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Digital Control Engineering: Analysis and Design

by M. Sami Fadali & Antonio Visioli

Digital controllers are part of nearly all modern personal, industrial, and transportation sytems. Every senior or graduate student of electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering should therefore be familiar...

Quality of Experience Engineering for Customer Added Value Services: From Evaluation to Monitoring

by Abdelhamid Mellouk & Antonio Cuadra-Sanchez

The main objective of the book is to present state-of-the-art research results and experience reports in the area of quality monitoring for customer experience management, addressing topics which are currently...

Smart SOA Platforms in Cloud Computing Architectures

by Ernesto Exposito & Codé Diop

This book is intended to introduce the principles of the Event-Driven and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA 2.0) and its role in the new interconnected world based on the cloud computing architecture paradigm....

Uncertainty Theories and Multisensor Data Fusion: Uncertainty Theory

by Alain Appriou

Addressing recent challenges and developments in this growing field, Multisensor Data Fusion Uncertainty Theory first discusses basic questions such as: Why and when is multiple sensor fusion necessary? How...

Fixed/Mobile Convergence and Beyond: Unbounded Mobile Communications

by Richard Watson

Mobile communications users are demanding increased reliability, functionality, and accessibility; they want ""always on"" access to voice, e-mail, text, and multimedia services as they roam from home to auto...

Test and Measurement: Know It All

by Jon S. Wilson, Stuart Ball & Creed Huddleston

The Newnes Know It All Series takes the best of what our authors have written to create hard-working desk references that will be an engineer's first port of call for key information, design techniques and rules...

Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety: Risks, Regulation, and Management

by Matthew Hull & Diana Bowman

Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety, Second Edition focuses not only on the impact of nanotechnology and the discipline of nanotoxicity, but also explains each of these disciplines through in the...

Becoming God: Transhumanism and the Quest for Cybernetic Immortality

by David Herbert

Transhumanism is a growing philosophical movement among leading business leaders, scientists, artists, politicians and futurists. They believe that the future of humanity lies in a post-human world. In Becoming...

Space Electronic Reconnaissance: Localization Theories and Methods

by Fucheng Guo, Yun Fan & Yiyu Zhou

Presents the theories and applications of determining the position of an object in space through the use of satellites

As the importance of space reconnaissance technology intensifies, more and more countries...

Ultraviolet Laser Technology and Applications

by David L. Elliott

Ultraviolet Laser Technology and Applications is a hands-on reference text that identifies the main areas of UV laser technology; describes how each is applied; offers clearly illustrated examples of UV opticalsystems...

Nanoscale Microwave Engineering: Optical Control of Nanodevices

by Charlotte Tripon-Canseliet & Jean Chazelas

This book targets new trends in microwave engineering by downscaling components and devices for industrial purposes such as miniaturization and function densification, in association with the new approach of...

Introduction to Ground Penetrating Radar: Inverse Scattering and Data Processing

by Raffaele Persico

A real-world guide to practical applications of ground penetrating radar (GPR)

The nondestructive nature of ground penetrating radar makes it an important and popular method of subsurface imaging, but it is a...

Understand Electronics: Teach Yourself

by Malcolm Plant

Understand Electronics will enable you to grasp the fundamental concepts of electronics as well as the more complex principles. Offering support and clarity throughout, this book covers everything from voltage,...

VBR Video Traffic Models

by Savera Tanwir & Harry G. Perros

There has been a phenomenal growth in video applications over the past few years. An accurate traffic model of Variable Bit Rate (VBR) video is necessary for performance evaluation of a network design and for...

Advanced Routing Protocols for Wireless Networks

by Miguel Elias Mitre Campista & Rubinstein Marcelo Gon?alve Rubinstein

This text introduces the principles of routing protocols and metrics as they affect wireless networking environments, specifically in urban areas. Timely because of the recent rise in small city life, this topic...

Beyond CMOS Nanodevices 1

by Francis Balestra

This book offers a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art in innovative Beyond-CMOS nanodevices for developing novel functionalities, logic and memories dedicated to researchers, engineers and students. ...

Beyond CMOS Nanodevices 2

by Francis Balestra

This book offers a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art in innovative Beyond-CMOS nanodevices for developing novel functionalities, logic and memories dedicated to researchers, engineers and students....

RF and Microwave Electromagnetism

by Pierre Jarry & Jacques N. Beneat

Microwave and RF elements play an important role in communication systems and due to the proliferation of radars, satellites, and mobile systems there is a need for the study of Electromagnetism. This book provides...

Making Universal Service Policy: Enhancing the Process Through Multidisciplinary Evaluation

by Steven S. Wildman, IV, Allen S. Hammond & Barbara A. Cherry

This book is the outgrowth of shared interests between the editors and the contributing authors to provide a multidisciplinary perspective in evaluating universal service policy and recommending policy changes...

Sensor Technologies for Civil Infrastructures: Applications in Structural Health Monitoring

by Ming L. Wang, Jerome P. Lynch & Hoon Sohn

Sensors are used for civil infrastructure performance assessment and health monitoring, and have evolved significantly through developments in materials and methodologies. Sensor Technologies for Civil Infrastructure...