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Design of Steel Structures: Eurocode 3 - Design of Steel Structures. Part 1-1 - General Rules and Rules for Buildings

by ECCS - European Convention for Construct

This book introduces the design concept of Eurocode 3 for steel structures in building construction, and their practical application.

Following a discussion of the basis of design, including the limit state approach,...

Recommendations on Excavations 3e

by Alan Johnson & Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Geotechnik e.V.

With the issue of these recommendations, which have the character of a standard, the "Building Excavations" working group of the German Geotechnics Association (DGGT) aims to provide assistance with the design...

Handbook of Tunnel Engineering II: Basics and Additional Services for Design and Construction

by Bernhard Maidl, Markus Thewes & Ulrich Maidl

Tunnel engineering is one of the oldest, most interesting but also challenging engineering disciplines and demands not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience in geology, geomechanics, structural...

Handbook of Tunnel Engineering I: Structures and Methods

by Bernhard Maidl, Markus Thewes & Ulrich Maidl

Tunnel engineering is one of the oldest, most interesting but also challenging engineering disciplines and demands not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience in geology, geomechanics, structural...


by Jill Blee

Since ancient times gold has exerted a powerful fascination for humankind. In Australia, its discovery sparked frenzied gold rushes that opened up large parts of the land to settlement, transformed Melbourne...

Engineering Principles for Electrical Technicians: The Commonwealth and International Library: Electrical Engineering Division

by K. M. Smith, P. Holroyd & N. Hiller

Engineering Principles for Electrical Technicians serves as an introduction to basic engineering principles. This book discusses several topics, including rectifier equipment, pole systems, capacitors, electrical...

Fuels, Furnaces and Refractories: International Series on Materials Science and Technology

by J. D. Gilchrist & R. W. Douglas

Fuels, Furnaces and Refractories focuses on the sources and efficient use of energy available to modern industry.

This book begins with the classification, properties, tests, and different kinds of fuels, as...

Renewable Energy Technologies: Their Applications in Developing Countries

by L. A. Kristoferson & V. Bokalders

Renewable Energy Technologies: Their Applications in Developing Countries presents an overview and assessment of technologies for energy-related projects in the rural sector of developing countries.

This book...

Cancer Control: Proceedings of the 12th International Cancer Congress, Buenos Aires, 1978

by A. R. Smith & C. A. Alvarez

Advances in Medical Oncology, Research and Education, Volume II: Cancer Control covers the proceedings of the 12th International Cancer Congress, held in Buenos Aires in 1978. The text aims to present concerns...

Passive and Low Energy Architecture: Proceedings of the Second International PLEA Conference, Crete, Greece, 28 June-1 July 1983

by Simos Yannas & Arthur Bowen

Passive and Low Energy Architecture contains the proceedings of the Second International PLEA Conference held in Crete, Greece, on June 28 to July 1, 1983.

The book is organized into four parts as the topics...

Energy: The Countdown: A Report to the Club of Rome: Thierry De Montbrial

by Robert Lattès & Carroll Wilson

Energy: The Countdown raises the specter of a catastrophic energy crisis that could explode even before any comprehensive emergency plans are concerted. The goal is to make both decision-makers and the public...

Desalination Engineering: Operation and Maintenance

by Nikolay Voutchkov


This Water Environment Federation and WateReuse Association publication describes state-of-the art operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting...

International Resources Guide to Hazardous Chemicals

by Stanley A. Greene

This book is a direct companion to Sittig's Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens in that the hazardous chemicals listed in Sittig's Handbook are the source for this guide. With more than...

Differential Forms: Theory and Practice

by Steven H. Weintraub

Differential forms are utilized as a mathematical technique to help students, researchers, and engineers analyze and interpret problems where abstract spaces and structures are concerned, and when questions...

Design of Experiments for Engineers and Scientists

by Jiju Antony

The tools and techniques used in Design of Experiments (DoE) have been proven successful in meeting the challenge of continuous improvement in many manufacturing organisations over the last two decades. However...

The Closing Circle: Nature, Man, and Technology

by Barry Commoner

From Chapter One:

This book . . . begins with the ecosphere, the setting in which civilization has done its great—and terrible—deeds. Then it moves to a description of some of the damage we have done to the...

Independent Generation of Electric Power

by David Stephen

Independent Generation of Electrical Power explains the different operations involved in the generation of power in power plants and the concepts and principles behind them.

The book covers topics such as the...

Green It for Sustainable Business Practice: An Iseb Foundation Guide

by Mark G. O'Neill

This book provides a full understanding of the importance of IT when trying to achieve an organisation's green objectives. It gives the tools to create an action list which identifies and addresses Green IT...

Information Sources in Energy Technology: Butterworths Guides to Information Sources

by L. J. Anthony

Information Sources in Energy Technology presents the major sources in the field of energy technology. The book is comprised of 16 chapters that are organized into three parts.

The first part covers energy in...

Energy Use in Transportation Contingency Planning: Proceedings of Workshop Held 28-30 March 1982

by George Horwich

Energy Use in Transportation Contingency Planning emphasizes the evaluation of experiences relative to energy and transportation contingencies and the assessment of knowledge about disaster preparedness and...