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The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator

by Ken Banks & Desmond Tutu

Despite the tens of billions spent each year in international aid, some of the most promising and exciting social innovations and businesses have come about by chance. Many of the people behind them did not...

DIY Inventions

by Richard Cromwell

DIY Inventions by Richard Cromwell

Guides an Inventor through ALL the Invention "Success Steps" to develop an initial idea into a new product which will earn an income.

How to Evaluate your idea to see if it will...

Twelve Inventions Which Changed America: The Influence of Technology on American Culture

by Gerhard Falk

Gerhard Falk describes twelve inventions that transformed the United States from a rural and small-town community to an industrial country of unprecedented power. The book is both a sociological analysis and...

How Innovation Works

by Matt Ridley

Building on his national bestseller The Rational Optimist, Matt Ridley chronicles the history of innovation, and how we need to change our thinking on the subject.

Innovation is the main event of the modern age,...

The Influence of Inventions Upon Civilization

by Chauncey Smith

This book treats of the Influence of Inventions upon Civilization.


by Winston C Fraser

This book represents the fulfilment of a request made by my dad’s first cousin, Charlie Fraser, in May 1973, when, at the age of 92, he gave me a somewhat weathered brown envelope stuffed with documents to...

Creating Things That Matter

by David Edwards

Most things we create will not matter. This book is about creating things that do, from a master innovator who brings science and art together in his cutting edge labs.

Art and science are famous opposites. Contemporary...

Innovation: A Very Short Introduction

by Mark Dodgson & David Gann

What is innovation? How is innovation used in business? How can we use it to succeed? Innovation, the ways ideas are made valuable, plays an essential role in economic and social development, and is an increasingly...

Patents Demystified

by Dylan O. Adams

For tinkers, entrepreneurs, investors and any business with products or processes that can be patented, Patents Demystified provides an easy-to-understand insider guide to patents, patent law, and the patent...

The Joint Kitchen

by Michael David Ries


Imagine a doctor doing ordinary activities in his kitchen, stopping to draw some of the everyday objects around him, like an orange and a corkscrew. Then watch him turn those drawings into advanced patents...

Hello? Is This Mr. Graham Bell? - Biography Books for Kids 9-12 | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

Alexander Graham Bell opened the doors to improving telecommunications between humans. He invented the telephone and the inventors after him kept making new and better versions. Reading about his life will reveal...

Who Was Henry Ford? - Biography Books for Kids 9-12 | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

Your family probably owns a Ford, but do you know the man who first created the Ford? He is Henry Ford and you will know about his life if you read this interesting biography book for kids 9-12. Reading about...

The Energy Evolution – Harnessing Free Energy from Nature

by Viktor Schauberger & Callum Coats

The Energy Evolution, the final volume in the revolutionary Eco-Technology series, contains radical environmentalist Viktor Schauberger’s groundbreaking writings on methods for energy generation that harness...

Ekco Sounds

by Chris Poole

At the turn of the 20th century, an exciting new invention had everyone transfixed. The radio brought the world into people’s homes and for young Eric Kirkham Cole it was a chance to experiment, as he built...

Touch of Danger: Book two in the Lockie Trilogy.

by Desmond L Kelly


The sharks in the water may not be as bad as the sharks on Macleay Island. 

That’s what Lockie finds when he clashes with hard men and stands in their way. 


Peter, a hermit mariner, meets the retired Lockie...

Henry Ford

by 50Minutes

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Henry Ford in next to no time with this concise guide. provides a clear and engaging analysis of the life and career of Henry Ford....

The Perfectionists

by Simon Winchester

The revered New York Times bestselling author traces the development of technology from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age to explore the single component crucial to advancement—precision—in a superb...

The Total Inventor's Manual

by Sean Michael Ragan & Editors of Popular Science Magazine

Contrary to popular wisdom, you don’t have to be an ace electrician, a coding prodigy, or a mechanical master to come up with a game-changing invention! You just need curiosity, a strong desire to fix a problem...

Canadian Failures

by Alex Benay

Successful Canadians write about failure, and how it got them where they are today.

What does it mean to fail? To some of the most successful Canadians, it was a rite of passage, a stepping stone to greater things,...

Famous Americans in History | Inventors & Inventions | 2nd Grade U.S. History Vol 2

by Baby Professor

Why is it important to go back to history instead of just focusing on the present? The reason is because there is so many lessons that you can learn from the past! You have the vantage point of being in the...