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Russian Social Science Reader: The Commonwealth and International Library of Science Technology Engineering and Liberal Studies

Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering

by Clare Olsen & Sinead Mac Namara

The fields of architecture and engineering are undergoing dramatic change. New technologies and methodologies are transforming the way that projects are designed and delivered. These technologies enable the...

Power System Small Signal Stability Analysis and Control

by Debasish Mondal, Abhijit Chakrabarti & Aparajita Sengupta

Power System Small Signal Stability Analysis and Control presents a detailed analysis of the problem of severe outages due to the sustained growth of small signal oscillations in modern interconnected power...

Health Assessment of Engineered Structures: Bridges, Buildings and Other Infrastructures

by Achintya Haldar

Health Assessment of Engineered Structures has become one of the most active research areas and has attracted multi-disciplinary interest. Since available financial recourses are very limited, extending the...

A Lever Long Enough: A History of Columbia's School of Engineering and Applied Science Since 1864

by Robert McCaughey

In this comprehensive social history of Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), Robert McCaughey combines archival research with oral testimony and contemporary interviews to...

Environmental Noise Pollution: Noise Mapping, Public Health, and Policy

by Enda Murphy & Eoin King

Environmental Noise Pollution: Noise Mapping, Public Health and Policy addresses the key debates surrounding environmental noise pollution with a particular focus on the European Union. Environmental noise pollution...

Introduction to Numerical Methods for Time Dependent Differential Equations

by Heinz-Otto Kreiss & Omar Eduardo Ortiz

Introduces both the fundamentals of time dependent differential equations and their numerical solutions

Introduction to Numerical Methods for Time Dependent Differential Equations delves into the underlying mathematical...

Yacht design

by Massimo Paperini

“Yacht Design, Interior and Superstructures” confirms the interest of young architects, engineers and designers in boat design, a subject always in need of new ideas, new design solutions and a new approach....

Science at EPA: Information in the Regulatory Process

by Mark R. Powell

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was created to protect public health and the environment, and it has traditionally emphasized its regulatory mission over its scientific mission. Yet for environmental...

Cellular Automata

Fundamentals of Temperature Control

by William K. Roots

Fundamentals of Temperature Control

Dynamic Stability of Structures: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Introduction to Geological Maps and Structures: Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering and Social Studies

Forensic Engineering: Environmental Case Histories for Civil Engineers and Geologists

by James E. Slosson & Gerard Shuirman

This book explores these and many other related subjects. This book will be of great value to expert witnesses in liability suits resulting from flood, erosion, landslide, mudslide, or other types of natural...

Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology

by F. J. Baker & R. E. Silverton

Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology

Proceedings of the Sixth New England Bioengineering Conference: March 23-24, 1978, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island

Symmetrical Components: The Commonwealth and International Library: Applied Electricity and Electronics Division

Tall Buildings: The Proceedings of a Symposium on Tall Buildings with Particular Reference to Shear Wall Structures, Held in the Department of Civil E

Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction

by Andrew F. Monk

Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction

Information Processing in Children: The Seventh of an Annual Series of Symposia in the Area of Cognition under the Sponsorship of Carnegie-Mellon Univ