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Bird Strike in Aviation

by Ahmed F. El-Sayed

Groundbreaking Handbook Offers Detailed Research and Valuable Methodology to Address Dangerous and Costly Aviation Hazard 

Though annual damages from bird and bat collisions with aircraft have been estimated...

Aircraft Dispatcher Oral Exam Guide: Prepare for the FAA Oral and Practical Exam to Earn Your Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate

by David C. Ison

An aircraft dispatcher is a licensed professional certificated by the FAA who has joint responsibility with the captain for the safety and operation control of flights, and this exam guide prepares candidates...

Airline Network Planning and Scheduling

by Ahmed Abdelghany & Khaled Abdelghany

A concise resource to the best practices and problem-solving ideas for understanding the airline network planning and scheduling process

Airline Network Planning and Scheduling offers a comprehensive resource...

How Airliners Fly

by Julien Evans

If you are one of the millions of airline passengers who take to the air daily and have no idea how an aeroplane flies or how it is flown - but would like to find out - then this is the book for you. It is written...

My Heart at Zero Gravity

by Carolina Dellonte

Ten years spent zipping through the sky, chasing a deep passion for flying, for limitless spaces, for horizons that are wider when observed from great heights. The author recounts her experiences as a civil...

From the Flight Deck

by Doug Morris, David McGimpsey & Jake Brown

Imagine you're sitting next to a pilot on a flight and he's eager to answer all those nagging questions you have about air travel. Are those bumps and noises normal? Why are some take-offs delayed? What happens...

Millardair and Me

by Dennis J Chadala


This unique aviation story starts many years ago, at a time when the author's aspirations to be a pilot consumed his earliest memories. A young man drawn in by the allure and magnetism of aviation with a dream...

Commercial Aviation—An Insider’S Story

by LeRoy Paine

Why do we have airlines? How were they created? Was TWA Flight 800 an accident? How safe are airplanes, and why are they safe? What jobs are there in commercial aviation? This book provides answers to these...

Runway Illusion

by Ken Stockwell

With both fact and fiction mixed into this book you will relive an intense moment in multiple lives and experience what it felt like to live through a catastrophe.

Broken Wings

by Freddie McSears Jr.

Tragedy as defined by the [American Heritage Dictionary] is a "dramatic, disastrous and catastrophic event." The response to tragedy however is not as easily defined as the word itself. One may take many angles...

Controlled Crash

by Eldon Brown

Pilots like to say that every safe landing is really just a controlled crash. In this witty and entertaining memoir of his airline career, Eldon Brown whisks us back to the heyday of the airline industry, when...

The Art of Travel

by Todd Curtis & Aram Gesar

The first title in the "The Art of Travel" series is "Baggage and Carry-on Advice" based on a collection of articles by international travel safety and security expert Dr. Todd Curtis of

The Fall of UBS

by Dirk Schutz

Essential reading for business and finance professionals: a complicated story of power, ambition, vanity and a lack of risk management controls at one of Europe's largest banks.

Jetway Reunion

by Kelly Kincaid

We’ve all flown in our lives, but have you ever tried making it your career? Creator of Jetlagged Comic Kelly Kincaid did and she’s here to set the record straight…it’s not all glam and glitter.

In her...

Two Up

by Ron Smith & Jim Smith

'Two Up' is a collection of aviation anecdotes and photographs covering five decades and going back to the brothers' early fascination with aircraft in the sixties. It includes a wealth of insider information...

Aircraft Dispatcher Oral Exam Guide

by Dr. David C. Ison

This book helps you prepare for the FAA oral and practical exam to earn the FAA's Aircraft Dispatcher certificate. Aircraft dispatchers are a critical link in air safety and a viable career option for many aviators....

MH370 The Secret Files - At Last…The Truth Behind the Greatest Aviation Mystery of All Time

by Nigel Cawthorne


The Next Crash

by Amy L. Fraher

If you are one of over 700 million passengers who will fly in America this year, you need to read this book. The Next Crash offers a shocking perspective on the aviation industry by a former United Airlines...

Up In the Air

by Greg J. Bamber, Jody Hoffer Gittell, Thomas A. Kochan & Andrew von Nordenflycht

When both an industry's workers and its customers report high and rising frustration with the way they are being treated, something is fundamentally wrong. In response to these conditions, many of the world's...


by Shashank Nigam

An airline has over 50 different brand touchpoints at which it can choose to operate exactly as it has in the past or to exceed expectations at each step and become truly exceptional. This book aims to highlight...