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The Malay Archipelago

by Alfred Russel Wallace

The Malay Archipelago is a book by the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace that chronicles his scientific exploration, during the eight-year period 1854 to 1862, of the southern portion of the Malay Archipelago...

The Travels of Marco Polo, Book I

by Marco Polo

With all the intrinsic interest of Marco Polo's Book it may perhaps be doubted if it would have continued to exercise such fascination on many minds through succesive generations were it not for the difficult...

Mandarin Vocabulary (Blokehead Easy Study Guide)

by The Blokehead

Compared to other Latin-based and Indo-European languages, Mandarin Chinese is relatively easier to learn. The primary reason for this is the simple Mandarin grammar which has no set subject-verb agreement....

Mandarin Grammar ( Blokehead Easy Study Guide)

by The Blokehead

Mandarin Chinese sentence structure is a great way to start learning the language. Because it is very easy to understand, it helps ease you into the tougher parts of learning the language. It also helps you...