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Magellan's Voyage: A Narrative Account of the First Circumnavigation

by Antonio Pigafetta

Remarkable firsthand account by one of the few survivors of Magellan's epochal journey (1519–1522). Remarkably detailed record of new lands, flora and fauna, shipboard life, etc. Introduction. 28 halftones....

The History of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Vol. 1

by Lewis & Clark & Elliott Coues

Volume 1 of the classic edition of the day-by-day journals that later became the basis for U.S. claims to Oregon and the West. Accurate and invaluable geographical, botanical, biological, meteorological, and...

The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons

by J. W. Powell

Full text of Powell's 1,000-mile expedition down the fabled Colorado in 1869. Superb account of terrain, geology, vegetation, Indians, famine, mutiny, treacherous rapids, mighty canyons. 240 illustrations.

The Story of the Titanic As Told by Its Survivors

by Jack Winocour

Panic, despair, shocking inefficiency, and a dash of heroism. Two lengthy narratives by passengers who had a thorough knowledge of the sea and by members of the ship's crew. 26 illustrations.

Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah, Volume One

by Richard Burton

Posing as a wandering dervish, Burton gained admittance to the holy Kaabah and to the tomb of the prophet at Medina and participated in all the rituals of the Hadj (pilgrimage).

Tunnelling to Freedom and Other Escape Narratives from World War I

by Hugh Durnford

These 17 remarkable real-life stories are recounted by prisoners of war who used their wits to win their freedom. Their tales of remarkable resourcefulness and ingenuity combine the gritty realities of fact....

Among the Tibetans

by Isabella L. Bird

One of the Victorian era's most intrepid explorers and writers recounts her rugged passage through the Himalayas by horseback and offers evocative accounts of Tibetan ceremonies, architecture, decorations, costumes,...

Texas Almanac 2014-2015

by Elizabeth Cruce Alvarez & Robert Plocheck


• Sketches of eight historic ranches of Texas by Texana writer Mike Cox.

• Article on the Texas art and artists by Houston businessman and art collector J.P. Bryan,...

How To Pick The Perfect Portable GPS Unit: A Guide To Stress Free Travel

by Neville Francis

As more and more individuals have to travel for work, travel and a myriad of other reasons, it has become somewhat of a priority to have the best technological device to help them get from one point to the next....

Virginia is for Mysteries

by Sisters in Crime

Yes, Virginia may be for lovers, but to fourteen authors from the Old Dominion, Virginia is for Mysteries too. Their anthology of seventeen short stories set in and around the state. Each story features a Virginia...

French - Phrasebook

by Estelle Demontrond-Box

Book Description

Visiting Paris, Nice or the French countryside ? The creator of the famous language-learning method has developed this indispensable companion for your break or business trip to France.


Get Sponsored: A Funding Guide for Explorers, Adventurers, and Would-Be World Travelers

by Jeff Blumenfeld

Christopher Columbus needed a sponsor for a dangerous expedition, but the king of Portugal wasn’t interested. He repackaged his proposal for the queen of Spain. She put Columbus on retainer, and the rest is...

Fashion, Design and Events

by Kim Williams, Jennifer Laing & Warwick Frost

The importance of fashion and design in an events context remains under-researched, despite their ubiquity and significance from a societal and economic perspective. Fashion-themed events, for example, appeal...


by Maria Tumarkin

Shortlisted for the Douglas Stewart prize for non fiction and the Community Relations Commission Award in NS W and the Age Non-Fiction Book of the Year. I left too early, before tanks rolled into Moscow in 1991,...

Travel Writing: Expert Advice from the World's Leading Travel Publisher

by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher

Bursting with invaluable advice, this inspiring and practical guide is a must for anyone who has ever yearned to turn their travels into saleable tales....

Reflection on America's Great Loop: A Baby Boomer Couple's Year-Long Boating Odyssey

by George Hospodar & Patricia Hospadar

Adventure is not just for the young! Though "I own a boat!" was the opening phrase to their courtship and eventual married life, little did "Baby Boomer" couple, George and Pat Hospodar, know then that those...

The Savvy Business Traveler's Guide to Customs and Practices in Other Countries: The Dos & Don'ts to Impress Your Host and Make the Sale

by Dan Blacharski

Pack your bags and be whisked away to over 40 different countries. Did you know red roses should be avoided as gifts in Switzerland, or that women should cover their mouths when they laugh in South Korea? Not...

The Complete Guide to Joining the Peace Corps: What You Need to Know Explained Simply

by Sharlee DiMenichi

The Peace Corps is a great symbol of assistance around the world - an opportunity for men and women of all ages to help those less fortunate. Many people want to join the Peace Corps, and more than 160,000 people...

Asian Business Customs & Manners: A Country-by-Country Guide

by Mary Murray Bosrock & Megan McGinnis

Finally, here is a guide that covers all of the dos and don’ts of business etiquette in Asia.  Asian Business Customs & Manners is organized country-by-country, this comprehensive guide contains information...

The Travel Writer's Handbook: How to Write ¿ and Sell ¿ Your Own Travel Experiences

by Jacqueline Harmon Butler & Louise Purwin Zobel

Veteran travel writer Jacqueline Harmon Butler shows readers, one step at a time, how to research, write, and sell travel articles--but most importantly, she details what makes a travel article a winner.

In this...