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Yellow River Odyssey

by Bill Porter

Bill Porter, a.k.a Red Pine, connects modern China to its past in a riveting journey down the Yellow River.

Song of the Road

by Cyrus Stearns

In Song of the Road, Tsarchen Losal Gyatso (1502-66), a tantric master of the Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, weaves ecstatic poetry, song, and accounts of visionary experiences into a record of pilgrimage...


by Don Cohn

Ever since Marco Polo published his wide-eyed report on Khanbaligh, or Cambaluc, the city of the Mongol khans, Peking—as Beijing has been known for most of the past 300 years—has captured the Western imagination...

China Survival Guide: How to Avoid Travel Troubles and Mortifying Mishaps, 3rd Edition

by Larry Herzberg & Qin Herzberg

An updated edition of the best-selling travel guide that spells out tourist problems and solutions with humor and candor.

Country Driving: A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory

by Peter Hessler

“Hessler has a marvelous sense of the intonations and gestures that give life to the moment.” —The New York Times Book Review

From Peter Hessler, the New York Times bestselling author of Oracle Bones and...

Hong Kong: The City of Dreams

by Nury Vittachi & Ben Simmons

This stunning Hong Kong travel pictorial captures the architecture, culture, people, and cuisine of one of the most dynamic cities.

You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you. The experience of encountering...

Little Emperors: A Year with the Future of China

by JoAnn Dionne

JoAnn Dionne, who travelled to China to teach elementary school, offers a funny, poignant glimpse of a nation undergoing rapid transformation.

Shanghai Select

by Insight Guides

Select Guide Shanghai is a brand new inspirational guide to this extraordinary city, offering authentic experiences, fresh discoveries, and a good dose of local culture. An inspirational In the mood for... section...

Hong Kong Select

by Insight Guides

Seductively packaged pocket guides compiled by local experts who know Hong Kong inside out. These brand new guides are designed for informed, experienced travellers and those on a repeat visit but looking for...

Weekend in Beijing (english version)

by Pedro BARBOSA

A real time be-book

"be", because this is a real time book. But it's also a beta electronic. Because is a electronic test that can be changed and improved by everyone who reads it.

This is not a technic book,...

To the Diamond Mountains: A Hundred-Year Journey through China and Korea

by Tessa Morris-Suzuki

Following in the footsteps of a writer, artist, and feminist who traveled the route a century ago, To the Diamond Mountains takes readers on a unique journey through China and North and South Korea. By probing...

A Two-Year Stint in Asia Wraps up Amid Unfinished Business

by J. E. L .

JEL is going about his business as a professor in Canada when theres a knock on his door one April morning.

The visitor, Royal, is a language instructor in China looking for teaching material, and he finds a...

Faces of Tibet

by Wayne Jex

These are some of the people I have met in my journeys to Tibet and nearby areas in Asia. The purpose of this book is very simple. It is to connect the person viewing this book to the people of Tibet; from the...

Life in China

by Jean M. Life

From the moment I learned we were moving to China to our return home, you will read about our amazing and bizarre experiences. During the years in China I had sent newsletters to family and friends about our...

Dear Diana: Travel with Me to China!

by Margaret C. Collier & Mary T. Cook

Dear Diana:Travel with me to China! was wriiten for students with a 4th to 6th grade reading level. It is a picture book highlighting interesting places see by the author, a geography teacher, while visiting...

Dancing on the Frontier

by Nico Hobhouse

'This is a memoir of a year I spent off the beaten track in China. From the Pacific coast to the dusty heart of Central Asia, I travelled 10,000 miles through virtually every region of that vast country. My...

A Hore in China

by Jeanie Hore

In 2003 I was given the opportunity to go to China to teach English. I had a contract for one year. I realized that life in China was more interesting than anything I had experienced before so I stayed. This...

The People’S Republic of China

by Lin Sartori

Luxuriate in five star hotels and walk down glamorous boulevards in huge cities where fashionably dressed citizens chase the yuan and where glitzy high rise projects dominate the skyline, as the author, Lin...

A Short Stint in Tibet

by Ernst Aebi

Seeking adventure, a couple, Ernst and Emilie, embark on a trek across the Himalayas, from Nepal into western Tibet. After a clandestine mountain crossing at the source of the Brahmaputra River, the two lost...

Tuttle Pocket Mandarin Chinese Dictionary

by Li Dong

This handy Mandarin dictionary allows you to look up words quickly and easily—and be understood while speaking.

The Tuttle Pocket Mandarin Chinese Dictionary is a pocket-sized dictionary designed for travelers,...