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by Lorant Deutsch

A phenomenal bestseller in France, Metronome presents a fascinating history of Paris through the lens of the city's iconic Metro system

Did you know that the last Gallic warriors massacred by the Romans lie beneath...

Moving Safely: Crime and Perceived Safety in Stockholm's Subway Stations

by Vania Ceccato

The aim of Moving Safely is to provide both theoretical and empirical perspectives on safety conditions at subway stations. This book adopts an approach that is place-centered, focusing on the importance of...

The TTC Story: The First Seventy-Five Years

by Mike Filey

The TTC Story features 75 magnificent black-and-white images that illustrate the major "transit event" in each year of the TTC's existence.

On the Buses

by Lawrence Martin

A riveting tale of the evolution of automated fare collection systems written by a project manager who was working on the inside,

The Melbourne Metcard system developed in 1995 was the first multi-modal system...

The Dao of Doug 2:  the Art of Driving a Bus

by Douglas Meriwether

Do you have a car?

Yes, I do, and youre sitting in it! Todays car number is 5481. I get a new car everyday, and I can hold up to fifty people at once! I get to take you where you want to go and get paid to do...

Commute This!%@#!

by Joe Stables & Ken Adams

Throughout the years, we have encountered voluminous situations that highlight the frustrations and humor of the commuting experience. The purpose of this book is to provide enlightenment and bring awareness...

The Dao of Doug: the Art of Driving a Bus or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit:  a Bus Driver’S Perspective

by Douglas Meriwether

There is much to know about being a bus driver. It takes about thirty-five days to train a new employee. But as Doug points out, some skills come through experience that takes years to develop. This book contains...

The Wilshire Visa

by Abby Kirk Ramsey

What constitutes a community? Greater Los Angeles has been known for decades for its iconic freeway gridlock, two-car families and high-rise buildings atop massive parking structures. In 1990 the author, a single...

Traveler's Guide to Personal Security

by Sam Rosenberg

Its good to have a lifeguard, but its better to know how to swim.

Most of us can still remember a time when the most a traveler had to worry about was communicating with the cab driver or knowing when and whom...

From a Nickel to a Token: The Journey from Board of Transportation to MTA

by Andrew J. Sparberg

Chronicle of twenty specific events in the history of New York's mass transit systems between 1940 and 1968, including large numbers of rare photos. 1940 to 1968 was chosen because those years bracket two sea...

Running the Rails

by James Wolfinger

Philadelphia exploded in violence in 1910. The general strike that year was a notable point, but not a unique one, in a generations-long history of conflict between the workers and management at one of the nation's...

Business Planning in Transport

by Adam Simmons

If you work in operations, finance or marketing in any part of the public transport sector, this book was written for you. Adam Simmons provides a set of practical business planning tools aimed at developing...

Are Trams Socialist?

by Christian Wolmar

Transport is key to our daily lives. The transport system is essential to ensure the movement of people and goods, and most of us will use the roads or public transport every day. Vast sums are tied up in it...

End of the Line: The 1857 Train Wreck at the Desjardins Canal Bridge

by Don McIver

In 1857 a Toronto-to-Hamilton train crashed on the Desjardins Canal bridge. Sixty people died, making it one of the worst railway disasters in North America. These are the stories of those associated with the...

The Underground Guide to New York City Subways

by Dave Frattini

The only guide you will ever need to travel around New York City by subway.

From the theater district of trendy Manhattan to the quaint residential neighborhoods of Queens, every single station in the four boroughs...

Automated Transit

by Rongfang Liu

A comprehensive discussion of automated transit

This book analyzes the successful implementations of automated transit in various international locations, such as Paris, Toronto, London, and Kuala Lumpur, and...

Restructuring public transport through Bus Rapid Transit: An international and interdisciplinary perspective

by Munoz, Juan Carlos & Paget-Seekins, Laurel

A wide range of contributors bring expertise from both developed and developing countries, to provide a big picture assessment of Bus Rapid Transit as part of an affordable process for restructuring transit...

The Routes Not Taken

Juggernaut Trucking to Saudi Arabia

by Robert Hutchison

In 1986 professional writer Robert Hutchison sampled the life of the long-haul trucker when he became a passenger on a 10,000-mile trip through fourteen countries in a Scania 111. Robert's tale of this journey,...

Transportation Security

by John G. Voeller

Transportation Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering topics related to security challenge of transportation systems in the USA and elsewhere,...