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System Design and Control Integration for Advanced Manufacturing

by Han-Xiong Li & XinJiang Lu

Most existing robust design books address design for static systems, or achieve robust design from experimental data via the Taguchi method. Little work considers model information for robust design particularly...

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical Design 2/E

by Gene Cogorno


Written in accordance with the latest revision of the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) stanedard, ASME Y14.5-2009, this book teaches...

Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology

by J. McCann & David Bryson

Smart clothes and wearable technology is a relatively novel and emerging area of interdisciplinary research within the fashion, textile, electronics and related industries. This book provides a comprehensive...

Design of Clothing Manufacturing Processes: A Systematic Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Control

by J Gersak

The era of mass manufacturing of clothing and other textile products is coming to an end; what is emerging is a post-industrial production system that is able to achieve the goal of mass-customised, low volume...

Solving Engineering Problems in Dynamics

by Michael Spektor

This comprehensive yet compact step-by-step guide to solving real life mechanical engineering problems in dynamics offers all the necessary methodologies and supplemental information—in one place. It includes...

Composite Nonwoven Materials: Structure, Properties and Applications

by Dipayan Das & Behnam Pourdeyhimi

Composite nonwoven materials are versatile materials with a variety of applications, including hygiene, medicine and filtration. This important book provides a technical resource for professionals and academics...

Manufacturing and Design: Understanding the Principles of How Things Are Made

by Erik Tempelman, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben & Hugh Shercliff

Manufacturing and Design presents a fresh view on the world of industrial production: thinking in terms of both abstraction levels and trade-offs. The book invites its readers to distinguish between what is...

Fashion supply chain management using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies

by W. K. Wong & Z. X. Guo

Fashion Supply Chain Management Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technologies looks at the application of RFID technologies in such areas as order allocation, garment manufacturing, product tracking,...

Anthropometry, Apparel Sizing and Design

by Deepti Gupta & Norsaadah Zakaria

One of the greatest challenges for the apparel industry is to produce garments that fit customers properly. Anthropometry, Apparel Sizing and Design addresses the need for improved characterization of our populations...

Handbook of Process Integration (PI): Minimisation of Energy and Water Use, Waste and Emissions

by J Klemes

Since its first development in the 1970s, Process Integration (PI) has become an important methodology in achieving more energy efficient processes. This pioneering handbook brings together the leading scientists...

Advances in Knitting Technology

by K F Au

Knitted textiles and apparel represent approximately one third of the global textile market. This book provides an updated reference to Knitting technology, with specific focus on the developments in knitted...

Principles of Modern Grinding Technology

by W. Brian Rowe

Principles of Modern Grinding Technology, Second Edition, provides insights into modern grinding technology based on the author's 40 years of research and experience in the field. It provides a concise treatment...

Exploring Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

by Steve Krar & Arthur Gill

Designed to introduce new technologies to students, instructors, manufacturing engineers, supervisors and managers, this ready reference includes many new manufacturing technologies for those who do not have...

Interface Engineering of Natural Fibre Composites for Maximum Performance

by N E Zafeiropoulos

One of the major reasons for composite failure is a breakdown of the bond between the reinforcement fibres and the matrix. When this happens, the composite loses strength and fails. By engineering the interface...

Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014

by Mark Frauenfelder

It’s 3D Printing: The Next Generation! The technology’s improving, prices are dropping,new models are hitting the market, and 3D printers are appearing on desktops, workbenches, lab shelves, and kitchen...

Improving Comfort in Clothing

by G Song

Wear comfort has been listed as the most important property of clothing demanded by users and consumers according to recent studies. A fundamental understanding of human comfort and a knowledge of how to design...

Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices

by Kayvon Modjarrad & Sina Ebnesajjad

While the prevalence of plastics and elastomers in medical devices is now quite well known, there is less information available covering the use of medical devices and the applications of polymers beyond medical...

Pressure Vessel Design Manual

by Dennis R. Moss

A pressure vessel is a container that holds a liquid, vapor, or gas at a different pressure other than atmospheric pressure at the same elevation. More specifically in this instance, a pressure vessel is used...

All-in-One Manual of Industrial Piping Practice and Maintenance

by Kirshna Murty

Books on design of pipelines, and equipment such as pumps and compressors are available but almost none on the piping that carries fluid to and fro. This practical, no-frills book offers complete coverage of...

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery

by S Larry Dixon & Cesare Hall

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery is the leading turbomachinery book due to its balanced coverage of theory and application. Starting with background principles in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics,...