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Machine Design Elements and Assemblies

by Michael Spektor

The academic course of Machine Design Elements and Assemblies (a.k.a. “Machine Design,” “Mechanical Engineering Design,” etc.) is based on the fundamentals of several different core disciplines, and...

Innovation Management and New Product Development for Engineers, Volume II

by Rob Dekkers

Whereas innovation has become part of daily language, in practice, realizing new product and new service development is a complex and daunting task for engineers, design engineering managers, managers, and those...

The Reliability Excellence Workbook

by John L. Ross

The Reliability Excellence Workbook covers reliability (and other 4-letter words) in the context of creating a master strategy of continuous improvement.  Think of it as a truly interactive workbook—like...

AutoCAD Pocket Reference

by Cheryl R. Shrock & Steve Heather

Everyone needs a refresher sometimes. The 8th edition of the AutoCAD® Pocket Reference provides easy access to everyday information needed by AutoCAD users, including concepts, how-to, and fundamental commands. ...

Axioms for the Inventor

by Charles C. Rayburn

What is an invention? Are all inventions patented? Is an inventor someone who has patents issued? How are potential inventors identified? Industrial managers are constantly wondering how their company can build...

Rational Structural Design of Highway/Airport Pavements

by Dindial Ramsamooj

Rational design theories for highway and airport pavements are presented together with an invention of a much superior paving material, comprising recycled Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) mixed and compacted with...

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

by Carol Ptak & Chad Smith

In the 1950s, a method called Material Requirements Planning (or “MRP”) changed the world of manufacturing forever. But times have changed—customer tolerance times are shorter, product variety and complexity...

A Professional's Guide to Problem Solving with Decision Science

by Frank A Tillman & Deandra T Cassone

Drawing on vast experience, the authors show how to apply state-of-the-art decision science, statistical modeling, benchmarking, and process modeling techniques together to create a robust analytical framework...

Handbook of Safety Principles

by Niklas Möller, Sven Ove Hansson, Jan-Erik Holmberg & Carl Rollenhagen

Presents recent breakthroughs in the theory, methods, and applications of safety and risk analysis for safety engineers, risk analysts, and policy makers

Safety principles are paramount to addressing structured...

Still Think Robots Can't Do Your Job?

by Riccardo Campa

Is Artificial Intelligence qualitatively different from other means of economizing the use of labor? Are we on the edge of a jobless society? If yes, are we ready for it? These are a few of the questions discussed...

Hammer's Blueprint Reading Basics

by Charles Gillis & Warren Hammer


Warren Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics has been a bestselling classic for nearly two decades, revered for its ease of understanding and for giving readers opportunities to practice what they learned....

The Theory of Linear Viscoelasticity

by D. R. Bland

This concise introduction to the concepts of viscoelasticity focuses on stress analysis. Three detailed individual sections present examples of stress-related problems. In addition, it explains procedures for...

The “Maintenance Insanity” Cure: Practical Solutions to Improve Maintenance Work

by Roger D. Lee

 Einstein said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Yet that is exactly what is happening in maintenance organizations.

How many times have clients...

Technology and Practical Use of Strain Gages

by Stefan Keil

This book is a profound compendium on strain gages and their application in materials science and all fields of engineering. It covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of strength and stress analysis...

The Death of Reliability: Is it Too Late to Resurrect the Last, True Competitive Advantage?

by Nathan C. Wright

Are we facing the death of reliability?  Some believe this is the case, particularly when it comes to reliability leadership.  Without qualified leaders, there can be no true reliability, and as such, companies...

Industrial Hydraulic Systems: Theory and Practice

by Joji Parambath

Industrial Hydraulic Systems provides an in-depth coverage of conventional hydraulic systems encompassing fixed-displacement pumps, control valves, and actuators as well as the most modern hydraulic systems...

Lean Refining: How to Improve Performance in the Oil Industry

by Lonnie Wilson

Lean Refining: How to Improve Performance in the Oil Industry addresses the tremendous opportunities this quality improvement system can exploit to achieve huge financial gains, while simultaneously improving...

Spare Parts Inventory Management: A Complete Guide to Sparesology

by Phillip Slater


No previous works have focused on the topic of inventory reduction and optimization to the extent that this one does. Spare Parts Inventory Management: A Complete Guide to Sparesology™ by Philip...

CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning:

by Peter Smid

No other book covers CNC control setup in such practical detail. This unique reference from the author of the best-selling CNC Programming Handbook features nearly all of the activities a typical CNC operator...

CNC Tips and Techniques: A Reader for Programmers

by Peter Smid



During the past decade, Peter Smid wrote dozens of column for Shop Talkmagazine that addressed the full gamut of CNC topics, such as tapping and threading and knurling; program length and memory...