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The Legacy of John Waldie and Sons: A History of the Victoria Harbour Lumber Company

by Kenneth A. Armson & Marjorie McLeod

The story of John Waldie, "the second largest lumber operator in Canada," provides insights into the world of the lumber barons and the impact of the industry on Ontario forests.

Improving grassland and pasture management in temperate agriculture

by Dr Rosemary Collins, Prof. Athole Marshall, Dr Deirdre Hennessy & Dr S. Lemauviel-Lavenant et al.

  • Assesses latest research on how grasslands function 
  • Surveys best practice in sustainable grassland management 
  • Considers wider aspects of sustainability such as ecosystem services and biodiversity

Sela’An-Linau Odyssey

by Diana S Raja & Kc Linggi

The story of Selaan-Linau is based on the work experience and engagement with the local communities and other stakeholders of the Selaan-Linau Forestry Management Unit, or FMU. Also known as FOMISS-GTZ, it began...

Making Charcoal and Biochar

by Rebecca Oaks

Making Charcoal and Biochar is written with the interested amateur in mind, with the certainty that anyone who has a go at making charcoal will soon get the bug. Before you know it, you will be upgrading to...

Listen to the Trees

by Don MacCaskill

In his introduction, Don MacCaskill wrote modestly, 'I think I became a naturalist'. He was, in fact, one of Scotland's foremost naturalists and a remarkable wildlife photographer as well. In a flashback to...

Toward a Sustainable Whaling Regime

by Robin Friedheim

Toward a Sustainable Whaling Regime

Book of Trees | Pacific Northwest Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

by Baby Professor

Here’s another interesting book of trees that you would love your child to have! A good book of some of the best products of nature will encourage care for the environment and a deeper sense of appreciation...

Book of Trees |South Eastern Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that different parts of the world grow different kinds of trees, too? Yes, it’s very interesting to know all the many species of trees out there. This educational book features some of them. It...

Book of Trees | North Eastern Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

by Baby Professor

The North Eastern Trees are the star of this educational book. Here, such trees are featured in order to help a child better understand biodiversity and environment. Hopefully, the book will ignite a strong...

Book of Trees | Mid-Atlantic Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

by Baby Professor

Different parts of the world yield different species of trees. This educational book features the Mid-Atlantic trees and how your child can identify them. Learning is made more fun and effective if a child is...

Book of Trees | Pacific Southwest Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

by Baby Professor

Learn about trees and how important they are to the environment through this educational book. Learning is made much more fun and effective if there are images involved. The fun layout will also facilitate the...

Exploring the Woods - Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Get your kids’ feet and hands dirty even only virtually with this Exploring the Woods Science and Nature children’s book. This book aims to show children what is out there and all the amazing things they...

Looking for Longleaf

by Lawrence S. Earley

Covering 92 million acres from Virginia to Texas, the longleaf pine ecosystem was, in its prime, one of the most extensive and biologically diverse ecosystems in North America. Today these magnificent forests...

Dynamic Forest

by Malcolm F. Squires & John Kennedy Naysmith

Nearing the end of a lifetime in the boreal forest, a retired forester writes a passionate plea for rational, science-based forest management.

The boreal forest is constantly changing, often dramatically. We...

Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples: Readings in Environmental History

by Dale D. Goble & Paul W. Hirt

It can be said that all of human history is environmental history, for all human action happens in an environment�in a place. This collection of essays explores the environmental history of the Pacific Northwest...

Where Land and Water Meet: A Western Landscape Transformed

by Nancy Langston & William Cronon

Water and land interrelate in surprising and ambiguous ways, and riparian zones, where land and water meet, have effects far outside their boundaries. Using the Malheur Basin in southeastern Oregon as a case...

Making Salmon: An Environmental History of the Northwest Fisheries Crisis

by Joseph E. Taylor Iii & William Cronon

Winner of the George Perkins Marsh Award, American Society for Environmental History

Conservation in the Progressive Era: Classic Texts

by David Stradling & William Cronon

Conservation was the first nationwide political movement in American history to grapple with environmental problems like waste, pollution, resource exhaustion, and sustainability. At its height, the conservation...

Irrigated Eden: The Making of an Agricultural Landscape in the American West

by Mark Fiege & William Cronon

Irrigation came to the arid West in a wave of optimism about the power of water to make the desert bloom. Mark Fiege�s fascinating and innovative study of irrigation in southern Idaho�s Snake River valley...

Ponderosa: People, Fire, and the West's Most Iconic Tree

by Carl E Fiedler & Stephen F Arno

The West’s vast ponderosa pine forest has been home to people for thousands of years. Ponderosa from distant mountains provided timbers for the ancient pueblos of the Southwest. Pioneers on horseback extolled...