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The Race for Timbuktu

by Frank T. Kryza

In the first decades of the nineteenth century, no place burned more brightly in the imagination of European geographers––and fortune hunters––than the lost city of Timbuktu. Africa's legendary City...

The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals Including Hoofed Mammals, Carnivores, and Primates

by Richard D. Estes, Daniel Otte & Kathryn S. Fuller

Since its original publication in 1993, The Safari Companion has been the best field guide to observing and understanding the behavior of African mammals. An indispensable tool for naturalists traveling to Africa,...

Ethnic Minority Conflicts and Governance in Nigeria

by Rotimi T. Suberu

Ethnic Minority Conflicts and Governance in Nigeria explores and analyses the underlying sources and salient features of recent ethnic minority conflicts in Nigeria, the largely controversial policies by which...

Nigeria during the Abacha Years (1993-1998)

by ‘Kunle Amuwo, Daniel C. Bach, Nicole Chevillard & Alex Gboyega et al.

The autocratic regime of Sani Abacha (1993-1998) stands out as a watershed in the history of independent Nigeria. Nigeria’s darkest years since the civil war resulted from his unrestrained personal rule; very...

Fishes of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea

by Marc Taquet & Alain Diringer

This guide, illustrated by more than 1,500 underwater photographs, presents nearly 1,200 species of fish in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. The reference work dedicated to enthusiasts of the undersea world, more...

Learning to Play With a Lion's Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa

by Melissa Haynes

Melissa visits Africa for animal conservation, but a cast of unlikely characters teaches her about grief, fear, and ultimately life.

The Tuner of Silences

by Mia Couto & David Brookshaw

"Eleven when I saw a woman for the first time, I was seized by such surprise I burst into tears."

In the Heart of Life

by Kathy Eldon

A Mother Loses Almost Everything Before She Discovers True Joy

In 1977, Kathy Eldon moved with her husband and two children from England to Kenya, where she found freedom as she had never known it before and...

Marrakech Select

by Insight Guides

Select Guide Marrakech is a brand new inspirational guide to this vibrant city, offering authentic experiences, fresh discoveries, and a good dose of local culture. From the exotic souks of the medina to the...

Peter Capstick's Africa

by Peter Hathaway Capstick

For the readers of hunting literature, the name of Peter Capstick is becoming synonymous with excitement, danger, and high adventure. Such highly successful titles as Death in the Long Grass, Death in the Silent...

Into the South African Heartland

by K. M. Ariff

This is a travelogue. The author makes an extraordinary journey with friends to the Western Cape, South Africa. As he probes into the countrys tinted history. What impresses him are not just its friendly people,...

12 Days in Senegal

by Makeda Kumasi

In March 2014, I came across a professional development grant offered by the University of California, Riverside. I had just been hired to teach West African dance in the Department of Dance as a physical education...

A Kenyan Photo Safari

by Alastair Craig

A Kenyan Photo Safari is one mans attempt to record and share something of the excitement and experiences of spending nearly two weeks in Africa photographing wildlife and learning something of the culture and...

Amani Haki Yetu

by Adam Hummel

On December 30, 2007, President Mwai Kibaki was declared the winner of Kenyas presidential election. Within minutes of this declaration, rioting erupted across Kenya, from the coast of the Indian Ocean to the...

A Botswana Traveler’S Companion; English Setswana Phrase Book

by Beauty Bogwasi

This phrase book is a great resource for both rst time and repeat travellers to Botswana. It oers you information about the country, the people, the Setswana language, animals, birds of Botswana and essential...

My Great Super Safari in South Africa

by Joy Mocke

Do you want to know what is in South Africa? This book is meant to show children the wonder that is South Africa. Enjoy the great adventure. Discover the Safari of South Africa

Seeking a Welcoming Shore

by Manuela Durling

Exploring the largest swamp in the world, the mighty Okavongo, with the famous crocodile hunter Bobby Wilmot. Leaving South Africa in the middle of the apartheid regime and in the midst of family problems. A...

Magic Encounters

by Danuta Szachanski

I have travelled to all parts of the world for over forty years, often to the most remote villages and towns on all continents, enjoying the unique landscapes and their people. This is how I have had the most...

Hospitality and Tourism Management in Africa

by Dr. Lumumba Umunna Ubani


Discover not only the lifes sustaining joy of Africa but the geography, the translucent and radiant beautiful sunny world of the tropical Africa. As an individual you need it. As a youth, you need...

Backpacking in the Middle East and Africa

by Martha Marino

Marthas desire in life has been to see the world. This book is about her travels to mainly two interesting countries Turkey and Southern Africa. She tells about staying in hostels, her experiences, the people...