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Collaborative Product Assembly Design and Assembly Planning: Methodologies and Applications

by C. Lu, J Y H Fuh & Y S Wong

Collaborative product assembly design and assembly planning presents several newly-developed methodologies and applications for collaborative assembly design and assembly planning, two important steps during...

Coatings for Biomedical Applications

by M Driver

The biomaterials sector is rapidly expanding and significant advances have been made in the technology of biomedical coatings and materials, which provide a means to improve the wear of joints, change the biological...

Treatise on Process Metallurgy, Volume 3: Industrial Processes

by Seshadri Seetharaman

Process metallurgy provides academics with the fundamentals of the manufacturing of metallic materials, from raw materials into finished parts or products.

Coverage is divided into three volumes, entitled Process...

Biomedical Hydrogels: Biochemistry, Manufacture and Medical Applications

by S Rimmer

Hydrogels are very important for biomedical applications because they can be chemically manipulated to alter and control the hydrogel's interaction with cells and tissues. Their flexibility and high water content...

Durability and Reliability of Medical Polymers

by M Jenkins & A Stamboulis

Given the widespread use of polymers in medical devices, the durability and reliability of this material in use is an area of critical importance. Durability and reliability of medical polymers reviews the performance...

Biocompatibility and Performance of Medical Devices

by J-P Boutrand

Implant and device manufacturers are increasingly facing the challenge of proving that their products are safe and biocompatible, and that they will perform as expected. Biocompatibility and performance of medical...

Biomaterials for Spinal Surgery

by L Ambrosio & E Tanner

There have been important developments in materials and therapies for the treatment of spinal conditions. Biomaterials for spinal surgery summarises this research and how it is being applied for the benefit...

Injectable Biomaterials: Science and Applications

by B Vernon

Novel injectable materials for non-invasive surgical procedures are becoming increasingly popular. An advantage of these materials include easy deliverability into the body, however the suitability of their...

Surface Modification of Biomaterials: Methods Analysis and Applications

by R. Williams

The surface modification of biomaterials plays a significant role in determining the outcome of biological-material interactions. With the appropriate modification a material's surface can be tailored to improve...

Machine Designers Reference

by J. Marrs

One-of-a-Kind Tool Speeds Mechanical Design Work

Designers at all levels of experience need a handy, comprehensive reference that helps them get the job done faster... and better. Machine Designers Reference by J....

Fluid-Structure Interactions: Slender Structures and Axial Flow

by Michael P. Paidoussis

The first of two books concentrating on the dynamics of slender bodies within or containing axial flow, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Volume 1 covers the fundamentals and mechanisms giving rise to flow-induced...

Flow-Induced Vibrations: Classifications and Lessons from Practical Experiences

by Tomomichi Nakamura, Shigehiko Kaneko & Fumio Inada

In many plants, vibration and noise problems occur due to fluid flow, which can greatly disrupt smooth plant operations. These flow-related phenomena are called flow-induced vibration.

This book explains how...

Bio-Tribocorrosion in Biomaterials and Medical Implants

by Y Yan

During their service life, most biomaterials and medical implants are vulnerable to tribological damage. In addition, the environments in which they are placed are often corrosive. The combination of triobology,...

Biomaterials and Devices for the Circulatory System

by T Gourlay & R Black

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. Thanks to major advances in circulatory biomaterials and medical devices over the past few decades, many complications of this...

Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices

by Kayvon Modjarrad & Sina Ebnesajjad

While the prevalence of plastics and elastomers in medical devices is now quite well known, there is less information available covering the use of medical devices and the applications of polymers beyond medical...

Primer on Flat Rolling

by John G. Lenard

Primer on Flat Rolling is a fully revised second edition, and the outcome of over three decades of involvement with the rolling process. It is based on the author's yearly set of lectures, delivered to engineers...

Cleaning with Solvents: Science and Technology

by John Durkee

High-precision cleaning is required across a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, defense, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, semiconductor/electronics, etc.

Cleaning parts and surfaces...

Nanostructured Polymer Blends

by Sabu Thomas, Robert Shanks & C Sarathchandran

Over 30% of commercial polymers are blends or alloys or one kind or another. Nanostructured blends offer the scientist or plastics engineer a new range of possibilities with characteristics including thermodynamic...

Handbook of Thermoset Plastics

by Dodiuk Hanna & Sydney H Goodman

Thermosetting plastics are a distinct category of plastics whose high performance, durability and reliability at high temperatures makes them suitable for specialty applications ranging from automotive and aerospace...

An Introduction to Nuclear Waste Immobilisation

by M. I. Ojovan & William E. Lee

Drawing on the authors' extensive experience in the processing and disposal of waste, An Introduction to Nuclear Waste Immobilisation, Second Edition examines the gamut of nuclear waste issues from the natural...