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These Canyons Are Full of Ghosts: The Last of the Death Valley Prospectors

by Emmett C. Harder

Nowadays tourists from all over the world travel to Death Valley. However, most of them never see the romantic and mysterious badlands at the south end of the valley. This area is off beaten path, remote and...


by William Crookes

Series Title: Harper's library of living thought

The following pages are based on personal observations during two visits to Kimberley, in 1896 and 1905, and on personal researches on the formation and artificial...

The Gold Hunters

by J.D. Borthwick & Horace Kephart

The Gold Hunters offers a unique look at the life in the gold camps of the nineteenth century American West — the different cultures attracted by the discovery of gold, how they related to one another and...

Phosphorus: Polluter and Resource of the Future

by Christian Schaum

Phosphorus has always been both a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, it is essential for all life forms and cannot be replaced by anything. On the other hand, wastewater treatment aims to minimize phosphorus...

Integrated Water Resources Management in Water-scarce Regions

by Stefan Liehr, Johanna Kramm, Alexander Jokisch & Katharina Müller

The book consolidates the transdisciplinary research of the project “CuveWaters: Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Northern Namibia (Cuvelai Basin) in the SADC-Region” funded by the German...

Butte: an Unfinished Story

by Montel Hawkesworth Menting

"A mining intrigue radiates from Butte, Montana when an inventor and son get engulfed by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company before and during the Great Depression and World War II. Exploitation of mine workers,...

Uranium Seekers

by Craig Evan Royce

The, Uranium Seekers, saga began in 1976 when world-famous Hollywood, California photographer, Martin, was contracted to come to Utah and begin documenting, paying photographic tribute to, uranium miners, native...

Dictionary of Oil and Gas Production

by Clifford Jones

This dictionary provides a synthesis of information currently available but only in a diverse array of sources. Through judicious choice and careful scrutiny, the author has gathered together a very handy ready-reference...

Environmental Conservation, Clean Water, Air & Soil (CleanWAS)

by Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf & Wan Syaidatul Aqma

As we embark into the 21st century, we need to address new challenges ranging from population growth, climate change, and depletion of natural resources to providing better health care, food security and peace...

The Geological Factor

by Felipe Matthews Rojas & Walter Véliz Araya

"The gestation process of the most spectacular technical and human drama in Chilean mining history lacked a book like this. Buried, as the 33 miners, were the detailed events of this amazing saga. A huge percentage...

Hazardous Pollutants in Biological Treatment Systems

by Ferhan Cecen & Ulaş Tezel

Hazardous pollutants are a growing concern in treatment engineering. In the past, biological treatment was mainly used for the removal of bulk organic matter and the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorous. However,...

Wealth Creation without Pollution - Designing for Industry, Ecobusiness Parks and Industrial Estates

by Brian D'Arcy, Lee-Hyung Kim & Marla Maniquiz-Redillas

The development of eco-industrial parks and associated ‘ecological industry’ concepts offer progressive integrated approaches to resolve pollution problems from effluents and wastes of all kinds. Most industry...

Customer Experience Management for Water Utilities

by Peter Prevos

Customer Experience Management for Water Utilities presents a practical framework for water utilities to become more focussed on their customers. This framework is founded on Service-Dominant Logic, a contemporary...

Dark Clouds of Ambition

by Allan Edgar

This historic romantic novel set in NSW and South Wales coalfields shows how personal ambition jeopardises family relationships. It is the story of Idris Evans from the Swansea Valley in Wales, who decides at...


by Ian Neligh

  • There are few books specifically on the history of gold and mining in Colorado, none on its current culture and almost none on modern day treasure hunters.
  • Will appeal to Reality TV fans interested in Gold...

Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water Treatment

by Mihaela I. Stefan

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) rely on the efficient generation of reactive radical species and are increasingly attractive options for water remediation from a wide variety of organic micropollutants of...

Activated Sludge Separation Problems

by Simona Rossetti, Valter Tandoi & Jiri Wanner

Activated Sludge Separation Problems: Theory, Control Measures, Practical Experiences, Second Edition, describes the most common activated sludge separation problems and explains the main reasons for the growth...

Large Risks with Low Probabilities: Perceptions and willingness to take preventive measures against flooding

by Tadeusz Tyszka & Piotr Zielonka

This volume contains studies of one particular category of risky situations, namely, those involving highly negative consequences with low probabilities. Situations of this type involve both natural and man-made...

Dealing with the Complex Interrelation of Intermittent Supply and Water Losses

by Bambos Charalambous & Chrysi Laspidou

The book provides a scientific approach into appraising Intermittent Water Supply (IWS) on a global scale through the analysis of available information and data based on a structured methodology for estimating...

Rare Earth Frontiers

by Julie Michelle Klinger

Rare Earth Frontiers is a work of human geography that serves to demystify the powerful elements that make possible the miniaturization of electronics, green energy and medical technologies, and essential telecommunications...