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Bioprinting:Principles and Applications: Principles and Applications

by Chee Kai Chua & Wai Yee Yeong

At labs around the world, researchers have been experimenting with bioprinting, first just to see whether it was possible to push cells through a printhead without killing them (in most cases it is), and then...

A Manual for Differentiation of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells to Specific Cell Types

by Gilson Khang, Tatsuya Shimizu & Kee Woei Ng

This is the first experimental protocol book that covers the differentiation of bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMSCs) into specific cell types, targeted at the undergraduate and graduate student level. The...

An Introduction to Bioceramics

by Larry L Hench

This is the second edition of the classic book An Introduction to Bioceramics which provides a comprehensive overview of all types of ceramic and glass materials that are used in medicine and dentistry. The...

Synthetic Biology - A Primer

by Paul S Freemont & Richard I Kitney

Synthetic Biology — A Primer gives a broad overview of the emerging field of synthetic biology and the foundational concepts on which it is built. It will be of interest to final year undergraduates, postgraduates...

Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems: Strategies, Technologies, and Applications

by Yoon Yeo

Frank discussions of opportunities and challenges point the way to new, more effective drug delivery systems

Interest in nanomedicine has grown tremendously, fueled by the expectation that continued research...

AI in Healthcare

by Robert Shimonski

The best source for cutting-edge insights into AI in healthcare operations 

AI in Healthcare: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing IT Operations and Infrastructure Services collects, organizes and provides...

Minds and Machines

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Miguel Nicolelis, Professor of Neurobiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Biomedical Engineering, Psychology and Neuroscience and Orthopaedic...

Health Research Practices in a Digital Context

by Laurent Morillon

The current ?generalized digitization? of society is influencing the health environment, healthcare organizations as well as actors. In this context, human and social sciences deconstruct, nuance and sometimes...

Paging Dr. Within

by Tom Garz

As a Patient -

  • Would you like a "Patient Listener"?
  • Are you tired of Medicine/Treatment "Trial and Error", at your expense?
  • Are you tired of being shuffled from one Doctor to another?
  • Do you want to "get better"...

Compendium of Biomedical Instrumentation

by Raghbir Singh Khandpur

An essential reference filled with 400 of today's current biomedical instruments and devices

Designed mainly for the active bio-medical equipment technologists involved in hands-on functions like managing these...

Bioceramics and Biocomposites

by Iulian Antoniac

Provides comprehensive coverage of the research into and clinical uses of bioceramics and biocomposites

Developments related to bioceramics and biocomposites appear to be one the most dynamic areas in the field...

Homo Faber

by Paolo Benanti

In Homo Faber Paolo Benanti seeks to provide a philosophical and theological understanding of the technological phenomenon by casting light contemporaneously on the ethical dimensions connected to it. In constructing...

Innovative Research in Life Sciences

by E. Andrew Balas

?I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book as it has taken me on a journey through time, across the globe and through multiple disciplines. Indeed, we need to be thinking about these concepts and applying them...

Prognostics and Health Management of Electronics

by Michael G. Pecht & Myeongsu Kang

An indispensable guide for engineers and data scientists in design, testing, operation, manufacturing, and maintenance

A road map to the current challenges and available opportunities for the research and development...

The ABC’s of ABG’s™

by Robert F. Moran & Timothy N. Liesching

When a patient is brought into a trauma center in extremis, or becomes that way during a hospital stay, the intervention mantra is airway, breathing and circulation—the ABC’s. We provide the nonspecialist...

Advanced Energy Efficient Building Envelope Systems

by Donald E. Bently & Charles T. Hatch

This monograph presents the latest research developments of innovative building envelope systems. These systems have the ability to allow building structures responsive to changes in outdoor conditions to ensure...

Photomedicine and Stem Cells

by Heidi Abrahamse & Michael R Hamblin

Janus, the ancient Roman god depicted with two faces is an appropriate metaphor for light therapy. In the right photodynamic therapy conditions, light is able to kill nearly anything that is living such as cancers,...

The Physical Microbe

by Stephen J. Hagen

The new field of physical biology fuses biology and physics. New technologies have allowed researchers to observe the inner workings of the living cell, one cell at a time. With an abundance of new data collected...

Polyurethane Immobilization of Cells and Biomolecules

by T. Thomson

This book provides a comprehensive review of the chemistry and research illustrating the benefits of polyurethane for immobilizing cells, with dozens of case studies in medical devices and environmental engineering....

Biosensors and Nanotechnology

by Zeynep Altintas

Provides a broad range of information from basic principles to advanced applications of biosensors and nanomaterials in health care diagnostics

This book utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to provide a wide...