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Lying in Wait

by Ann Rule

Ann Rule presents another collection of fascinating and disturbing true-crime stories—drawn from her real-life personal files—in this seventeenth volume in the #1 New York Times bestselling Crime Files series....

But I Trusted You

by Ann Rule


Trust. It's the foundation of any enduring relationship between friends, lovers, spouses, and families. But when trust is placed in those who are not what they seem, the results can...

Mortal Danger

by Ann Rule



The author of The Stranger Beside Me brings her brilliantly informed understanding of the sociopath to this riveting truecrime collection. Only Ann Rule, who...

Bayou Of Pigs

by Stewart Bell

A remarkable tale of greed, treachery and deceit in one of the most outlandish criminal stunts ever conceived: the theft of a nation

In 1981, a small but heavily armed force of misfits from Canada and the United...

The Skripal Files

by Mark Urban

The explosive story of the poisoning of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and what it reveals about the growing clandestine conflict between the West and Russia

Salisbury, England: March 4, 2018.

Slumped on...


by Michael R. McGowan & Ralph Pezzullo

The explosive memoir of an FBI field operative who has worked more undercover cases than anyone in history.

Within FBI field operative circles, groups of people known as “Special” by their titles alone, Michael...

The World's Greatest Military Spies and Secret Service Agents

by George Barton

Excerpt: "The romance of war in its most thrilling form is exemplified in this narrative of the adventures of "The World's Greatest Military Spies and Secret Service Agents." Much has been published upon the...

Principled Spying

by David Omand & Mark Phythian

The question of how far a state should authorise its agents to go in seeking and using secret intelligence is one of the big unresolved issues of public policy for democracies today. The tension between security...

Double Lives

by Eric Brach

Terrifying true crime stories

John Wayne Gacy. Ted Bundy. Jeffrey Dahmer. Everyone has heard of these sociopaths and their crimes, and yet, no one is scared of them. Why? Well for one, they’re all dead, but...

The Entity

by Antonella Colonna Vilasi

The Entity relates to the special Vatican Secret Service agency that was founded in 1566. For five centuries, the Vatican has used a secret spy service, called the Holy Alliance, or later, the Entity, to carry...

Dealing with the Devil's Deal

by L. Hurley Ankeny

Cocaine production, demand and sales has become an increasing problem in the Western Hemisphere. Motivation to purchase this narcotic by dealers, despite its high prices, and their capability to get the processed...

Los Huerfanos

by Gary L. Bridges

Los Huerfanos takes its readers on a frantic journey, with rest stops in Baku, Azerbaijan; Tehran, Iran; Reynosa, Mexico; Cuchara, Colorado; deep south Texas, and a remote village at the base of Shirkuh mountain...

Lbj the Dallas Incident

by Dr. John Chandler Griffin

The Kennedy Incident November 22, 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of the greatest crime ever committed in this great nation, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the president of the United States. Then,...

A Son of Life

by Don De La Don

This is a journey into one, who is a gifted son of light. He was born unto life and became man. Saint John and Aaron take us on their journey into the pits of Hell. After befriending and earning the love of...

The Incredible Sparrow

by Frank K. Myers Jr.

After college, Martin Sommerville joined the Royal Marines; Great Britains premier naval force. During the Falkland Islands War with Argentina, he was a lieutenant, assigned to naval intelligence. When the War...

Targeted Individuals, Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapons

by Phiem Nguyen

Mystery crime was solved at the end of one human life.

This is the result I got while searching my mind, then God, and the entire environment this world was set in. Step by step, day by day, year by year, for...

God, Universe, and I: Part Ii, Iii, and Iv

by Phiem Nguyen

Criminal Psychotronics Weapons The evidences were captured on pictures to prove the force that was used on my face, ears, head, brain and my body, my organs, invaded my subconscious. Perfect crime was not given...

Cuba: Russian Roulette of the World

by Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol

When Fidel Castro and his band of revolutionaries took over Cuba in 1958, they promised welfare and prosperity to the Cuban people.

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmols father, Leonardo, supported the revolution sopenly...

The Conspiracy of Deception and Trickery

by Michael Renner

The news is perplexing. Both the president and vice president of the United States have fallen ill with mysterious, flu-like symptoms. It is not long before both me receive the same devastating diagnosis: pancreatic...

If the West Falls...

by Bridget S. Howe

If The West Falls

If the West Falls is the result of four years of research that began when the author learned that she was a target of US Government sponsored Organized Vigilante Stalking. Her investigation...