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Radio Frequency Identification and Sensors: From RFID to Chipless RFID

by Etienne Perret

This book deals with the field of identification and sensors, more precisely the possibility of collecting information remotely with RF waves (RFID). The book introduces the technology of chipless RFID starting...

RF and Microwave Electromagnetism

by Pierre Jarry & Jacques N. Beneat

Microwave and RF elements play an important role in communication systems and due to the proliferation of radars, satellites, and mobile systems there is a need for the study of Electromagnetism. This book provides...

THz Identification for Defense and Security Purposes: Identifying Materials, Substances, and Items

by Andre U Sokolnikov

The principal aim of this book is to provide the reader with the understanding of the possibilities and features of THz identification as opposed to more traditional techniques such as X-rays, microwaves, etc....

Simulation-Driven Design Optimization and Modeling for Microwave Engineering

by QI-JUN ZHANG & Xin-She Yang

Computer-aided full-wave electromagnetic (EM) analysis has been used in microwave engineering for the past decade. Initially, its main application area was design verification. Today, EM-simulation-driven optimization...

Microwaves Photonic Links: Components and Circuits

by Christian Rumelhard, Catherine Algani & Anne-Laure Billabert

This book presents the electrical models for the different elements of a photonic microwave link like lasers, external modulators, optical fibers, photodiodes and phototransistors.

The future trends of these...

Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications

by Jia-Sheng Hong

The first edition of “Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications” was published in 2001. Over the years the book has been well received and is used extensively in both academia and industry by microwave...

Frequency Acquisition Techniques for Phase Locked Loops

by Daniel B. Talbot

How to acquire the input frequency from an unlocked state

A phase locked loop (PLL) by itself cannot become useful until it has acquired the applied signal's frequency. Often, a PLL will never reach frequency...

Microwave Line of Sight Link Engineering

by Pablo Angueira & Juan Romo

A comprehensive guide to the design, implementation, and operation of line of sight microwave link systems

The microwave Line of Sight (LOS) transport network of any cellular operator requires at least as much...

Microwave/RF Applicators and Probes for Material Heating, Sensing, and Plasma Generation: A Design Guide

by Mehrdad Mehdizadeh

Interactions of electromagnetic fields with materials at high frequencies have given rise to a vast array of practical applications in industry, science, medicine, and consumer markets. Applicators or probes,...

RF and Microwave Transmitter Design

by Andrei Grebennikov

RF and Microwave Transmitter Design is unique in its coverage of both historical transmitter design and cutting edge technologies. This text explores the results of well-known and new theoretical analyses,...

Microwave Bandpass Filters for Wideband Communications

by Lei Zhu, Sheng Sun & Rui Li

This book will appeal to scientists and engineers who are concerned with the design of microwave wideband devices and systems. For advanced (ultra)-wideband wireless systems, the necessity and design methodology...

Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling

by Jianjun Gao

In Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit Design and Device Modeling, Professor Jianjun Gao introduces the fundamentals and modeling techniques of optoelectronic devices used in high-speed optical transmission systems....

Metamaterials with Negative Parameters: Theory, Design and Microwave Applications

by Ricardo Marqués, Ferran Martín & Mario Sorolla

The first general textbook to offer a complete overview of metamaterial theory and its microwave applications

Metamaterials with Negative Parameters represents the only unified treatment of metamaterials available...