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As the Indus flows. Travel in Ladakh

by Danilo Di Gangi

In 1993, Danilo di Gangi took his first trip to the north of India, crossing the Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and turbulent Kashmir. Other trips followed in 1995, 1998, 2003 and finally, in a journey both remarkable...

Insight Guides: Explore Sri Lanka

by Insight Guides

Explore Sri Lanka is a brand new guide and the ideal pocket companion for your trip: a full-colour travel guide to Sri Lanka containing 12 easy-to-follow routes that will take you from the bustling capital Colombo...

Exciting India: A Visual Journey

by Bikram Grewal & Henry Wilson

This India travel pictorial captures the mind-boggling geographic and cultural diversity of the Indian subcontinent.

Exciting India brings readers the major attractions of India through spectacular photographs....

From the Caves and Jungles of the Hindostan

by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Many incidents about the author´s second trip to India and Tibet were recorded in the book "From the Caves and Jungles of the Hindostan", where she describes in a literature style her travels with her Teacher,...

First Russia, Then Tibet

by Robert Byron

First published in 1933, this text is a fascinating account of Robert Byron's travels in the Russia, India and Tibet of the time. The narrative of travels and descriptions of environment are first-rate and beautifully...

Fodor's Essential India

by Fodor's Travel Guides


    COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Fodor’s Essential India is the most compact and packable India guidebook on the market.
    CURATED AND RELEVANT: Focused coverage on only the best places...

Total Transition

by Sandeep Pai & Savannah Carr-Wilson

Follow the journey of a Canadian and Indian couple, Savannah and Sandeep, as they travel the world to capture the human side of one of the biggest energy transitions of our times – the global shift from fossil...

The Dragon Run

by Tony Robinson-Smith

Tony Robinson-Smith, his wife Nadya, and ten Bhutanese college students set out to run 578 kilometres (360 miles) across the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. Joined by a stray dog, they slogged over five...

On the Ganges

by George Black

Journey along one of the world’s greatest rivers and catch a glimpse into the lives and cultures of the people who live along its banks

The Ganges flows through northern India and Bangladesh for more than 1,500...

Chennai from an American’S Perspective

by Paul Bouchard

In late December 2016, Paul Bouchard and his wife boarded British Airways and headed to Chennai, India, for a five-day visit of her family. After the plane landed in Indias fourth-largest city on Christmas morning,...

The Spiritual Wisdom of India, Volume I

by Lisbeth Ejlertsen

During a journey to India in 1994, I had some life-changing experiences. They led me outside the limits, with which we in the West define our image of the world. I experienced that it was no coincidence that...

Temples of Tamilnad

by James Hurd

"Temples of Tamilnad" takes us to the Tamil-speaking countryside of South India, to a collection of temples each remarkable for its veneration of the major gods of the Hindu pantheon, Vishnu and Siva. They often...

On the Golden  Flower

by Vikki Pitcher

'At 52, I went to live and die there.' A life of retirement with her pet in what had seemed to her as the most beautiful country in the world turned out to be a life of adventure and personal challenges: getting...

Finding Duong, Finding Myself

by Robyn Ramsay

When author Robyn Ramsay, a middle-class western woman, interacted with a family living on a dirt ledge in India, her life changed. The meager assistance she was able to provide them led to a deep yearning to...

Crimson Dawn

by Landis Ray Schmitt

In the summer of 1974, I travelled through India and Nepal with a backpack and a low budget. As a member of an underground yoga sect, I encountered the third world up close and personal. It was a journey in...

Low-Carbon and Loving It

by Mark Roger Delaney, Thomas Sean Delaney & David Nagai

Climate change is the most serious issue of our generation. It will likely bring sea-level rise displacing millions, lead to the loss of thousands of species, reduce food production and create geopolitical tensions...

Great Buddha Gym for All Mens and Womens

by Sallie Tisdale

In Great Buddha Gym for All Mens and Womens, author Sallie Tisdale so richly evokes her pilgrimage to the four vital sites related to Buddha Shakyamuni’s life and enlightenment that the reader feels as if...

She Went

by Diane Marr

Growing up in the uncertainty of a family without a head of household, Diane's first challenge in life was to overcome her fear. The vulnerability of this insecure beginning created a need for courage and trust....


by Ruskin Bond & Namita Gokhale

For some, the Himalaya is a frontier against which to test themselves. Others find refuge and tranquility in the mountains, a place where they can seek their selves, perhaps even God. And over millennia, the...

The Ogre

by Doug Scott

Some mountains are high; some mountains are hard. Few are both.

On the afternoon of 13 July 1977, having become the first climbers to reach the summit of the Ogre, Doug Scott and Chris Bonington began their long...