and Extremes

by Bill Rehm, Arash Haghshenas & Amir Saman Paknejad

The present crude oil and natural gas reservoirs around the world have depleted conventional production

levels. To continue enhancing productivity for the remaining mature reservoirs, drilling decision-makers...

Environmental Managament Systems Handbook for Refinieries: Polution Prevention Through ISO 14001

by Nicholas Cheremisinoff

This book offers refineries a practical guide for implementing environmental management systems (EMS).The

author, who has implemented hundreds of successful EMS programs throughout North America, Europe, Russia...

Construction Contracts

by Edward Whitticks

In this superb new volume, Edward Whitticks has charted the course for anyone working with contracts and

dispute control in oil and gas, one of the most volatile industries in the world. His practical, straightforward...

Petroleum Reservoir Simulations

by J.H. Abou-Kassem, S.M. Farouq-Ali & M.R. Islam

In this highly anticipated volume, the world-renowned authors take a basic approach to present the

principles of petroleum reservoir simulation in an easy-to-use and accessible format. Applicable to

any oil and...

Beyond Compliance

by Nicholas Cheremisinoff & Motasem B. Haddadin

This book offers refineries a practical guide for implementing environmental management systems (EMS).The

author, who has implemented hundreds of successful EMS programs throughout North America, Europe, Russia...

Explosion Hazards in the Process Industries

by Rolf Eckhoff

Explosions in the process industries injure or kill hundreds, if not thousands, of workers every year. They occur

in process plants, refineries, platforms and pipelines all over the world. Millions of dollars...

Gulf Pump Guides: Progressing Cavity Pumps, Downhole Pumps and Mudmotors

by Lev Nelik & Jim Brennan

Written by one of the world's foremost authorities on pumps, this first volume in Gulf Publishing

Company's Gulf Pump Guides series covers the design, application and troubleshooting for

progressing cavity pumps,...

Probability in Petroleum and Environmental Engineering

by George V. Chilingar, Leonid F. Khilyuk & Herman H. Reike

Written by three of the world's most renowned petroleum and environmental engineers, Probability in Petroleum

and Environmental Engineering is the first book to offer the practicing engineer and engineering student...

Mathematical Formulas for Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

by Seifedine Kadry

Mathematical Formulas For Industrial and Mechanical Engineering serves the needs of students and teachers as well as professional workers in engineering who use mathematics. The contents and size make it especially...

Advanced Theory of Constraint and Motion Analysis for Robot Mechanisms

by Jingshan Zhao, Zhijing Feng & Fulei Chu

Advanced Theory of Constraint and Motion Analysis for Robot Mechanisms provides a complete analytical approach to the invention of new robot mechanisms and the analysis of existing designs based on a unified...