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Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey Through Carbon Country

by Courtney White & Michael Pollan

This book tackles an increasingly crucial question: What can we do about the seemingly intractable challenges confronting all of humanity today, including climate change, global hunger, water scarcity, environmental...

Cows Save the Planet: And Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth

by Judith Schwartz & Gretel Ehrlich

In Cows Save the Planet, journalist Judith D. Schwartz looks at soil as a crucible for our many overlapping environmental, economic, and social crises. Schwartz reveals that for many of these problems-climate...

Grassland use in Europe

by Agnes Van Den Pol-Van Dasselaar, Leanne Bastiaansen-Aantjes, Fergus Bogue & Michael O’Donovan et al.

The future of grassland farming in Europe is in the hands of young farmers. For this reason, the European project Inno4Grass created a syllabus on practical grassland management for current and future generations...

?Soil Plant Water Analysis

by D K Sarkar

The book is designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of agriculture and biology and the analysts of the laboratories of the line Departments who need to undertake the analysis of soil, plant...

Why Only Two FPSOs in U.S. GULF OF MEXICO?

by Peter Lovie

More than 40 years have passed since the trailblazing Shell Castellon started operation as the first floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) unit in 1977. Ever since hundreds of these vessels have...

Farming While Black

by Leah Penniman & Karen Washington

In 1920, 14 percent of all land-owning US farmers were black. Today less than 2 percent of farms are controlled by black people—a loss of over 14 million acres and the result of discrimination and dispossession....

Exley Head Village History

by David Kidd

What was it like, living in a tiny hillside village in your great-grandparents' day? Perhaps your ancestors lived here, above busy Keighley town? This fascinating guidebook, in four parts, recreates the flavour...

Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture Volume 2

by Dr Don Reicosky, Dr Garrison Sposito, Dr Stephen Roecker & Dr Candiss Williams et al.

There has been growing concern that both intensive agriculture in the developed world and rapid expansion of crop cultivation in developing countries is damaging the health of soils which are the foundation...

Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture Volume 1

by Dr Don Reicosky, Dr Herlon S. Nadolny, Dr Hannah E. Birgé & Dr Promil Mehra et al.

There has been growing concern that both intensive agriculture in the developed world and rapid expansion of crop cultivation in developing countries is damaging the health of soils which are the foundation...

Water management for sustainable agriculture

by Prof. T. Oweis, Dr Andrea Dührkoop, Dr F. Ács & Dr B. Tóth et al.

  • Comprehensive review of the range of water resources, from groundwater and surface water to rainwater, floodwater and waste water 
  • Discusses advances in irrigation techniques, from surface irrigation and sprinkler...

Vineyards, Rocks, and Soils

by Alex Maltman

Jurassic, basalt, moraine, flint, alluvial, magma: what are these words and what do they have to do with wine? The answers are here in this book. They are geological terms that reflect a bond between wine and...

The Fertile Earth – Nature's Energies in Agriculture, Soil Fertilisation and Forestry

by Viktor Schauberger & Callum Coats

How does nature work? When one looks closely at the enormously complex web of life, it is impossible not to be caught by the wonder of how all living things – including rocks and crystals – are interconnected....

Beginner's Guide to Earthworm Farming: Simple Ideas for a Sustainable World

by Mary Murphy

If you are concerned about the health of our planet then turn your attention to what lies under your feet. Working in the soil below are creatures that play a pivotal role in producing the food we eat and impacting...

What Is Soil and Why is It Important?: 2nd Grade Science Workbook | Children's Earth Sciences Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Though filled with all sorts of bugs and other finds, the soil is very important to life. It is the key ingredient to why plants grow, why animals exist, and why humans live. Educate your child about the soil,...

Earth Matters: How soil underlies civilization

by Richard Bardgett

For much of history, soil has played a major, and often central, role in the lives of humans. Entire societies have risen, and collapsed, through the management or mismanagement of soil; farmers and gardeners...

Soil Physics with Python: Transport in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System

by Marco Bittelli, Gaylon S. Campbell & Fausto Tomei

This innovative study presents concepts and problems in soil physics, and provides solutions using original computer programs. It provides a close examination of physical environments of soil, including an analysis...

Soils in Archaeological Research

by Vance T. Holliday

Soils, invaluable indicators of the nature and history of the physical and human landscape, have strongly influenced the cultural record left to archaeologists. Not only are they primary reservoirs for artifacts,...

Diluvial Soils and Their Amelioration

by Mukhtar Abduyev

Professor Mukhtar Abduyev's pioneering work was the result of ten years of study, field research and laboratory experimentation on salinized diluvial soils in the foothill plains and steppe of Azerbaijan. At...