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Metals for Biomedical Devices

by M Niinomi

Despite recent advances in medical devices using other materials, metallic implants are still one of the most commercially significant sectors of the industry. Given the widespread use of metals in medical devices,...

Materials, Design and Manufacturing for Lightweight Vehicles

by P K Mallick

Research into the manufacture of lightweight automobiles is driven by the need to reduce fuel consumption to preserve dwindling hydrocarbon resources without compromising other attributes such as safety, performance,...

Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials for the Repair of Connective Tissues

by C Archer & J Ralphs

Regenerative medicine for the repair of connective tissues is a fast moving field which generates a lot of interest. Unfortunately the biomaterials and biomechanics for soft tissue repair has been under-represented...

Nanomedicine: Technologies and Applications

by T J Webster

Nanotechnology is at the forefront of advances in medicine. Nanomedicine: Technologies and applications provides an important review of this exciting technology and its growing range of applications.

After an...

Defect Structure in Nanomaterials

by J Gubicza

Nanomaterials exhibit unique mechanical and physical properties compared to their coarse-grained counterparts, and are consequently a major focus of current scientific research. Defect structure in nanomaterials...

Innovation in Aeronautics

by T Young & M Hirst

Innovation in aerospace design and engineering is essential to meet the many challenges facing this sector. Innovation in aeronautics explores both a range of innovative ideas and how the process of innovation...

Modelling and Simulation of Integrated Systems in Engineering: Issues of Methodology, Quality, Testing and Application

by D J Murray-Smith

This book places particular emphasis on issues of model quality and ideas of model testing and validation. Mathematical and computer-based models provide a foundation for explaining complex behaviour, decision-making,...

Implantable Sensor Systems for Medical Applications

by A Inmann & D Hodgins

Implantable sensor systems offer great potential for enhanced medical care and improved quality of life, consequently leading to major investment in this exciting field. Implantable sensor systems for medical...

A Quick Guide to API 653 Certified Storage Tank Inspector Syllabus: Example Questions and Worked Answers

by Clifford Matthews

The API Individual Certification Programs (ICP) are well established in the oil/gas/petroleum industries. API runs multiple examination sites around the world at 6-monthly intervals. The three main ICPs are:...

Welding and Joining of Aerospace Materials

by M C Chaturvedi

Welding and joining techniques play an essential role in both the manufacture and in-service repair of aerospace structures and components, and these techniques become more advanced as new, complex materials...

Introduction to Aerospace Materials

by A Mouritz

The structural materials used in airframe and propulsion systems influence the cost, performance and safety of aircraft, and an understanding of the wide range of materials used and the issues surrounding them...

Machining and Machine-tools: Research and Development

by J Paulo Davim

This book is the third in the Woodhead Publishing Reviews: Mechanical Engineering Series, and includes high quality articles (full research articles, review articles and case studies) with a special emphasis...

Aerodynamic Measurements: From Physical Principles to Turnkey Instrumentation

by G P Russo

Aerodynamic measurements presents a comprehensive review of the theoretical bases on which experimental techniques used in aerodynamics are based. Limitations of each method in terms of accuracy, response time...

Mechatronics and Manufacturing Engineering: Research and Development

by J Paulo Davim

This book, the first in the Woodhead Publishing Reviews: Mechanical Engineering Series, is a collection of high quality articles (full research articles, review articles and cases studies) with a special emphasis...

Handbook of Manufacturing Processes: How Products, Components and Materials Are Made

by James Bralla


Unlike any other reference, Handbook of Manufacturing Processes is an in-depth compilation of the workings of more than 1500 different manufacturing processes in metalworking, chemicals, textiles,...

Orbital Mechanics and Formation Flying: A Digital Control Perspective

by P A Capó-Lugo & P M Bainum

Aimed at students, faculty and professionals in the aerospace field, this book provides practical information on the development, analysis, and control of a single and/or multiple spacecraft in space. This book...

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Advances and Applications

by Gianfranco Pistoia

Lithium-Ion Batteries features an in-depth description of different lithium-ion applications, including important features such as safety and reliability. This title acquaints readers with the numerous and often...

Modern Machining Technology: A Practical Guide

by J Paulo Davim

This forward-thinking, practical book provides essential information on modern machining technology for industry with emphasis on the processes used regularly across several major industries. Machining technology...

Bioactive Glasses: Materials, Properties and Applications

by H O Ylänen

Due to their biocompatibility and bioactivity, bioactive glasses are used as highly effective implant materials throughout the human body to replace or repair damaged tissue. As a result, they have been in continuous...

Spacecraft Thermal Control

by J Meseguer, I Pérez-Grande & A Sanz-Andrés

Thermal control systems are an essential element of spacecraft design, ensuring that all parts of the spacecraft remain within acceptable temperature ranges at all times. Spacecraft thermal control describes...